How to remove a stubborn stain from a colored garment?

Have you stained a garment you care about? Or have you had it unstuck in the machine? Wondering how to care for your bohemian clothes? 

I'll help you out. 

As an avid boho fashionista, I consider the clothes I buy to be made tobe worn on a daily basis, regardless of my activities. However, since boho clothes are often bright and colorful, they can sometimes get stained. 

Today, I'm sharing a guide to discover how to care for your clothes and clean them in case of a stubborn stain

If you've just stained a garment, it's important to clean it as soon as possible: to do this, take it off, dampen the stained area and apply some Marseille soap to it. If your garment is colored, you can wet your garment with white vinegar, which will fix the colors and avoid any discoloration. Also take care of your clothes by using cleaning products suitable for delicate clothes, and avoiding violent spinning, and high washing and drying temperatures. 

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • How to remove stains from a garment without altering its colors,
  • How to clean delicate fabrics,
  • Which products to avoid, and which ones to favor,
  • How to care for your bohemian and other clothes to enjoy them for as long as possible! 

Have you stained your clothing? Act fast! 

When you realize that you have made a stain on a fabric, it is essential to try toclean it as soon as possible. This is indeed what will give you the best chance of getting rid of it. 

Some stains, such as blood stains or water-based paint stains actually come off rather easily when they have just been done. 

laundry stain

In addition, there are some stains that should not be allowed to penetrate deep into the fabric, at the risk of irreversible damage. This is particularly the case with the stamens of the Lily, which leave a powder that should definitely not be rubbed or moistened. A simple tape placed over the Lily stain and then ripped off, repeatedly, will be your best weapon to get rid of the stamen powder. 

How to remove a stubborn stain from a garment while preserving its colors? 

Have you stained a colorful garment, and you're afraid that rubbing the dirt off will discolor the fabric? That's a possibility! To avoid it, I have prepared a small selection of tips to clean a garmentwithout altering its colors, or patterns

Why should you be careful when staining a colored garment? 

When you try to clean a garment, it is possible to damage it, especiallyif you use abrasive products, a hard brush or even if the fabric is delicate. Materials used to make lightweight garments, such as bohemian clothing, can thus be fragile. 

clean clothes colored linen

Some tips to clean a stain without damaging your garment

In the following lines, you will find techniques and tips that I apply on a daily basis to take care of my fragile garments, and that I even use for those that are not, as they are so easy to implement! 😉

Marshall soap and white vinegar products that respect your fabrics

Marshall soap is avery effective multi-purpose soap that is inexpensive and has stain removal properties. It respects the skin's balance and is therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin. 

To stain a garment with Marseille soap, wet it slightly at the stain. Then, apply soap generously. Then, gently scrub the fabric on itself, or with a very soft brush. I personally use a soft bristle toothbrush, which works very well. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, then go straight to the machine with a delicate fabric detergent, without rinsing off the soap. 

white vinegar marseille soap

If you're worried about colors bleeding, you can apply white vinegar as well: 

🔸 directly on the stain, before the Marseille soap, instead of water,

🔸 Then, pouring half a glass of pure white vinegar with the laundry, into the compartment provided for in your machine. 

This vinegar, made of water and acetic acid obtained from beet sugar, fixes the colors. You can also use it in the same amounts as above,when machine washing black clothes. This will fix the shade of black and prevent your clothes from turning gray over time. 

Products to Avoid

When researching different stain removal methods, many times we are advised a product we already have in our kitchen. However,not all products are suitable for clothing fabrics. Most are actually effective on thick fabrics, such as upholstery, and can damage clothing. 

Here's a short list of products that are best avoided, if you have any doubts: 

  • The baking soda, especially when rubbed hard,
  • The percarbonate of soda, in the same way,
  • The bleach water, which discolors and stains colored clothes,
  • The big salt, which comes to dissolve the cotton when left to set. 

laundry cleaning products

I also advise against usingbrushes that are too hard, which deeply damage the fibers of the fabrics. This makes them more brittle where they have been scrubbed: they can then tear more easily later on. 

What to do about a specific stubborn stain? 

Whatever stain you have made on your clothes, if it is stubborn and refuses to go away, there is surely a suitable solution for it. In the following lines, I will share with you all my tips on how to remove an embedded stain on your clothes! 

Before we get started, here's alittle video that offers plenty of solutions suitable for different types of stains:


Removing a blood stain

Blood stains are some of the hardest to clean: however, if you react quickly, it is possible! As soon as you notice the stain, wet the stained garment thoroughly with cold water. Use Marseille soap and a soft brush to clean. Rewet the garment several times with cold water and insist until the stain is gone: this may take several minutes. 

👉 If your stained garment or fabric is not fragile, you can try putting somebaking soda with the soap, if you don't get rid of the stain. 

Cleaning a grease, oil stain

These are some of the most common stains: who hasn't inadvertently stained their top while cooking or eating? To get rid of it, usedye-free degreasing dishwashing liquid (translucent), which you will apply to the stain, after having moistened it very slightly. Rub it in with your fingers, making small circles.

dirty laundry washing machine clean grease stain

Then put your garment directly into the washing machine for aregular wash cycle. This method can also work for a garment that has already been washed and a simple machine cleaning failed to remove the stain. 

Saving your faded clothes

Have you had your clothes faded and want to try to return them to their original colors? Sometimes this is an irreversible situation, especially if the fading is extensive. However, before you give up, I suggest you try using a product that can be found in any supermarket and can work miracles: the Scarlet Water.

Put some in your machine with clothes that are stained (as low as 30 degrees) to see their colors come back. You can also soak them with this solution first. This works especially well for light and white clothes

stain stain clothes laundry

3 tips to care for your bohemian clothes every day

Want to enjoy your favorite clothes for a long time and be able to put them back on for years? I've come up with a list of little tips, which apply especially to the clothes we sell on the Bohemian Life

Use the right cleaning products

Like your skin and hair, your laundry must be cared for with the right products that won't damage it. In particular, there are commercially available delicate laundry detergents, which work from 30° as well as special detergents, which preserve colors. 

woman laundry delicate linen

In addition, if you stain your clothes, you can also invest in a stain remover specifically designed for the type of stain in question. These products take care of the fibers of the laundry and do not damage the colors. You can find them in home improvement stores or even in many department stores. 

Choose a suitable washing program

To wash delicate clothes, I recommend using a special delicate washing program. This type of setting usually corresponds to: 

  • not too hot water, at 30°,
  • not too short a cycle, which doesn't rush the laundry,
  • a spin at less than 600 rpm for knitwear and woollens.

Favor gentle drying and iron only if necessary

The drying on a hanger in the open air, works quite well to preserve your clothes. If these are dark or colored, I wouldn't recommend drying them directly in the sun, as this could alter their colors. If you have a dryer, prefer short cycles, with few of the clothes and reasonable heat. 

clothes that dry laundry care

For ironing, some materials such as polyester, acrylic and polyamide do not iron. For the others, I recommend that you only iron if necessary, and without heating your garment too much, as the heat can alter its quality over time. 

Now you know everything there is to know about caring for your clothes and getting all those stubborn stains out of your colorful clothes

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