How to wear a pleated skirt

How to wear a pleated skirt ?

When you hear " pleated skirt ", you think : school uniform miniskirt, bourgeois lady in its midi version, or gipsy long skirt?

Sweep away the clichés with this trendy  garment: make the right associations for a top look, and dare the bohemian chic !

How to wear a pleated skirt ? Here are some advices :

Be ultra stylish in a pleated skirt

The ally of your morphology

You are round, small, or tall ? Bet everything on the pleated skirt ! Adapted to all morphologies, its cut will balance your silhouette 

  • its vertical pleats will refine you;
  • worn high, it will mark your waist and lengthen your legs 
  • its ample cut will hide your forms, while giving volume to break a long morpho.

The flagship piece of all your styles

The flagship piece of all your styles

Your skirt is the centerpiece of your outfit : length, materials, colors, everything is allowed !

Which length ? The trend is for the midi skirt, below the knees and above the ankle. But mini or maxi, it works too!

Which cut ? Straight for elegance, slit or asymmetrical to destructure.

Which top ? A loose sweater or a t-shirt that you will tuck into the skirt to mark the waist, or even a crop top.

What shoes ? Rangers for a rock touch, high heeled boots, ballerinas or pumps, depending on the style you want to create. White sneakers are still very trendy.

Which tights ? Go for fancy tights or fishnet tights  opaque ones will be too strict.

Which material ? Light fabric in summer, thick when it's cool  dare the imitation leather ! In winter, the golden, silver or bronze lamé will make its effect.

Go for the boho-chic look !

From boho to boho-chic

Romantic, feminine, and casual, the boho look is timeless. The long skirt is the emblematic piece.

Prefer fluid fabrics, ample cuts, natural or pastel tones, discreet floral prints, or ethnic patterns. The key to this look: comfort!

To avoid a retro hippie look, add a few sophisticated elements to your outfit for a boho-chic look. Without excess, not to border on the disguise, the best is to go by touches. Combine a worked piece with a basic element, for example. Get inspired by our bohemian tops to find the perfect top/pleated skirt combination

From boho to boho-chic

Adopt the bohemian style in everyday life

For an everyday gipsy look: wear flat shoes, a loose top or sweater tucked into the skirt, and a short denim jacket.

At the office, the skirt will be long (but not too much !), the blouse or the sober blouse, associated with a perfecto, and boots or pumps.

On vacations, we will bet on the lightness : fluid skirt, vaporous, let go on the prints! Combined with a lace or white crochet top and flat sandals.

The ideal guest for a bohemian chic wedding

You'll be right in the theme with your pleated skirt !

Go for soft or bright natural colors, patterned or plain, your choice !

Wear it with a nice lace top and a perfecto jacket.

For shoes : flat or heeled sandals, spartan, or suede boots according to the season.

Allow yourself some fancy touches (accessories, jewels).

So, want to combine comfort, femininity and elegance ? Adopt the pleated skirt