How to wear a cardigan? Our trendy outfit ideas!

Do you have a cute cardigan and are wondering what clothes to pair it with? Are you looking for inspiration and tips on how to wear your cardigan in a trendy way? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I love to share my tips on how to incorporate a garment into your wardrobe in a stylish way, creating outfits that make you look good and feel like you. 

Today we're going to look at the cardigan, which is, like the little black dress or the pair of leather booties, amust-have garment in any wardrobe. 

Sometimes also called a cardigan, the cardigan is a feminine garment that can be found declined in most clothing styles. To wear it trendily, choose a color that matches the rest of your outfit, which can create a gradient or contrast. If you wear it with a dress, avoid choosing the same length as the dress: a long or even maxi cut (up to the ankles) will give you a lot of style, while a cardigan that falls at the waist will be classic, chic and feminine. The cardigan goes especially well with bohemian clothes (skirt, dress) and rather classic pants, such as jeans. 

Would you like more details? Continue reading to find out:

  • What is the difference between a cardigan, a cardigan and a sweater,
  • Tricks to enhance your figure with this type of garment,
  • How to wear it with aclassic look or even bohemian,
  • And lots of ideas for trendy outfits with a cardigan, whatever your style! 

cardigan woman vest fashion

What is a cardigan? How is it different from a cardigan or sweater? 

We have all heard the term "cardigan" at least once: yet sometimes it is difficult to determine what it really is. We often use this term in the same way the word "vest" ... but is it really the same thing? 

In reality, the cardigan was originally part of the men's wardrobe: it is a jacket that stops at the waist and opens from the front. The cardiganbuttons or zips up the front as well, but it doesn't necessarily have a set length. 

However, by abuse of language, both terms are used today to describe the same jacket, which ties from the front and is worn by both women and men. So in conclusion, you can say both, and even other terms such as shirt or light jacket

women's vest / sweater dress / men's suit vest

Vest or Cardigan / Sweater Dress / Men's Vest

👉 The cardigan should not be confused with asweater, whose name comes from the English word "to pull over", which means "to pull over" and refers to the way this garment is put on, pulling it over your shoulders. A sweater, by definition, therefore, has no opening on the front!

How to properly wear a cardigan? 

To begin with, I offer you a small guide of the main tips to know to correctly match a cardigan and make it a real asset to your wardrobe. 😉

Mistakes not to make

When we put on a cardigan in the morning to go to work or for an outing, we are often in a hurry and don't have the time to check if our outfit makes us look good. Here are a few little mistakes we can easily make in those moments: 

  • Wearing a plain untucked top with a long cardigan,
  • Choosing colors that don't go together,
  • Wearing a t-shirt or blouse that's too long with a long or oversized cardigan, 
  • Overlapping fabrics of the same shade and material, which do not allow you to understand at first glance how your outfit is structured,
  • Wearing low and flat shoes (sneaker type) with a basic long cardigan...

women's sweater cardigan

These habits are no big deal, of course, but there are some simple tricks to really jazz up your figure with a jacket!

Wear a cardigan and be stylish in all circumstances

To help you out, I've put together a little list of easy-to-remember tips to always choose the right type of cardigan for your outfit. 

With what clothes to match a cardigan? 

🔸 With a long cardigan, wear shoes that elongate your legs (heels, boots) so as not to pack your figure,

🔸 A V neckline will enhance your bust with a cardigan,

🔸 An oversized cardigan will go especially well with a close-fitting garment, like jeans or even a dress with tights. 

How do you fit your clothes?

🔹 If you're wearing a blouse under an open cardigan, don't hesitate to tuck it into your pants to structure your outfit,

🔹 Similarly, if you're wearing a dress, you can cinch it in at the waist with a belt to define the contours of your figure, 

🔹 If you are wearing a dress, choose either a longer or short cardigan that stops at the waist, it is necessary to create a layering effect so that your outfit is balanced

women's trendy vest

How to combine colors and patterns? 

🔸 Regarding colors, don't hesitate to wear matching and complementary shades: a sweater that contrasts with the color of the blouse or shirt you're wearing underneath will be much more visible! 

🔸 If the garment you're wearing under your cardigan is a print, choose a plain cardigan with a hue that's present in small amounts on the pattern or entirely absent from it, but matching. 

How to match a cardigan? 

Now that you know the main golden rules for wearing a cardigan well, I offer you a small selection of outfits with this garment, so that you can be inspired to find your true sartorial style.

A classic, preppy look with a cardigan

Do you like an outfit to be stylish, yet simple? In that case, I recommend wearing your cardigan with a short skirt and a classic, light colored top, matching your different outfits. This type of look lends itself toall everyday situations: work, study, going out with friends... and has the advantage of being both feminine and easy to wear. 

style bcbg classic cardigan mini skirt

It is declined according to the seasons:

  • with sandals and a light top in summer,
  • with tights, a beret and boots in winter.

With a dark dress, for a chic and easy-to-wear outfit

Looking for a figure-flattering and sexy outfit? Know that you can totally pair a cardigan with a black or dark dress, without making your outfit look dated. For this, all you need to do is choose a lightweight cardigan, possibly openwork

jacket with a black dress

👢 Heeled boots or thigh-high boots will be perfect to go with this outfit! 

Go for the boho chic look with a cardigan!

Comfort, flowing garments and natural materials are the three elements that characterize bohemian chic fashion. Most cardigans also share these qualities, which makes them great clothes to try out this style of dress:

  • A very long or rather short cardigan will go well with overalls,
  • A nice oversized cardigan will perfectly enhance a colorful bohemian dress,
  • A woolen jacket will be a perfect match with floral prints. 

cardigan jacket bohemian chic fashion

Don't hesitate to ccombine your bohemian clothes with all types of jackets, even kimonos. Layering is thus an integral part of this trend and will keep you warm, while defining your silhouette. 

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The long cardigan, perfect for styling your outfit! 

If you're great or often wear heels or booties (even if you're petite), the long cardigan will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear itwith jeans or even with dress pants: whichever you choose, it will make your outfit look great! 

women's long oversized cardigan

A cardigan in summer? It's possible with a short-sleeved one!

With a light dress or over a tank top, this type of cardigan can keep you warm if it's a little windy or cloudy. It also helps to create contrast and add a colorful note to your outfit by layering it over a classic top. It suits most body types and brings a delicate and romantic edge to your style. 

short sleeve cardigan summer

👉 I recommend wearing it with the buttons closed, so it structures your figure and marks your waist. If you are afraid of looking too wise, you can try wearing it with original accessories (hat, bag...). 

Another summer cardigan: try the crop top cut! 

In recent years, crop tops are everywhere! These lightweight tops, which show off your belly, are both sexy and trendy. Thus, there are knitted cardigans that are cut in this way: the goal here is not necessarily to be warm but to bring lightness to your outfit. Worn with a skirt or pants, the knit cardigan will create a contrast in material and bring sophistication to your look! 

👉 Contrary to what you might imagine, crop tops are not just for long figures. The round women can also wear them, but if that's your case, I recommend wearing it with a pair of pants or a skirt high waist, which will sublimate your generous curves. 


I hope this article has given you plenty of ideas tomatch your wardrobe with a cardigan and consider this garment as a real way to perfect your style

As I may have mentioned in this article, this type of cardigan goes particularly well with the bohemian style. To learn more about it, I suggest you discover right now our article entitled: "How to wear a bohemian dress in winter?" and to take a tour on our online store for your next shopping session!"😉

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