Top 7 women's clothing styles

Top 7 women's clothing styles

Finding the right clothing style will help you shop and feel good in your clothes. Your style should suit your taste and temperament. If you want to change it or find original ideas to give your outfits a new life, you need to know the trends. To help you discover the look that is right for you, here are the top 7 women's clothing styles.

The sporty style: practical and casual

The sporty style: practical and casual

The opposite of classic, its watchword is casual. The clothes are chosen for their comfort and also their ease of care. The women who appreciate this look are often young active. The pants take the form of jeans, most often blue, but their tones can vary. They are worn with simple tops: sweaters, t-shirts or sweatshirts. Jackets, made of cotton or denim, can be slim or loose fitting. Shoes are worn flat: sneakers, ballerinas or sandals without heels. For the sake of simplicity, this style of dress rarely embarrasses itself with accessories. The bag that matches the outfit is often chosen for its practicality, sometimes it's a small backpack.

The fashionista style: in perpetual motion

The fashionista style: in perpetual motion

The fashionista is at the forefront of fashion and trends. For her, the style is a question of permanent renewal. It is therefore quite difficult to follow! It can incorporate eccentric elements, very simple and pastel pieces as well as extravagant designs. In fact, to follow this trend, it is better to have basics to mix with new pieces and to listen to the designers. The cuts of a jean or a skirt can become rather quickly out of fashion. A trend to be reserved for those who have a substantial budget and whose fashion has a central importance in their life. 

The casual style: chic and relaxed. 

The casual style chic and relaxed

The casual style is a mix of casual and chic. Even if the term casual means relaxed in English, it remains a dressed style. A pair of jeans can be worn with an elegant blouse and a fitted jacket. The base is often simple: a t-shirt with classic pants or blue jeans and shoes like pumps to give a glamorous touch to the outfit. Dressed like this, a woman gives the feeling of being well dressed while being comfortable in her clothes. High-end accessories work well with this modern and elegant silhouette, like a beautiful designer bag, for example. The apparent simplicity of casual, makes it an easy style to adopt and accessorize.

Bohemian style: comfortable, wispy and feminine

Bohemian style comfortable wispy and feminine

Always very trendy, this clothing style is made of contrasts. Resolutely feminine, while being soft and comfortable, the bohemian has a lot of charm. On the accessories and certain clothes, the bangs, memories of the years hippies, bring a touch of fantasy. The lace comes to give a point of sophistication, provided to be present in small touches on a top, a short or a skirt. The lace is to choose in white, or ecru, it is a basic of this style.

The white is indeed a tone on which to count: off-white, cream, ecru etc.. You can bet on these timeless shades. The cuts of clothing are flared or vaporous.

The blouses are the essential pieces of bohemian, with a romantic side assumed. As for dresses or skirts, often long, they are cut in fluid and light materials. As for prints, floral and ethnic patterns are used on tops and skirts. The colored embroideries come to decorate the pieces with care and bring a delicate texture with varied reasons. Sometimes, it is the crochet details, resolutely vintage, that decorate the pieces.

The colors are most often soft, rather warm, but always in harmony: brown, purple, blue, mauve, white come back most often. Without forgetting the tie and dye whose subtlety is all the rage. Jeans remain a basic pant to associate with pretty blouses, as well as jean shorts adorned with lace. A denim jacket or a leather perfecto, will emphasize a look sometimes romantic, sometimes rock. The fluidity goes hand in hand with the transparency which is sometimes the occasion to create pretty superpositions. Jewelry, such as long necklaces or silver rings are very popular. The stones worn for their aesthetic side or their virtues decorate pretty pendants. Flowers, as accessories, in the hair, or on jewelry and bags bring out the feminine charm of the bohemian silhouette. Leather boots, with a velvety look, are also a perfect basic to combine with jeans or skirts. This is the style of free spirited and dreamy women who appreciate materials and shades. 

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The classic style: basics and clean lines

Timeless, with its clean lines, quality clothing, the classic is the elegant style par excellence. Straight cuts for pants as well as for dresses or skirts and pastel tones or neutral colors are the essentials of this type of wardrobe. The pieces are worn closer to the body and coordinated, like twin-sets. They are sometimes custom made. Luxury materials, such as cashmere, are in the spotlight. Shoes are worn flat like ballerinas or with heels when it comes to sandals. A beautiful leather bag, for example, will finalize the classic silhouette. Jewelry is worn to be seen: pearl necklaces, brooches and luxury watches. This is the style of refined women who embody elegance.

Romantic style: pastel and softness

Women who like to wear powder pink and pastel colors, associated with pretty feminine pieces, will find happiness in the romantic style. Tops with lacing, refined strapless, heels, tight-fitting clothes and accessories adorned with precious stones, are associated, from time to time, with a lace piece. Feminine and soft dresses are also the prerogative of romantics. Brooches, pearls or silk scarves, associated with a small fitted jacket give a refined side to this resolutely feminine look. 

Romantic style pastel and softness

The rock style for an asserted personality

The rock style often hides women with a strong character or with an independent spirit. Leather is one of the favorite materials of the rockers who appreciate to wear the perfecto, sometimes revisited in a more female cut. The jeans are sometimes torn, but with care, the t-shirts are simple, and the boots with heels. However, the sloppy side of this style is a false belief. The dark colors, often based around black and gray, are sometimes combined with white or lighter shades, and dare from time to time a touch of lace or a pretty neckline. The strong point of this style is the acccesorisation. The details bring a rebellious or feminine touch, an aged metal jewel, a leather bracelet, or a nice belt adorn the rock'n'roll silhouettes.

The rock style for an asserted personality

To find one's clothing style, it is not necessary to lock oneself into a particular box. This top shows you 7 trends to adopt according to your desires. These are to mix and match according to your personality. It's up to you to discover which pieces make you dream.