How to fix a too long dress

How to fix a too long dress ?

Want to know how to arrange a dress that's too long so you don't have to pay for it again and can enjoy that special style? You want to give it a bohemian style to have a more relaxed side while remaining naughty and seductive? This article gives you some tips to take advantage of this opportunity to arrange the dress in your way.

Emphasize the relaxed and a bit provocative

Emphasize the relaxed and a bit provocative

In order to change the length of the dress without altering its seams, you have several choices: either you touch up the hems making sure that there are no seams at this place, or you touch up the dress at the shoulders making sure that the shape at the hips remains compatible with your morphology. If you want to give a bohemian touch to your dress to give a loose and free accent, you can, with sewing scissors and a little thread, cut the bottom of the dress in an irregular way. Whether it's a sawtooth cut or even a crenellated cut, you're spoilt for choice here to make a little statement. If you wish to answer effectively how to arrange a dress too long, this cut certainly rough but reflected will give a aspect shifted without that you do not have the air neglected. Also, don't hesitate to cut the dress lengthwise on each side so that your legs can be seen when you walk. This is very flirty, and it gives the advantage of being perfectly comfortable especially in hot weather. Having one side longer than the other (usually the back side is longer) will only add to the bohemian feel of your remodeled dress.

Showing originality with a dress redesign

If you really want to emphasize the bohemian side by wanting to know how to fix a dress that's too long, this is the time to be bold and original to make a statement, without looking vulgar. For that, do not hesitate to make irregular the cuts and to split your dress for more freedom, without altering the aestheticism of set. The more irregular the dress appears, the more you will emphasize the free, offbeat side. To make the cuts and seams to patch up a dress that is too long and transform it into a bohemian style, you don't need the latest sewing machine. A few specialized scissors for cutting fabric, a needle and thread in case there are alterations, and you're done! No need to make a refund at the store or resell your dress at the next flea market: a little imagination, a few daring and a bit of creativity, and you will be able to shape your accessory into a real fashion garment. Don't hesitate to take inspiration from our bohemian style long dresses to have a reference and better help you in the cutting and different operations to shorten your dress.