How to wear a long dress in winter

How to wear a long dress in winter ?

The long dress, to be worn throughout the seasons

The long dress, the centerpiece of our wardrobe during the summer, is ideal for everyday wear and can be worn at the beach as well as during chic evenings. Light, fluid, colored, plain or patterned,  it highlights all morphologies and sublimates your silhouette.

Whether it is empire waist, long sleeve shirt style, with thin straps or wallet style with puffed sleeves, we continue to wear it in autumn and we take it out in spring, with a seasonal jacket.

And if finally, we did not put it away at all and we kept it all year ? We tell you everything to wear your long dress, even during the winter period.

Which long dress to choose for the winter  ?

If the long dress can be worn all the year, all are not suitable.

Avoid the white dresses or very clear colors, which are too representative of the summer. We prefer dark colors , easy to combine with other colors.

The bohemian style dresses with floral patterns and colorful prints are very suitable. However, avoid split dresses, not necessarily practical in winter.

Choose your dress according to its material, which must be of good quality, and avoid dresses that wrinkle easily. These, as pretty as they may be, can become a real ordeal for those who want to sit down during the day...

Which long dress to choose for the winter

How to match your outfit to face the winter cold?

When it's cold, we want to wrap ourselves in warm clothes and not necessarily want to wear a dress.

But with a long dress that has the great advantage of covering the legs, we take pleasure in wearing a dress, even during the winter period.

Here are some ideas to wear your long dress with taste in winter, to look great, but without having the drop in the nose !

Wear a long coat, a blazer jacket or a perfecto

With the long dress, we dare the masculine coat or the oversized blazer jacket, which emphasizes your silhouette, more so if your size is marked.

Or, if the temperatures allow it, a leather perfecto for a rock look.

If your dress is patterned, we choose a coat or a plain jacket.

If your dress is plain, you can match it with a tweed blazer with checks, for an original and quirky look.

Wear a long coat a blazer jacket or a perfecto

Pair your long dress with a sweater or a long cardigan with big knitwear

Ideal with a retro dress with a bohemian look, we associate it with a long cardigan with big knitwear.

Otherwise, we wear our long dress with a sweater, like a long skirt. With a dress with a marked waist, we can try a short sweater for a more trendy look.

For the colors, we stay on basic colors easy to match like beige, brown, black or grey.

Wear thick tights

Have a trendy and elegant style every day, yes ! However, no question of being cold.

So, under your dress, you can abuse of warm and thick tights, which will be barely noticeable.

There are many plain models, some of which are called polar. Very warm, these last ones present a layer of fleece fiber on the skin side, assuring a great comfort even in period of big cold.

You can also opt for a leggings very thick if you are rather adept of this type of models.

Wear boots or booties

Side shoes, wear your long dress with your boots or your favorite booties.

In leather, suede, camel or black, play on the materials and the colors.

The camel colored boots give a hippie look, to complete with a fringed bag or a headband

The boots style bikers, as for them, give rather a rebel side to associate with a perfecto jacket.

The long dresses like especially the square heels, avoid the high heels. And don't forget to match the color of your handbag with your shoes.

Play on ethnic accessories

To add a little spice to your outfit, embellish your look with a touch of poetry with ethnic necklaces and impressive earrings.

In the continuity, we mark the waist with a belt over a denim shirt and we add a patterned chèche to emphasize your neck and your shoulders.

Bring out the winter hats, gloves, mittens and scarves

Play the winter card by mixing your accessories to be warm, like a set of matching hats and gloves.

We choose them rather plain, but with an imposing knit. 

Prefer the discreet details as a knitted flower or a brilliant thread.

Add a scarf to be warm, or a snood. And for those who want a bohemian look even in winter, think of mittens