How to wear a lace dress in winter ?

Want to wear a lace dress in cold weather Looking for tips on how to choose a jacket that matches your dress perfectly? 

I'll help you out. 

As a bohemian fashion enthusiast, the lace dress is one of my must-haves. It is a piece that stands on its own, as it alone creates a elegant and feminine outfit. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all my tips on how to wear it when it's cold, especially how to choose a matching jacket that will make you look great, no matter what your style is! 

The lace dress is a must-have when you like to look feminine and chic. It is very easy to wear in summer with sandals, but also in winter. Just match it with a plain jacket: indeed, lace is already a pattern and it would be risky to mix patterns by wearing a print, for example. You can wear for example: a denim jacket, a leather perfecto, a little long wool jacket, or even a blazer! To finalize your look do not forget to add accessories (bag, jewelry ...) and choose shoes to match your jacket! 

Want to know more? Read the rest of this article to find out: 

  • How to wear a lace dress with different types of jackets,
  • Tips to find a look that really suits you,
  • What shoes to wear with a lace dress in summer as well as winter, 
  • How to sublimate your dress with trendy accessories,
  • And plenty of original and inspiring outfit ideas to help you find what you like best! 

When and how to wear a lace dress?

Feminine and delicate, the lace dress adapts for all occasions: it can be worn both for everyday, going out with friends or going to work, as well as for a special occasion, such as a wedding or reception. 

Whatever your body type, there is sure to be a cut that shows you off:

🔸 If you're more of a small person, don't hesitate to wear a short dress with a simple skater-style neckline that will show off your legs. 

🔸 If you are round, empire waist dresses and long dresses will be your best friends! Choose a pretty V-neckline to show off your generous curves. 

🔸 Finally, if you are quite large, along flowing lace dress will be perfect to sublimate your body with elegance. 

The lace dress is often worn in the summer, but it is quite suitable to put on in the mid-season, or even in the winter, provided you find the perfect jacket. 

What jacket to wear with a lace dress?

To help you, I have prepared a small selection of jackets and coats that will go perfectly with a lace dress. It's up to you to choose which one best suits your style as well as the occasion you want to wear this dress for! 

👉 Worried about getting cold with your lace dress? Opt for a flesh-colored underdress that will keep you warm. You can also wear it with very thin and transparent tights. 

Mix casual and femininity with a denim jacket! 

Ideal for modernizing a classic look, a denim jacket will bring dynamism to your outfit. Choose it rather short: to create a beautiful silhouette, it should fall just at your hips, or even a little above if your dress is short. If you're wearing a white or pastel dress, I recommend a light jacket instead, to keep the bright side of your outfit. 

👉 The denim jacket and lace dress trend is increasingly embraced by brides-to-be who want an original and contemporary outfit for their ceremony! Find out more about this versatile garment by reading our guide dedicated to it!

A wool coat or vest for a romantic look

To not contrast too much with the lace and stay in aclassic style, you can opt for a jacket made of soft material. This can be wool, cashmere, or even faux fur. The idea is to get a cute and feminine result, which makes you look comfortable in your clothes and keeps you warm, especially in winter. This type of outfit will be perfect for everyday wear, going out with friends or going on a date! 

Rock 'n roll with a black leather perfecto

The combination of a black leather jacket with lace will suit those who are looking for a look that doesn't look like a wise girl! With heeled shoes, you'll get an outfit that is bothsexy and ultra-feminine, but also chic and modern. The combination of black and white creates a high fashion effect, which is just right for those who are looking for originality! 

Chic with a blazer

The blazer, which is similar to a suit jacket, brings sophistication to an outfit. This look will suit you especially if you are looking for adressy outfit to go to an event (wedding, reception...) or to work. To stay classic, you can choose a plain black blazer. If you want to go a little off the beaten path, you can opt for a model in a pretty pastel shade or even white! 

Bohemian with a brown leather jacket or kimono

For a boho, western-inspired look, opt for a natural leather jacket, light or dark brown. This will give a very authentic feel to your outfit, which will beautifully accentuate alittle loose lace dress, bohemian chic style. If you want something lighter, you can opt for a plain kimono jacket, which you'll wear loose over your dress.

👉 Make sure to match it with this one and your accessories, to get the perfect result! To learn more, check out our full article dedicated to the kimono!"

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What shoes to sublimate your lace jacket and dress? 

When looking to create an outfit, the choice of shoes is an essential step not to be overlooked! Let's find out together how to go about it. 

In winter, with warm shoes

Here are some ideas of shoes you can wear in winter, depending on your style:

  • Bohemian: Santiags, ankle boots and leather brown boots,
  • Chic and Dressy: Sneakers, stiletto boots and booties,
  • Casual and Casual: Plain flat boots, white sneakers,
  • Rock and Grunge: Military boots (Dr. Martens type) or black leather boots. Martens) or black leather boots...

👉 Remember to match the color of your shoes to your jacket

In summer or mid-season with open-toed shoes

In the summer, you can wear more open-toed shoes, depending on your favorite trends : 

  • Boho chic and romantic: leather sandals with thin straps that come up over the ankle, spartan shoes, espadrilles, block sandals...
  • Rock and modern: Black colored sandals, with rhinestone details or lots of straps,
  • Dressy: carpins closed or open toe, nude heeled shoes,
  • Casual: white or pastel sneakers, ballerinas, flat sandals...

match your outfit and experiment. The result should be natural and give the impression that the whole of what you wear forms a coherent whole 😉

An embroidered messenger bag, to put all your stuff

Choosing a nice custom bag will allow you to add a little color and originality to your outfit, while still having your stuff within reach. In order not to contrast too much with the delicacy of the lace dress, I recommend instead a smaller bag, which is worn over the shoulder or well in the hand. 

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Fine and delicate jewelry

Whether it'sprecious or costume jewelry, it will add a touch of femininity that will complement your outfit. If you're wearing a loose, flowing bohemian style dress and have light hair, go for the golden shade, which will make you look good! 

A hat

Ideal for protection from the sun in summer, a hat is a real plus for creating a unique look! It is an accessory that is easily noticed and adds a lot of drama to an outfit. In winter, you can choose a hat or floppy hat in felt or boiled wool, which will keep you warm. The color of it should be a reminder of your dress, shoes or well as your jacket. 

A belt

If your dress is a bit loose, you can totally decide to cinch it. To do this, you will need to choose a belt that matches it and your style and tie it at your waist. This will suggest your curves and give your dress some style! 

👉 Wondering how to cinch a dress with a belt? Check out our tutorial!

A flower crown, for a special occasion!

Want to wear your lace dress for a wedding, christening or any other occasion where a special outfit is required? To create a unique look for yourself, opt for a pretty flower crown. This easy-to-wear accessory is bothfeminine and bohemian

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I hope this article has helped you find solutions forwearing a lace dress in winter, especially for choosing a jacket to match it! This type of very feminine outfit will make you glow, even when it's a bit cold 😉

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