How to tone down broad shoulders? Sublimate your V-shaped body type!

Do you have shoulders that are a little wide and wonder how to dress? Would you like to know the types of clothes thatwould mitigate your build to make you look your best? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I try to pay attention to the details that enhance the body shape of certain models, celebrities or even the people around me! 

It often happens that women who have broad shoulders try to attenuate them, so as to have a more balanced silhouette. That's why I offer you this guide dedicated to the issue, so you can know how to sublimate your build. 

If you have broad shoulders, it's easy to tone them down by balancing your figure with flared clothes such as a peplum top, a tight waist dress or even a short skater-type skirt. To enhance your V-shaped figure, you can also opt for a top or dress with an asymmetrical neckline. Finally do not forget to wear accessories to draw attention to your waist and chest: belt, bracelets, long necklace ... 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • To whattype of body type correspond the broad shoulders,
  • What are the clothes to avoid when trying to slim down your build,
  • Simple shopping tips to choose clothes that enhance you
  • Some patterns offeminine tops perfect for those with broad shoulders,
  • What type of dress, skirt or even swimsuit to choose to enhance your figure.

How do you know if you have broad shoulders? 

The width of your build does not necessarily depend on your weight: it depends on your body type. It is possible to be slim and athletic, with pronounced shoulders, or a little round with rather thin shoulders. 

To know if you have broad shoulders, start by looking at yourself in the mirror. People who have a strong shoulder build have what is called a V-morphology: this means that the shoulders are square, the waist is narrow and the legs are rather thin. 

This is not a flaw! This type of morphology is even rather that of athletic women, who take care of their body and move daily. However, it is possible to want to attenuate the width of her shoulders to wear certain dressy clothes or even to feel good about herself on a daily basis.

Some starsconsidered as beauty canons present this type of silhouette: 

  • Kendall Jenner,
  • Jennifer Lawrence,
  • Angelina Jolie,
  • Cameron Diaz,
  • Amal Clooney...

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Cameron Diaz / Angelina Jolie / Kendall Jenner

What are the clothes to avoid at all costs when you have broad shoulders? 

Want to show off your cleavage and slim down your build? Here is a small list of clothes that create the opposite effect instead: 

  • Tops with shoulder pads or else inserts (lace, embroidery, beads) on the shoulders,
  • Tops with bare shoulders or a bardot neck,
  • Long dresses close to the body, 
  • Blazers and jackets with reinforced shoulder pads,

👉 Do you want to wear a jacket or top with reinforced shoulders or do you have to? If so, feel free to pair it with a flared skirt or pants that will draw the eye down your body and soften the width of your shoulders a bit. 

5 tips to slim down your shoulders

Knowing how to enhance your figure doesn't necessarily require you to be a stylist or fashion expert. The main thing, once you have determined your body type, is to know the details that can sublimate it. 

In order to help you, I've concocted a list of five things to keep in mind when shopping, to find clothes that will make you feel beautiful:

🔸 Favor tops with wide straps: this will avoid revealing too much skin between your neck and shoulders and will naturally slim the latter. 

🔸 The V-necklines or loose rounds will be perfect to highlight your bust: they will showcase your chest delicately. 

🔸 The shapes of clothes that will look best on you are usually the ones that are flared. Whether it's a t-shirt, skirt, or dress, don't be afraid to choose those that flare out towards the bottom. 

🔸 A pretty long necklace will be perfect to finalize an outfit and draw the eye down your body. In winter, you can opt for a long scarf worn open. 

🔸 Finally,by pairing a dark top with a light bottom, you'll create the illusion that your shoulders are thinner. This works with black and white, but also simply with a pastel top and jeans for example. In the same logic, go for plain tops and patterned bottoms (horizontal if possible) instead. 

What kind of top to wear when you have broad shoulders? 

Some top styles are perfect for sublimating a V-shaped body. These include:

  • Asymmetrical tops, with a single bare shoulder,
  • Peplum tops, which widen at the waist with ruffles,
  • Kimono jackets, worn loose to highlight your neckline by balancing your figure.

What skirt or dress to wear to slim down your build? 

When we have broad shoulders, we may tend to think that skirts and dresses are not for us, as our athletic figure is difficult to reconcile with this type of clothing. It's true that a long, tight dress or pencil skirt may reinforce the V-shape of your body type.

However, there are dresses and skirts that, with their cut, can compensate for the width of your shoulders and give you a very feminine look. Consider, among others: 

  • The flared skater-type skirt, ideal for emphasizing your waist and giving your figure the shape of an hourglass, very sensual,
  • The bohemian flared dress, tightened at the waist, which can create the same effect as the skater skirt.

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To draw the eye to your waist, you can also tie a scarf around it or choose a thick wide belt, which will give you a very chic style by structuring your outfit. If you have bare arms or shoulders, another simple little trick is to wear several bracelets, to naturally draw the eye to your hips and balance your ensemble. 

👉 Do you prefer pants? In that case, opt for straight bootcut jeans or a trendy boyfriend style. Unlike slims and all close-fitting pants, these are perfect for toning down your build by making a reminder of the width of your build on your lower body, keeping your shoulders from showing too much. 

What type of swimsuit should you wear to enhance your V shape? 

Near to the body and not very covering, the swimsuit is a garment that must be chosen carefully to highlight its silhouette. If you have broad shoulders, choose instead models such as:

  • A peplum swimsuit, which, like the top of the same name, is flared and will sublimate your hips,
  • A brace, whose cut is ideal to refine your shoulders,
  • An asymmetrical bikini that sublimates your cleavage. 

👙 When wearing a two-piece, preferably choose a short-style bottom, which enhances V-shaped body types.

I hope this article has helped you findtips and outfit ideas to feel beautiful and comfortable in your clothes. Self-confidence is often the key component to fighting the little complexes that can ruin our lives! 

And if you want to know more aboutasymmetrical dresses and tops, mentioned several times in this article, I suggest you check out this article I wrote about them and see if they could fit you!