How to wear a high waist long skirt ?

How to wear a high waist long skirt ? Discover our fashion tips!

Do you love high-waisted long skirts and wish you knew if they would enhance your figure? Are you looking for fashion inspirations to adapt this ultra-trendy piece to your wardrobe style? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I loved the return of long skirts, especially pleated ones, to the runways a few years ago. This must-have garment has the advantage of beingeasy to wear, very feminine and easy to match in all seasons! 

Today I'm sharing with you how to adopt the high-waisted maxi skirt, no matter what your body type. I've also selected some inspiring look ideas to make this garment one of your wardrobe favorites!  

Contrary to what you sometimes hear, the high-waisted maxi skirt flatters most body types. If you're petite or well rounded, be sure to choose lightweight materials and cuts that aren't too long and flatter your figure. The trendy maxi skirt comes in a variety of styles, from classic black and white to rock 'n' roll with a leather perfecto. It is also a key piece of bohemian and ethnic styles, especially if it has patterns or prints. This garment can thus be declined endlessly: you just have to find the look that fits you!

Would you like to know more? Read on to find out:

  • Whether it's possible to wear a high-waisted maxi skirt when you're small
  • Whether it is suitable for curvy women
  • How to look bohemian or rock with this type of skirt
  • How to wear it every day to work, to see friends,
  • Many outfit examples to inspire you on your next shopping trip

For which silhouette? 

Returning to fashion in recent years, the long skirt is now a must-have for any trendy wardrobe. Yet, you may have doubts about the compatibility between this type of skirt and your morphology. Indeed, in ads and fashion shows, it is often women who are rather tall and lanky that we see wearing them! What if you are short? Or round? I answer your questions in the following lines! 

long skirt woman petite

The high-waisted long skirt, forbidden to short women? 

It often happens that we hear that long skirts and dresses are not suitable when you are short: they would pack the figure and would not enhance it. Know that I don't agree with that, and I'm not the only one: it's totally possible to wear this garment when you're short, if you choose it well! 

To that end, I offer a few tips:

  • Choose a skirt that is not too long, that comes above your ankles, so you don't get tangled up in it,
  • Prefer light, bright colors,
  • Select lightweight materials: lace, silk, lightweight fabric...
  • Choose a model that is well-waisted and proportionally represents the ⅔ of your figure without the head,
  • And, if you can, wear heels that will lengthen your legs! 

Can you wear a high-waisted maxi skirt if you're curvy? 

Do you have curves and wonder, too, if the high-waisted long skirt is for you? Just like for short women, there is no prohibition: it is also a matter of opting for a model that flatters your morphology. 

long skirt woman round

Here's how to find the perfect skirt to sublimate your pulpy physique:

  • Slit skirts will slim your legs, while also slimming your figure,
  • Don't hesitate to wear a high-waisted skirt slit at the waist, to show off your curves,
  • You can dare to wear prints on the skirt: combined with a plain top, they will look good,
  • Avoid heavy materials such as velvet or tweed,
  • Prefer either : 
    • A tight skirt that comes just below the knee,
    • A flared skirt that comes to the knee or lower. 

Elegance and simplicity: the casual chic maxi skirt

Are you looking for an everyday outfit that's feminine, elegant and wearable? A plain or printed high-waisted maxi skirt paired with a top and classic shoes will be the perfect ally for going to work, going out with friends for the day or even going on vacation. 

skirt for everyday

👉 To emphasize your waist, don't hesitate to wear a leather belt. As mentioned earlier, it is often said that a well-fitted outfit highlights the following proportions

  • ⅓ up,
  • ⅔ at the bottom,

A belt will allow you to emphasize this ratio of proportions, while providing a stylish finish to an everyday outfit. 

Wax fabric: a colorful African-inspired style! 

Have you ever heard of wax? This African fabric has the advantage of being treated on both sides with special shoe polish, making it almost waterproof and very strong. This fabric is very popular in sub-Saharan Africa and is an integral part of the culture of this part of the world.

maxi skirt wax

It is characterized by very colorful patterns: for African women, these even have meaning and constitute a whole lexicon, which, depending on the pattern worn, can mean that one is fulfilled by one's husband or else that one is single, looking for love. 

Very colorful, wax skirts are necessarily worn with a very simple and plain top. If you want to give the impression that you have great legs and a slender figure, this is the outfit to wear! Don't hesitate to pair it with African-inspired jewelry, for a total ethnic look

Do the rock n' roll look with your long skirt

The black pleated long skirt is the feminine trump card of rock n' roll style: whether it's an evening outfit or your everyday style, this garment will allow you to assert your look, while being ultra-stylish! 

rock pleated skirt

For this, I recommend wearing the high-waisted black skirt with : 

  • A black leather jacket,
  • A heel,
  • A black top (blouse type), if you prefer to go for the monochrome look,
  • A white or light colored top, if you prefer to add a bright touch to your outfit! 

👉 You can also achieve this style by opting for a skirt in shades of old pink, mauve or purple and pairing it with black clothes! 

Bohemian trend with an ethnic chic look

Love flowing, comfortable clothes? The pretty prints? The bohemian style should be right up your alley! Keep reading this article to find out how to wear the long skirt in a boho chic way!

How to adopt this look? 

The boho maxi skirt is characterized by : 

  • pastel colors (pink, blue, green) or natural (ecru, beige, khaki...),
  • fluid materials (silk, viscose, linen, cotton...),
  • aloose fit, which flatters the figure. 

It can be plain or feature floral patterns and colorful prints. 

boho long dress

It suits every figure and can be worn in all seasons! To match it and get a bohemian look, opt for pieces such as:

  • A bardot neck top (uncovered at the shoulders),
  • A flowing blouse with lace details,
  • A hat,
  • A small leather bag,
  • A belt that emphasizes your waist,
  • Sandals that lace up on your ankles or leather boots, for winter...

Our selection of bohemian skirts

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For a classy, sophisticated look: dare to go black and white!

Looking for a chic and elegant outfit for work or a special event? 

The long pleated skirt, whether black or white, is just right for looking dressy. To do this, just wear it with a blouse or blouse type top, plain, and black or white shoes such as scarf shoes or pretty heeled sandals. I recommendplaying with contrasts, wearing either a black skirt and a white top, or the other way around.

skirt for work

This article ends and long high-waisted skirts now hopefully have no secrets for you! Trust your intuition to find the style that suits you and with which you canbe yourself 100%! 

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