How to wear ankle boots? [with heels or flat].

Do you want to wear booties and wonder how to wear them in style? With what clothes to put them on? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for simple to match clothes and accessories that can be worn everyday and show off more unique pieces! 

The booties, with or without heels,are one of thoseessential basics to any wardrobe, and that's why I'm dedicating this guide to them today.

No matter what the occasion, booties can be worn with most of your winter and fall outfits. Of course, you can wear them with a dress, whether it's a bohemian maxi dress or a short skater dress. They will also be ideal to sublimate an elegant outfit with a short skirt or even a slightly long pleated skirt, if you are rather tall. Very versatile, they can also be worn with jeans, tailored pants. Just choose booties that match your style and highlight your body type!

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • For what occasion to wear booties,
  • How to choose between boots and booties,
  • Which ones will enhance your figure,
  • How to choose your booties according to your style. 
  • Outfit ideas that are chic and feminine with booties. 

When and why to wear ankle boots? 

Very versatile, ankle boots are worn by many women, regardless of their style. In the following lines, find out more about them! 

Ankle boots, the "Swiss Army knife" of your winter wardrobe

Easy to match, ankle boots can be worn from fall to spring with a wide variety of outfits. Depending on your tastes and habits, you can wear them with or without heels. They can accompany a dress as well as pants, so they're great for those days whenyou don't know what to wear with your outfit. 

In what context should you wear ankle boots?

The appeal of booties lies in the fact that they can be worn in most situations: 

  • To go to work,
  • To go out,
  • To go shopping

➡️ The ones with zippers or elastic straps are easy to put on and take off, which is great for trying on clothes! 

👉 Wondering which pair of shoes to pack in your suitcase? Booties are a perfect choice if the weather is shaping up to be a bit cool. That's because you can easily put them on with a dressy outfit and wear them the next day for everyday activities without feeling awkward. 

Boots or booties: how to choose

Hesitating between wearing booties and boots? Here are several tips that can help you in this choice:

🔸 If you plan to wear a short garment (shorts, miniskirt), the boots will be perfect to highlight your legs. On the contrary, a long garment (pants, long dress) will be sublimated by ankle boots. 

🔸 If you want to visually lengthen your legs, wear boots. Conversely, boots will tend to balance out the length of your legs with the length of your bust. 

How to wear ankle boots according to your body type? 

Would you like to know what type of booties to wear to enhance your figure? I have prepared a small selection of personalized tips, in order to sublimate your morphology with this type of shoes. 

You're short

If you'reless than 5'10", I recommend rather low boots, with a heel. The combination of these two will have the effect of making you look taller, by lengthening your legs and correcting your posture. 

If you don't like to wear high heels, you can also wear for small flat heels of 3 to 5 centimeters, more comfortable. They will also be suitable for supporting your back when you have to spend a lot of time standing. 

You're tall

On the other hand, if you're over 5'7", I recommend ankle boots with small heels, or even flats (which are also called boots). If you choose them high enough on the ankle (mid-calf for example), these will sublimate your legs without lengthening them too much. 

If you want to wear heels, however, it is possible, but avoid thick heels, which may weigh down your gait. 

Do you have strong calves

Do you have generous curves, especially in your legs? Consider it an asset! With low boots, the curve of your calves will be sublimated and it will give your look a chic, sexy and very feminine side. If you want to accentuate this, don't hesitate to wear heels! 

👉 Unlike boots that can sometimes uncomfortably squeeze pronounced calves, ankle boots remain comfortable all day long, even for those whose legs tend to swell. 

How to choose the color and material of your booties? 

There are an infinite number of models of booties, from the classic black leather all simple to the more original with various patterns and cuts. In the following paragraphs, I propose to see together which ones to choose to sublimate your wardrobe.  

Based on your style

Do you have a well-defined style? In that case, it's wise to choose a pair of booties that go with it:

  • Rock n' roll, grunge ➡ Go for black leather booties! 
  • Bohemian, romantic ➡ Go for light shades ( camel, cognac, beige, ecru) and materials like suede. 
  • Classic, casual ➡ Dark brown ankle boots will be perfect to match all your outfits. 

According to your physical features, to sublimate them

Your style is rather classic, or changing according to the days and contexts? In this case, you can use this simple trick to find the bootie color that will make you stand out: choose a shade close to that of your hair. By creating an encore with your upper body, you'll give unity to your look and look naturally stylish! 

What to wear booties with? 

Wondering what to wear with your booties? Here are some outfit examples, to make your own according to your preferences! 

With a short dress, for a feminine and sexy style

Worn with a short dress, booties will draw the eye to your legs and give you a seductive and feminine look. The skater dresses are especially suitable if you want to give a romantic edge to your look. On the contrary, if you wear black leather biker boots, don't hesitate to pair them with a close-fitting dress, which will enhance your style. 

With a bohemian dress in winter

Are you addicted to the bohemian style and want to adopt it on a daily basis, even in winter? To be able to wear your long bohemian dresses on cold days, pair them with a pair of suede ankle boots. To finalize your outfit, don't hesitate to add a leather or denim jacket ,as well as accessories such as a fringed bag, a hat or even a colorful shoulder bag. 

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With a skirt, for an adorable look

Boots not only look great with a dress, but they also look great with a skirt. No matter what length and style your skirt is, wearing it with ankle boots will make you look elegant and distinguished. With a short skirt in black or gray, favor black ankle boots. Otherwise, feel free to vary the colors to bring originality to your outfit! 

Boots and jeans: a timeless alliance

Are you one of those who love wearing jeans on a daily basis? Booties should quickly become your best allies. Indeed, these go very well with any jeans, whether they are : 

  • skinny or slim, for a casual chic look,
  • flare, for a bohochic style,
  • boyfriend, for an ultra trendy outfit! 

The booties will bring a touch of femininity and elegance to your outfit, while remaining really comfortable. 

I hope this article has helped you choose booties that will perfectly match your wardrobe, and create original and stylish outfits with these ultra practical shoes! While waiting for the next article, (re)discover all our fashion tips on our blog, to finally be confident in your everyday life!