How to wear high socks?

Do you love thehigh socks trendand want to make it your own? Wondering whatclothes to wear them with? With which shoes

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I have a special affection for atypical styles.Integrated properly into an outfit, high socks can really customize your look to give it a unique edge! 

That's why, today, I'm offering thiscomplete guide dedicated to them, with outfit examples and practical tips. 

High socks are best worn with short clothes, such as a mini skirt, skater dress or even short shorts. If you want to keep your style classic and simple, I suggest you choose high socks in neutral tones (black, gray, brown, navy blue, burgundy...) and match your shoes. If you prefer an original look, there are many colorful models! Finally, you can wear a wide variety of different shoes: boots, booties, but also closed pumps, sneakers, or even flat shoes like loafers or richelieus. 

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • What high socks add to an outfit,
  • How they enhance your figure,
  • With which clothes to wear them for a unique look,
  • What color socks to choose with your skirt or dress,
  • What type of shoes to wear with them depending on your style! 

Why wear high socks? 

Would you like to add this accessory to your wardrobe? In the following lines, discover 3 good reasons to do so! 

To look cute and trendy

Wearing high socks with a short garment so that they are fully visible is a trend that appeared in the 1970s: young women wore them with school uniforms at the time, as a change from socks that come below the knee and to keep them warm. 

If you weren't born then, you may have experienced this look in the late90s, with iconic outfits, such as Britney Spears, in the video for "Baby one more time." 

High socks thus help give a cute and youthful edge to an outfit: they spruce up a short, sexy skirt, while bringing freshness to your ensemble. 

For warmth with a dress or skirt

When it starts to get chilly, tall socks are an alternative to tights for warmth. Since they let your upper legs show, you can reserve them for early fall or the first beautiful days of spring.

👉 Another tip is to wear them over your tights, to get even warmer. Plus, it will keep them from slipping, especially if they are textured tights (polka dots, fishnet, striped...)! 

To slim down your legs and structure your outfit

By drawing the eye to your legs, high socks highlight them and slim down your entire figure. They're perfect for balancing out an oversized, bohemian-style sweater, for example, and giving you a feminine, elegant look. 

👉 Do you love the oversize style? Check out our article dedicated to it! 

In addition, high socks are also an economical and practical trick toreplace waders in an outfit. They are easy to find in most stores and are suitable for women of all sizes. They're also a bit wiser than over-the-knee leather boots, so they're easier to wear on a daily basis 😉

What to wear with stocking-style socks? 

If you have to remember only one tip about high socks, it's this one:wear them with short clothes, to make your legs look great. Here are some stylish outfit examples to find the right style for you! 

A flared miniskirt

The short pleated or ruffled skirt is ideal to wear with high socks, whether you're going out with friends or on a shopping trip around town. Inspired by school uniforms, thisadorable look will be perfect for showing off your legs. 

👉 This style may not be suitable for all occasions: preferably avoid it for going to work or for solemn occasions (funeral, sad event...), as it gives off a light-hearted impression that wouldn't really suit the context. 

A skater dress

The result with a dress is often a bit more dressy than with a skirt. This helps create a cohesive ensemble: high socks, worn with shoes and a chic dress, come to bring coolness to your entire outfit. 

This type of outfit is ideal for afirst date or a outing with friends

A mini shorts

Sexy and summery, mini shorts are a great outfit for those who want to show off their legs. High socks will add a sportswear edge to your outfit, giving you a dynamic and determined look. This look is perfect for aslightly cool summer day with friends, at the beach, or else with family. However, as mentioned earlier, it's not really suitable in an overly formal setting.

How to match your sock colors to your outfit? 

Whether on the internet or in some stores specializing in underwear and socks, there is a wide variety of models of high socks. To help you make your choice, check out these simple tips. 

A neutral color goes everywhere for a simple and chic look

If you want to have a classic and simple look, I recommend you to favor neutral colors. The black is the main one found in this type of outfits, but others can also be quite suitable. These include:

  • navy blue,
  • gray,
  • brown,
  • beige,
  • burgundy red. 

These are colors that do not violently contrast others and therefore allow enhance the rest of your outfit

👉 To create a sense of unity in your outfit and elongate your legs, I recommend choosing socks in the same color as your shoes. This can also allow you to create the illusion of a pair of boots with simple booties! 

Light-colored socks for a romantic edge

To create an adorable and delicate winter look for yourself, you can choose to wear outfits composed of bright and pastel shades such as : 

  • pale pink,
  • white,
  • beige,
  • ecru,
  • light brown...

In this case, opt for white socks, which will highlight your legs by perfectly completing your look! 

Patterns and colors to assert your originality! 

Finally, if you define yourself by your unique and colorful look, know that a pair of patterned high socks can become a great ally to showcase what makes you unique. If you love the kawaii style of Japanese girls, for example, you can opt for socks with little animal patterns on the top! 😻

What shoes to wear with high socks? 

To finish this article, I offer you a small selection of shoes with which you can wear your high socks, to create a stylish and elegant outfit. 


Boots are anobvious choice to wear with high socks, as they keep them well in place. Plus, their height, which is usually ⅔ of the height of the high socks if your boots come below your knee, allows for a proportionality ratio thatnaturally shows off your legs

👉 Wondering how to wear rubber boots and still be at least a little bit chic? If you let them stick out from your boots, your high socks will dress them up and allow you to style your outfit, so you can look pretty even when it rains! 

Ankle boots

Perfect for fall and spring, ankle boots also work well with high socks, as long as they are the same color or in a similar tone. If you can, opt for booties with heels, which will lengthen your legs giving you a very feminine posture. 


Contrary to what you might imagine, it's totally possible to wearopen shoes with high socks. The only condition is that the tip of the shoes (at the level of your toes), on the other hand, remains closed. By choosing colorful socks and matching them with pretty pumps, you'll get a look that's both chic and original, with your shoes contrasting the sometimes slightly juvenile side of high socks. 

Flat shoes

High socks will also be enhanced by flat shoes such as ballerinas, Richelieus, derbies, or loafers. However, I would advise you to reserve this type of pairing for an outfit with a somewhat chic dress or with a simple and elegant skirt.  


Finally, you can also wear sneakers with a skater skirt and high socks, to create a sportswear look! In this case, I recommendwhite or black socks, which you can pair with a slightly oversized sweatshirt, which falls over your short skirt. However, this type of outfit is more suitable for an active girl or young woman, in an informal setting such as : 

  • an outing with friends,
  • a sports game,
  • a sports-themed evening,
  • a summer or spring walk...

I hope this article has given you plenty of ideas formatching high socks and incorporating them into your wardrobe, to create a unique and feminine style for yourself!

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