How to wear a long tunic?

You've fallen for a long tunic and you're wondering with what clothes to match it? How to wear it to get a stylish and feminine bohemian look

You've come to the right place. 

As a bohemian fashion enthusiast, I especially love tunics, which are one of the iconic garments of this trend. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all my tips on how toincorporate them into your outfits, so that you too can enjoy their lightness and originality! 

The long tunic is a fun and lightweight garment that is suitable for all seasons. In summer, it can be worn as a minidress. In winter and fall, it will be sublimated by simple jeans and heels. To give your outfit a bohemian chic feel, wear it with jewelry, a pair of wedge sandals or natural leather ankle boots and an original handbag. Finally, make sure to choose a tunic that shows you off, opting for a cut that reaches mid-thigh and a color that enhances your complexion. 

Would you like more details on this topic? Read on to find out: 

  • Tips on how to choose a tunic that shows you off,
  • Tricks on how to sublimate your figure with this bohemian garment,
  • What pants and what shoes to choose to wear with your tunic,
  • How to create a bohemian total look from a tunic, with accessories, jewels, a nice make-up... 

What is a long tunic? 

Easy to put on and comfortable, the tunic is a garment that has been around for a very long time. The term tunica thus makes its appearance as early as Roman antiquity: this garment was the basic clothing of men of the time. 

How then do we define a tunic? It is not a specific garment, but rather a category of clothing. Can be designated by this term all long and loose clothing, which is put on from above and covers at least the arms. When long, this one usually comes to mid-thigh and covers your lower back and buttocks like a short dress. 

The word tunic can thus refer to:

  • a short and wide little dress,
  • a loose blouse,
  • a long men's shirt worn like a dress,
  • an oversized t-shirt that stands on its own...

👉 The tunic is also a flagship element of the bohemian clothing culture. It was brought back to the forefront in the late 1960s by famous stars such as France Gall, Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy. Now, the bohemian style draws its inspirations from the outfits of this era, which saw the birth of the hippies and a real liberation in the fashion world! 

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All our tips for wearing a tunic with style

The tunic is a garment that can be very flattering, as long as it's chosen with care. Here are some tips on how to find the one that will perfectly sublimate you! 

How to choose the perfect tunic length? 

If it's too short, your tunic may get in the way of your daily life. If it's too long, it may pack your figure and not be very becoming. 

Here's a simple tip for determining the optimal length: when you put on your tunic, put your arms at your sides. If the garment falls at the level of your fingertips, it's perfect! 

How to slim your waist with a tunic? 

This type of clothing can totally give you a slim and feminine figure. For this, opt instead for sleeves ¾, which will make your waist appear narrower by optical effect. 

If your favorite tunic doesn't have ¾ sleeves, you can also roll up your sleeves. It is also possible to wedge your tunic on one side of your pants, so that it has an asymmetrical style that will make you look good. 

Finally, wearing a leather belt with your tunic will show off your bust by adding style to your outfit! 

How to match it with the right colors? 

Even for someone experienced in fashion, color matching is a subtle art, which requires special care. To avoid risking a tasteless match, here are two very simple rules:

🔸 If your tunic is light, pastel, or with faded patterns, favor a light bottom. If you put on colors that are too garish with patterns, it might not match well. 

🔸 Choose colors that you like and enhance your skin tone. There are many tutorials on the internet to find the shades that make you glow. Sometimes the easiest way is to go through your wardrobe with the help of a kindred spirit, who will help you determine what looks best on you. 

With what type of pants to wear a tunic? 

When you put on this type of clothing in mid-season or winter, it is essential to match it with pants. Here are some examples to help you.

With straight jeans, for a classic and elegant look

Because they flatter most silhouettes, dark straight jeans are very popular. They look great with a pretty, colorful boho chic inspired tunic. 

You can also opt for a narrow, skinny fit jean, which you will wear with heels or boots. 

Highly trending lately, flare or wide jeans will be perfect to accompany a loose, long shirt. With wedge sandals with heels, you'll have a perfectly cohesive look that's right on trend! 

Can you wear a tunic with leggings? 

This is a question that is often asked about tunics and minidresses. Indeed, leggings do not always have a good reputation in the fashion of fashion enthusiasts. This comes in particular from the fact that many of them are of poor quality: they tear easily, are too thin and their cut is not flattering.

So it can be possible to match your tunic with leggings, provided that you choose well these. They must be of quality, opaque and rather thick. If you want, you can also opt for a jegging: this is a type of jeans that looks like leggings, but will give you more style, because it is a real pant! 

👉 This look may not be suitable for curvy women, or if your tunic is too short, especially in the back. 

A simple tunic, for the summer!

Looking for a lightweight outfit for the vacations? If your tunic is sufficiently long so that you can duck without any trouble, you can wear just this one. Remember to accessorize it with a skinny belt, jewelry and a nice pair of light sandals, to complete your summer look! 

What jacket to wear with a tunic? 

With a long tunic, it's best to opt for a rather short jacket or vest that falls at your waist. This will create a harmonious and elegant gradient. This can be, for example:

  • A denim jacket,
  • A leather perfecto,
  • A bombers,
  • A crop-top type cardigan...

👉 Remember to match the colors well! If your tunic has patterns, choose a plain jacket instead 😉

What shoes to pair with an outfit with a long tunic? 

Wondering how to shoe with this type of clothing? I have prepared for you a small selection of shoes perfectly suited! 

Compound sandals, for their bohemian side

In summer, compound sandals are perfect shoes for those who want to have style without losing comfort. This is because they give you more freedom of movement than heeled sandals or pumps, but shape your figure in the same way as the latter. 

👉 Don't hesitate to create acolor reminder by choosing shoes that match your tunic, or even the shade of your hair, for a "total look" effect!

Heeled booties, for a casual chic look

By opting for classic booties, with a small heel, you don't risk to make a mistake of taste! These are suitable for all contexts, whether it's a night out with friends or a professional interview and will sublimate your silhouette! 

👉 If your tunic is bohemian style, with warm patterns and colors, natural leather booties will be ideal! 

High boots, thigh-high type, for a sexy look

Finally, if you're looking for an outfit to go out in, that gives you aunique and unmistakable style, don't hesitate to match your tunic with thigh-high boots. These will elongate your legs and make you look more glamorous than ever! 

What accessories and makeup should you choose to sublimate your bohemian chic outfit?

In order to create a personalized look that really suits you, it is essential to pay attention to the details. Here are some final tips to finalize your outfit! 

Enhance your tunic with jewelry

Because it allows you to express your taste with elegance and discretion, jewelry is an asset to having a style that's uniquely you. With a tunic and to stay in the bohemian style, you can wear:

  • Layered bracelets,
  • Colorful and ethnic earrings,
  • Long, sautoir-style pendant that will have the effect of slimming your waist,
  • Unique handcrafted jewelry from designers...

Wear a bohemian chic handbag

Wondering what handbag to wear with a boho tunic? Plenty of options are available to you, including:

  • Afringe bag,
  • An embroidered leather bag,
  • A tote bag,
  • A colorful tote bag...

👉 A customized handbag will go perfectly well with this type of look! 

Opt for a light makeup that matches your outfit

Finally, to add a stylish and feminine finishing touch to your look, I recommend you do your makeup. A discreet and carefully chosen makeup will give a chic side to your outfit. For example, if your tunic has red on it, don't hesitate to wear a lipstick with a tone that matches it! 

👉 You can also opt for a bohemian chic hairstyle! Check out lots of inspiration in this blog post! 

Long tunics now have no secrets for you! I hope this article has helped you integrate them into your wardrobe and make them your own! 

Do you have a tunic that you don't wear too much because you find it a little too large? I may be able to help! I posted a full tutorial on the blog to teach you how to cinch a tunic simply: feel free to check it out 😉