How to wear a scarf? [Knots, Colors, Types of scarves]

Is it getting cold and you'd like to wear a scarf and still look stylish? Are you looking for tips on how to choose a scarf pattern that brightens your face and enhances your features? Would you like tolearn how to tie a scarf

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I especially enjoy finding outfits that combine comfort and trendy looks. This relies in part on choosing accessories, such as a scarf, that are both matching your look, practical and fun to wear

So today, I'm sharing with you all my tips forfinding the scarf you won't leave this winter! 

There are many different scarf styles to choose from, suitable for all seasons and styles. Among them, there is the snood, the classic scarf, its oversized version to keep you even warmer or its oriental fabric versions that are the keffieh and the chèche. The scarf is an easy accessory to match, whether it is your hair, your eyes, or an element of your outfit. Be sure to choose a color that complements your skin tone. Pale skin tones will be enhanced by light and bright colors, while darker skin tones will be enhanced by bright colors. Finally, the scarf is an accessory that goes very well with bohemian fashion. If this corresponds to your tastes, do not hesitate and accessorize your winter outfits with beautiful scarves, nicely tied! 

Would you like more details? Continue reading to find out:

  • What are thedifferent types of scarves, so you can find the one that suits you,
  • How to choose your scarf according to your skin tone, eyes and hair,
  • Tips to find the scarf that matches your clothing style,
  • Video tutorials to learn how to tie it,whether you're a man or woman. 

What are the different types of scarves? 

Iconic winter accessory, the scarf is ideal for keeping you warm and showing off your face. To get started, I'll take a look at themain types of scarves, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your wardrobe. 

The traditional scarf

This is an elongated shaped fabric, which is usuallywool or cashmere. It is very warm and can be very classic or have patterns, or fringe. It can be paired with a beanie and gloves, and fits any style and outfit, especially if you choose it plain. 

Fabric scarf, Keffieh or Chèche

The Keffieh or chèche, scarves of oriental origin

Do you prefer to wear a fabric scarf? In that case, opt for the keffieh or chèche,scarves worn by eastern desert men to protect themselves from the sun and sandstorms. Very light, these can be worn in mid-season or under a woolen scarf in winter to keep you warm. 

Their ethnic feel goes very well with thebohemian style: it is a light and colorful fabric, which you can wear to accessorize your bohemian dresses, for example. 

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The snood, a round scarf that keeps you warm

This type of scarf, which has been very trendy in recent years, is particularly suitable for people who move around a lot, sportsmen and women and children. It is a neck wrap, which allows it to stay in place and not get in your way throughout the day. 

The Oversized Scarf or Stole

When it's cold outside, many times we dream of being snuggled up in a plaid at home. To recreate that cozy feeling, don't hesitate to adopt an oversized scarf! This is a square or rectangular piece of fabric, which covers your shoulders and wraps around your neck. You can use it like a blanket over your shoulders or double its thickness by folding it and putting it on like a classic scarf, except it will insulate you even more from the cold

👉 As with the keffiyeh and the chèche, this type of scarf works great for a winter bohemian style. Choose a hue and pattern that matches your outfit and the rest of your accessories to adopt a trendy look, even when it's really cold! 

Snood / Oversized Scarf or Stole

How do I choose a scarf that looks good on me? 

As with all clothing and accessories, there are tricks to know to make sure your scarf looks good on you. I suggest you discover them together in the following lines! 

By choosing it to match your face

The scarf is an accessory that will frame your face and therefore can really sublimate it. For this, it is essential to choose a color that matches:

  • your skin,
  • your hair,
  • as well as your eyes

If you have fine blonde hair and fair skin, I thus recommend pastel shades. On the contrary, if you have rather dark skin and dark hair, you can afford pretty vibrant colors. 

If you have any doubts, don't hesitate and choose a scarf in the color of your eyes. This will create a very aesthetic reminder, which will automatically make you look good. 

👉 Do you wear glasses? Instead of basing your scarf choice on your eye color, you can also try matching it to the shade of your frame. 

A scarf that's compatible with your haircut

It's not just the shade of your hair that you need to consider. A scarf should be comfortable to wear,easy to put on and take off. If you wear your hair loose and it is long or thick, I recommend a rather thin scarf. 

There are also anti-static electricity sprays, which you can find in big box hobby stores and haberdashery stores, that when sprayed on your fabrics, keep your hair from getting charged up with electricity and therefore from getting messy all the time. Practical, isn't it 😉

A scarf to match your style

Finally, when choosing a scarf, I advise you to do so considering your wardrobe. For this, it is necessary to select a material and a shade that goes with as many clothes as possible in your closets. Neutral shades, such as navy blue, beige, ecru, brown, burgundy or even charcoal gray are ideal if you are hesitating. They may not be the most original, but they have the undeniable advantage of being very simple to match, with most styles and trends! 

Make your scarf a reminder of the rest of your outfit

Another technique for matching a scarf is to choose it in the same color as one or more elements of your outfit. This can be a hat, shoes or even a garment. The secret to creating a nice contrast is that the garment of the same shade as the scarf is not in direct contact with it. Rather than a jacket in the same shades, choose a skirt, pair of tights or pants instead 😉

How to tie a scarf

Have you found the perfect scarf to keep you warm this winter? There are endless ways to tie it, in order tostyle your outfit. Because a video explains how to tie knots much better than a long text, I have prepared alittle selection of video tutorials for you to discover in the following paragraphs. 

When you're a woman

If you're a woman, a stylishly knotted scarf will be perfect to make you look good. For that, discover many original knot ideas by watching this video tutorial:

When you're a man

The scarf is an accessory that can also be quite worn by these gentlemen, to add a touch of class to a suit or any winter outfit. There are specific knots for these, which you can learn about in the following video:

I hope this article has answered any questions you have about scarvesand how to choose and tie them. If these tips have interested you, feel free to browse our bohemian blog, to discover other simple tips to dress stylish in all circumstances, whatever your taste!!!😉