How to wear a denim jacket? Embrace this timeless basic!

Would you like to sublimate your everyday outfits with a denim jacket, but wonder how to assort this fashion piece? Are you looking for a denim jacket cut that enhances your figure? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I consider the denim jacket to be a timeless, easy-to-wear and very versatile garment. It's perfectly suited to add some flair and pizzazz to a somewhat classic outfit, but it's also an iconic piece of bohemian style

Today, I'm sharing everything I know about the denim jacket with you, so it won't have any secrets for you! 

Infinitely timeless and customizable, the denim jacket can be worn with many outfits, such as light dresses, short denim or colored skirts or even a jumpsuit. It also goes well with slightly lighter or darker denim pants. Opt for a denim jacket that highlights your body type and pair it with clothes that match your style, to adopt a bohemian and feminine look that you can wear to work, on vacation or even to go out! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • Where this garment comes from and why it is ideal in a wardrobe,
  • What type of denim jacket to choose to sublimate your silhouette,
  • Tips on how to choose the color of your jacket and match it perfectly, 
  • Outfit ideas for feminine and stylish outfits with a dress, skirt or even pants,
  • And how to create a unique look by customizing your denim jacket! 

Denim, a quintessential bohemian chic trend

As you may already know, the bohemian chic style draws its inspirations from the outfits worn by hippies, in the United States of the 1960s. With the desire to liberate morals and rededicate themselves to nature, the hippies have thus reinvented clothes of the time. This is the case of the jeans, which were originally a hard-wearing work outfit, reserved for workers who worked on construction sites. 

This fabric, now timeless and present in most wardrobes, is therefore a symbol of freedom and creativity. Wearing a denim jacket is a discreet reference to that revolution in fashion that was the hippie era. Plus, it's a great alternative to the leather perfecto: it's lighter and perfectly suited for summer and mid-season. The jeans are created from cotton, which is a breathable and warm fabric that cuts the wind! Therefore, it is a basic essential!!!😉

How to choose your denim jacket properly

There are different cuts and shades of denim jackets. In the following lines, I offer you a small guide to find the jacket that will sublimate you! 

Opt for a cut adapted to your morphology

Many designers have reappropriated the denim jacket, to give it new shapes and adapt it to all styles and profiles. Here are some tips on how to choose the cut that will make you look your best:

➡️ If you have a slim, fairly long, rather straight figure, opt for a non-curvy cut

➡️ If you have generous curves, go for a straightened waist cut.

With regard to the length of the jacket:

🔸 The short denim jacket highlights shorter people or those with rather short legs. It also works well if you're wearing something that's tight around the waist or a very short top, such as a crop top. 

🔸 If you are tall, with long legs, the long jacket will fit you perfectly. It will also sublimate outfits that showcase you, such as low-cut dresses or skirts. 

🔸 The loose jacket will be very trendy and will be great for those who are looking for oversized clothes to wear with a bohemian style for example. 

Choose a color that makes you look good

there are light and dark jacket shades. Thelight colors will be worn more in summer, with light outfits. In particular, they will sublimate women with blonde and chestnut hair and will be perfect for highlighting a light tan.  

The dark colors are a bit more passe-partout: they will look great on brunettes and redheads, as well as those with dark skin. 

👉 If you're looking for a jacket to go with adressy outfit, I'd recommend a dark, understated jacket instead, which will bring elegance to your look.

3 tips to match a denim jacket perfectly

When you're a fashion enthusiast, combining your clothes to create original and stylish outfits is a real hobby! I'm sharing some of my best tips with you in the following paragraph! 😊

Create callbacks with blue details

The denim jacket goes with any color: that's what makes it so practical! However, to get the perfect look, I recommend that you prioritize a printed top or dress with some blue accents, which reminds you of the shade of your denim jacket. This will give consistency to your outfit, while showing that you're not leaving anything to chance! 

👉 A top with a liberty pattern with touches of blue will be perfect to pair with your denim jacket, for example! 

Be careful with the finishes

For a flawless look, consider matching the buttons on your jacket with thejewelry color you wear the most: gold, silver or even copper... The finishes are what will give unity to your look, for a very stylish look. 

Create color contrasts

If you wear your denim jacket with other denim clothes or accessories, create contrasts. To do this, simply vary the denim shades! This simple trick avoids the color-block effect, which, with jeans, can quickly give the impression of a work uniform rather than a stylish outfit. 

With which dress to wear a denim jacket?

The denim jacket is a very versatile piece of clothing, which can be worn with a skirt, a jumpsuit, but also, obviously, a dress. If you opt for the latter, choose it carefully, because it will determine your style. Here are some options available to you: 

  • Along, flowing dress tightened at the waist, for those who have a bohemian style,
  • A white dress, ideal for summer days. 

➡️ It will match especially well with a light jacket, to give a vacation look to your outfit. This ensemble is actually increasingly chosen by brides-to-be, who want a modern and dynamic outfit! 

  • A black dress, for a rock'n roll look. 

➡️ Pair it with accessories that affirm your grunge side: fishnet tights, studded booties, ...

What skirt to wear with a denim jacket?

Worn rather short, the denim jacket will be wonderfully enhanced by a skirt. This will give you a feminine and elegant look, no matter what skirt you choose from:

  • Along skirt (which can be pleated!),

➡️ Find out more details about this iconic boho style piece on our article dedicated to it!

  • A short mini skirt, plain or printed, for a glamorous and feminine style,
  • A short leather skirt to vary the materials and give relief to your outfit

➡️ Discover our guide on the leather skirt! 

Go for the total denim look, with denim pants! 

Thisiconic style from the 90s has returned to the forefront in recent years, with the mom and boyfriend jeans making a strong comeback on the catwalks. These loose-fitting cuts will enhance your figure, especially if you are rather tall. However, any type of jeans can be worn with a denim jacket, including:

  • Blue or well-colored raw denim pants,
  • Straight bootcut jeans with prints,
  • Classic black skinny jeans, for a simple and elegant outfit,
  • White jeans, perfect for summer vacation days! 

👉 If it's hot, you can also wear your denim jacket with shorts in the same material, a little wide but short enough. This is perfect for those who are looking for a simple and comfortable look to enjoy a day off, go on a shopping spree or go out with friends! 

What to wear under your denim jacket

As it is rare to wear a denim jacket closed, the choice of the top you will put underneath is crucial. Here are some suggestions, to be appropriated according to your style and the context in which you will wear this outfit : 

  • Apastel t-shirt plain or printed for a romantic and casual look,
  • A marinière, a classic top perfect for those who want a discreet, but elegant style,
  • A top in bright colors, to create a nice contrast,
  • A crop-top for a super trendy outfit

➡️ This cropped top will look great with loose boyfriend jeans, especially if you have a pretty slim figure.

  • A dark jumpsuit for a dressy and feminine look

➡️ Create a sophisticated look with a well-tailored jumpsuit, worn with pumps and a cute clutch. Then, add a touch of originality with a denim jacket! 

The embroidered denim jacket, a chic and bohemian detail that changes everything

In the style of the hippies, it is quite possible to personalize an outfit with an embroidered denim jacket. You can find some in stores already embroidered, but you can also on a classic jacket. The options available to you are endless: embroidery of flowers or symbols, lace additions, calligraphy inscriptions... You can even cut off the sleeves of your denim jacket to replace them with pretty printed fabric sleeves! 

I hope this article has given you plenty of tips on how to adopt the denim jacket in your summer and mid-season wardrobe. It's a piece that offersplenty of possibilities

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