How to wear an asymmetrical dress? Our complete guide!

Would you like to know if an asymmetrical dress would enhance your figure? Would you like to get outfit ideas with a split dress? Or even more info on asymmetrical wedding dresses? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I really like asymmetrical cuts, which allow you to revisit classic garments with a touch of whimsy and originality. 

Today, I'm offering you a guide entirely dedicated to the asymmetrical dress, so you can find out if it fits your style and how to wear it. 

Whether your dress has an asymmetrical neckline or an asymmetrical petticoat, special care must be taken when choosing your shoes, but also your hair and makeup. Indeed, wearing an asymmetrical dress generally gives a lot of allure, whatever your silhouette. Its original cut attracts the eye on your legs or on your neck and shoulders. It can be worn on a daily basis, but also for occasions such as a dressy evening or a wedding. In fact, there are beautiful asymmetrical wedding dresses, which are suitable for those who are looking for a model combining style and originality! 

Would you like more details? Continue reading to find out: 

  • What characterizes thethree main types of asymmetrical dresses,
  • What types of body types do they enhance,
  • Whether anasymmetrical wedding dress could be right for you, 
  • How this type of dress can enhance your curves,
  • And finally a tuto for those who would like to try their hand at sewing an asymmetrical dress

What is an asymmetrical dress? What about the dress? 

Are you wondering what precisely an asymmetrical garment is? Let me answer you simply, before we get into the nitty-gritty 😉

asymmetrical women's top dress

A quirky and stylish clothing cut

The vast majority of clothing we wear is symmetrical, because most bodies are. It was in the early 20ᵉ century, in 1912, that Madeleine Vionnet, a French fashion designer, first created high fashion clothingwith bias cuts. This marked the beginning of asymmetrical style garments, which would later be found in great designers, such as Balenciaga, and then in ready-to-wear fashion. 

An asymmetrical dress or sweater is therefore, by definition, an original garment, thought to allow great freedom of movement: indeed, Madeleine Vionnet had at the time innovated by removing for the first time the corset, in favor of more fluid, more comfortable and more body-friendly clothes. 

Discover the 3 main types of asymmetrical dresses

For a dress, asymmetry can be created in three different ways: 

  • by shortening the skirt part, on the front of the legs, so as to reveal them, but keeping the length on the back,
  • by making an asymmetrical neckline, which leaves one shoulder bare and covers the other,
  • by making an opening on the side of the skirt so as to glimpse a leg up to the thighs during movements : this is the famous slit dress

3 tips to wear the shorter dress in front well

To begin with, I propose you to discover first some tips to wear well the first type of asymmetrical dress that I could mention in the previous paragraph. It is a cut that is often used forevening dresses, bridal dresses, but also bohemian long dresses, to create relief. 

asymmetrical dress shorter in front

➡️ An asymmetrical dress, when dressed up, requires you to pay special attention to how you are going to match it. A chic, glamorous hairstyle that pulls your hair up, such as a high bun, will go especially well with it, as will a discreet makeup that matches the color of your dress. 

➡️ The choice of shoes is key. If you're looking for a safe bet, you can wear stilettos, which will show off your legs and enhance your figure. If you are not very comfortable with heels, you can wear spartiates sandals, which will also work with this type of dress. 

➡️ Finally, be aware that this type of asymmetrical dresses are especially look good when they have several superimpositions. This can be petticoats, or a special draped, which will thus create a great effect of volume and movement, very sexy.  

The asymmetrical neckline dress, ideal for those with broad shoulders

When you have a rather pronounced shoulder build, sometimes it can be a little difficult to find a type of neckline that allows you to show off your bust. The dress with asymmetrical neckline, by its original shape, will thus allow you to emphasize your neck and your shoulders. The bias cut creates an optical effect, which draws the eye to just one of your shoulders and your neck. 

bare shoulder dress asymmetrical neckline

👉 If you want, you can wear a choker necklace with this type of neckline, with or without earrings. This will have the effect of brightening up your face!

👉 Regarding hair styles, it's totally possible to wear your hair loose or tied up. You can pull them back to one side, if you wish to recall the movement of your dress. However, if you do this, the untucked side must absolutely be your bare shoulder side, so as not to unbalance your outfit. 

The split dress ... zoom in on a particular asymmetrical dress

Would you like to wear a dress that's both sexy and light? The asymmetrical split cut should be just right for you. Thanks to its openwork skirt, it hints at the full length of your leg and the curve of your thighs, which is discreetly suggestive, while remaining chic and dressy

fashionable women's slit dress

Like the asymmetrical neckline, this type of cut will create an optical effect, which will naturally draw the eye to your legs, making them appear longer. 

Among the three styles of asymmetrical dresses in this article, this one isthe easiest to match with a jacket, which you'll either choose to be very long below the knee, or rather short at the waist, to shape your figure well. 

split wedding dress

👉 Finally, as with the shorter dress in front, I recommend wearing a nice pair of heels or sandals, which will highlight your legs.  

Wedding trend: an asymmetrical wedding dress

Are you looking for a wedding dress that is both chic and original? There are many gorgeous asymmetrical wedding dress designs available. These are a bit out of the ordinary, yet still glamorous and have the advantage of being suitable for most body types.

asymmetrical wedding dress

A cocktail dress with an asymmetrical neckline or a split skirt will be perfect for a wedding with a dressy dress code and a sophisticated atmosphere. If you are looking for a simple model instead, for a civil wedding for example, I advise you to turn to rather short dress models, which will give a dynamic impression.  

Bohemian wedding dress

Can I wear an asymmetrical dress if I am curvy? 

If you have a luscious physique, you can definitely wear this type of dress. However, I would only recommend you to choose large size models, specially designed to showcase your generous curves. This will allow your asymmetrical dress to fall perfectly and not be unbalanced.  

asymmetrical plus size dress

Don't hesitate to wear dresses with beautiful draped, which will really enhance your figure by making you look like a goddess! If you want, you can also emphasize your waist with a belt, for a great result!!!😉

How to make an asymmetric dress? 

Are you new to sewing? In that case, I suggest you try your hand at making a split dress instead, which doesn't require making a bias hem. 

In fact, making a bias neckline or petticoat requires you to create a specific pattern and refer to it without mistakes, so that the different fabric elements that make up the dress can fit together without any problems.

If you want to see more precisely what it's all about, I suggest you watch this video, which explains precisely how to make the pattern for an asymmetrical neckline


Once you've made the pattern, all you have to do is transfer it to the fabric and carefully sew the different parts of your bust. For the jumpers, you can use this technique:


Then simply join the two elements to create a beautiful asymmetrical dress! 


I hope this article has allowed you to discover a little more about asymmetrical dresses, and has made you want to wear them every day, to sublimate your look with class and originality

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