Vegan Bohemian Clothing, a new way of dressing.

Vegan Bohemian Clothing, a new way of dressing.

Being Bohemian, a lifestyle in tune with nature.

Someone who leads a bohemian life is someone who does not conform to society but cares about the environment and leads a healthy and conscious life.   

The bohemian style reflects this idea with comfortable clothes with colors that reflect nature. The true bohemian also favors clothes in natural fabric such as linen, cotton or cork.

You will find many bohemians who follow a vegan diet and take care of their health. The two most common reasons bohemians go vegan are to protect the environment and to increase energy.

What is vegan clothing?

What is vegan clothing

You don't eat your clothes, so what is a vegan clothing? Here is how and why to choose vegan clothes, shoes and accessories.

Being vegan, just like being bohemian, is a lifestyle in agreement with nature, its emotions and those which surrounds us. It is not a fashion but a real state of mind and to be aware of the impact of our actions on the world.

Vegan or organic clothing is made in an ethical way with respect for animals and the environment. It is important to recognize that animals do not need to be treated cruelly or suffer for human vanity. Vegan clothing avoids the use of chemicals and the overexploitation of resources during the manufacturing process for a minimal environmental impact.

Synthetic fibers, cork, organic cotton or cotton jersey, hemp, bamboo, wood pulp fibers and recycled materials are some of the viable options for vegan clothing. 

To be avoided absolutely are fur clothes and leather. Always prefer natural materials. 

Moreover the vegan clothes and accessories blend perfectly with the boho chic style because they bring a natural touch to your outfit.

How are the vegan clothes made ?

How are the vegan clothes made

Vegan clothing is made using natural and renewable resources. Most vegan clothing is made from plant-based resources while limiting the use of chemicals.

This is the opposite of the traditional clothing found in most stores. Most shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweatshirts and other clothing and accessories are made using materials that are the result of animal and human exploitation and the overexploitation of resources. In the world of ready-to-wear clothing, most clothes that claim to be made in France actually use resources and chemicals harvested and manufactured in deplorable conditions, far from French standards.

Our favorite vegan fabric is cork. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, removed every nine years, when the tree is at a more active growth stage and it is easier to peel it off without damaging the trunk. 

Cork is a wonderful vegan alternative to leather, as it is a high qualitymaterial, made to be durable and resistant. In addition to being waterproof, stretchy, fire resistant and unique in its appearance, it is a naturally harvested material!

Where can I get vegan bohemian clothing?

Buying vegan clothing doesn't have to be difficult. Just look for natural plant-based fabrics like cotton, linen and hemp. Synthetics are also animal-friendly alternatives to materials like leather, wool and silk.

At Vie De Bohème we try our best to offer you pieces with Bohemian style respectful of the environment and animals. Our favorite textile is cork because the color and characteristics of cork clothing and accessories blend perfectly with the bohemian chic style. We have selected for you the best site specialized in accessories and vegan jewelry made of cork, Cortika. They have a range of product out of cork manufactured in an ethical way.

The advantages with Cortika :

  • Products out of Cork selected rigorously.
  • Suppliers, craftsmen answer very particular requirements concerning the conditions and quality of work.
  • Engaged in associative projects by transferring a part of the benefit to them.

Their unique and environmentally friendly pieces are PETA certified, a certification that guarantees the quality of each piece and the respect of the environment and animals.

To complete your hippie chic boho style, check out their vegan accessories. We love their collections of vegan handbags and shoulder bags because they will give cachet to your bohemian outfit.