How to wear a bohemian long skirt ?

Are you wonderingwhat to wear a bohemian maxi skirt with? What shoes to choose to sublimate your legs with this type of skirt? What are the ideal accessories

You've come to the right place. 

As a bohemian fashion enthusiast, I recommend you to have in your boho chic dress guard several lightweight long skirts, which will make you look elegant and feminine in all circumstances. 

Today, I'm sharing with you my best tips to match this long skirt style with the right top, shoes and accessories, so as to create a unique style, that suits you and sublimates your figure. 

Feminine and comfortable, the bohemian maxi skirt is a garment that can style an outfit in an instant. Its patterns and colors will allow you to sublimate your legs with elegance. To stay in the bohemian inspiration, I advise you to wear it with a white or light top, plain or a blouse, that you will wear tucked into the skirt. Concerning the shoes, the ideal is a pair of heeled sandals with thin straps, discreet and delicate. You can also wear it with sneakers or ankle boots, if you are looking for warmth and comfort. Finally, do not hesitate to wear accessories such as a straw hat, a small original bag or even designer jewelry to finalize your look and express your personality through it! 

Want to know more? Read this guide to find out:

  • What characterizes a bohemian chic maxi skirt,
  • How to know if this garment is right for you,
  • Top ideas to wear with it,
  • Shoes and accessories that go perfectly with it,
  • And plenty of example outfits in photos, to help you find your style! 

How do you recognize a bohemian chic maxi skirt?

In summer as well as in winter, a maxi skirt is a nice garment to wear, both feminine and light. However, tomatch your bohemian chic style, it is essential that your skirt also has the characteristics! 

An iconic outfit of the hippie chic trend

In the late 1960s, the hippie movement was born in the United States, in opposition to the war in Vietnam and the traditional values of the conservative society. From a fashion point of view, the hippies brought a real liberation: they worelightweight, loose-fitting clothes, which allowed great freedom of movement. These are usually personalized, with patterns such as Tie and Dye, which creates a gradient of color, or embroidery.

Hippies take ownership of fashion and wear colorful and comfortable clothing, which is very much in line with what a long skirt can be. Thus, we find in today's bohemian fashion the legacy of this period of freedom and imagination

Various patterns and colors

Inspired by the hippies but also by theethnic fabrics of Africa and the East, bohemian chic skirts are characterized by their wide variety of hues and decorations. There are arabesque, plant motifs or even reproductions of Indian weavings. Some can be plain, but they are usually colored or well textured with lace, for example. 

Natural materials

Boho chic fashion gives pride of place to natural materials such as linen or even cotton. It is also possible to find synthetic skirts, made of viscose or polyester, but these seek to imitate as much as possible the natural fiber fabrics. This brings fluidity to the clothes and gives a authentic side to your outfit! 

Does this style fit you? 

The bohemian maxi skirt is an easy-to-wear outfit that highlights all body types. Its high waist allows you to highlight your hips and sublimates your femininity. 

If you are petite, don't be afraid to wear a long skirt: just choose it well cut. This one should thus visually represent the ⅔ of your outfit in height, while the top you will wear with it should match the remaining third. 😉

So, the bohemian skirt will suit you just fine if you are looking for a : 

  • easy to wear and match,
  • which highlights your curves,
  • which gives you freedom of movement,
  • which protects you from sunburn in summer,
  • colored and original,
  • which can be put on for a dressy event, such as a wedding,
  • which can be worn in summer as well as in winter, on vacation or at work. 

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What top to wear with a bohemian maxi skirt? 

Once you've chosen your skirt, it's now time to find an outfit that will show it off, starting with the top you'll wear with it. Here are some inspirations to help you! 

A crop top

Highly trending in recent years, the crop top is, as the name suggests, a top that is shortened ("cropped" meaning "cut, trimmed" in English) and therefore shows off your hips and belly. It is particularly suitable with a bohemian skirt, especially in summer or on vacation. It sublimates most morphologies: if you're a bit curvy, you can totally wear a crop-top, but I advise you to pair it with a high-waisted long skirt that covers your belly, to sublimate your generous curves. 

👉 A white crop top will be perfect for showing off a colorful bohemian skirt! This one can feature lace-up details, or a bit of lace, to complete your look! 

A trendy t-shirt

If you're not too comfortable with showing off your belly, a classic t-shirt that's a bit ample will also work with a bohemian maxi skirt. I recommendtucking it into your skirt and blousing it slightly, so you can create a nice transition between these two garments. 

A t-shirt will also work for a business casual outfit. This one can be plain, or with a quirky inscription, which will allow you to reveal a bit of your character through your outfit! 

A bohemian tunic or blouse

If you're looking for a slightly dressier (and slightly warmer!) outfit, you can also pair your skirt with a bohemian blouse. This can be a blouse, a long-sleeved garment or even a tunic. Again, I recommend tucking your top under your skirt and blousing it, to create a harmonious ensemble. 

👉 Looking for a bohemian top to wear with your skirt? Check out our collection of tunics and blouses, for a unique and feminine style! 

What shoes to wear with a bohemian maxi skirt? 

Choosing shoes to match a skirt is not always easy. Indeed, it is important that they do not stand out too much with it and complement harmoniously the rest of your outfit, to create a beautiful ensemble. To help you, I share with you my selection in the following lines! 😉

Light sandals

Want to wear your bohemian long skirt in summer? In that case, I can only advise you to wearopen, light strap sandals. These can be heeled, to give you a sleek silhouette, or flat, for comfort. To match the bohemian style, opt instead fornatural shades, such as camel brown, ecru or cream white. Favor leather, synthetic or not, for an authentic effect. 

🌴 Are you on vacation at the beach? Feel free to wear your long skirt barefoot, if the ground is safe! This will give you a very natural and trendy look, perfect for making nice souvenir photos! 

White sneakers

Wearing sneakers with a dress has not been considered a faux pas for a few years now. It gives your outfit a casual and dynamic edge, which makes you look radiant. 

However, not all pairs of sneakers are necessarily compatible with a long skirt. So, to keep the look elegant and feminine, I suggest you opt for a pair of white low top sneakers. These will need to be crisp, so as to match your skirt, and create a nice reminder of a white top or accessory that you will be wearing. 

In winter, booties

Can't seem to leave your bohemian maxi skirt behind? Adding it to your winter wardrobe is simple! Just wear it with thin, understated tights and ankle boots that are tightened at the ankle. If this is possible for you, heeled booties will be really perfect to sublimate your silhouette. These will match very wellwith a perfecto of the same shade, to give you the look of an independent and stylish woman!

What accessories to adopt to have a perfect bohemian look? 

As I often mention on this blog, bohemian fashion wouldn't be what it is without its iconic accessories. They are what allow you to affirm your style by customizing your outfit. To finalize your look, you can, for example, wear:

  • Sunglasses and a hat, to highlight your face and protect you from the sun,
  • A nicenatural bag, made of fabric or else in a material such as straw or wicker,
  • Scarves and stoles to sublimate your silhouette and give you allure. 

💍 Love jewelry? Don't hesitate to wear some! You can choose unique designs, designer jewelry or even vintage sets, to discreetly and elegantly reveal what makes you unique in the world! 

How to wear a long skirt for a wedding? 

Are youa guest at a wedding or a bridesmaid? Would you like to wear a bohemian outfit that shows you off? Chic and feminine, the plain bohemian style long skirt is a great option. 

I recommend opting for apastel shade, such as pale pink, which you'll pair with a plain white top and sandals in the same shade. Don't hesitate to accessorize this outfit with an iconic and timelessbohemian accessory: the flower crown! This type of outfit is sure to give you a natural and feminine look, while remaining very comfortable. Perfect for partying! 

I hope this article has answeredall your questions about bohemian long skirts and given you plenty of ideas to adopt this type of outfit, whether it's for everyday wear or for a special occasion. 

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