What belt to wear with a long dress? 👗

Wondering what type of belt to choose to accent a maxi dress? Would you like some tips on how to match your belt to your outfit

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, and more specifically a bohemian fashion enthusiast, in my eyes, the belt is an essential accessory to any wardrobe. It allows you to personalize an outfit and make it look great in no time! 

Today, I'm offering acomplete guide to help you find the perfect belt for any maxi dress, no matter your taste or body type. 

Wearing a belt with a maxi dress is a great idea, as it marks your waist and enhances your figure, while allowing you to customize your outfit. When choosing your belt, I recommend matching it with your shoes or an accessory, such as a handbag. It is also important to pay attention to the material of your belt: in natural undyed leather, it will be for example perfect with a bohemian dress. If you have some curves, you can totally wear this accessory, which will be perfect to balance your figure and make you look good! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What belt to wear with a bohemian style maxi dress,
  • How to choose the belt shade that goes with your dress and taste,
  • More info on vegan leather and fabric belts, original and ethical,
  • What belt to wear with a long dress if you're curvy,
  • And plenty of tips and outfit ideas in photos, to help you find your style! 

Why put a belt on a maxi dress? 

Traditionally, belts are more used to hold a pair of pants, so that they don't slip. Yet, they are true fashion accessories, which can beworn with a dress, to make your outfit look good. 

long dress belt

To enhance your figure

If you are wearing a long dress, placing a belt at your waist will emphasize your waist and enhance the curve of your hips

It will also help structure your profile: in fact, to create a harmonious ensemble, your clothes should respect the following proportions: 

  • ⅓ on top
  • ⅔ on bottom

➡️ The reverse is also possible!"

The belt allows you to follow these proportions, which gives a sense of balance. 

To personalize your outfit

A belt is also an easy way to customize your outfit and bring out your tastes and interests. Don't hesitate to choose an original model, with a pretty buckle or an interesting material effect: it will give character to your wardrobe! 

👉 If you like belts, you can buy several, varied ones that you can wear with different outfits. It's a great way to dress differently every day, while not having an overloaded wardrobe! 

A natural leather belt for a bohemian look

Bohemian dresses are characterized by their fluidity, comfort and lightness. Their patterns are often delicate and natural. To cinch such a dress is a great idea, as it willsuggest your figure while subtle.

Natural leather belt bohemian woman dress

You can choose a thin belt, or thick, depending on your taste and morphology. For the material, I recommend natural, raw leather, which will match perfectly with the colors and materials of bohemian dresses. 

Also, natural leather can easily become adiscreet reminder of your shoes, or your handbag or even any other accessory in the same material. 

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Bohemian Long Dress

A colored belt, choose carefully

There are two main trends for belts: choose a model in the color of your dress, so that it doesn't show too much, or a different one, in order to make it pop. I'll give you more details in the following lines! 

Tone on tone, for a classy and chic style

If your belt mainly allows you to structure your outfit, by marking your waist, you can choose a model of the same shade as your dress, or a close one. This will make your belt look like it is part of your dress. 

women's black maxi dress belt

This option is best suited if: 

  • you prefer discretion,
  • you're wearing a black or dark dress and you want to maintain a total black look,
  • you're looking to draw attention to something other than your bust: your hair, an accessory, shoes...

In contrast, to bring a bit of originality

You feel like wearing a stylish and trendy tailored outfit, which highlights your interest in fashion? In that case, you can totally try to choose a belt that contrasts the color of your long dress

This one can be white, if your dress is black, or the other way around. But you can also choose a colorful one. If so, I suggest you make ita reminder of another element of your outfit: bag, shoes, jacket or even hair accessory. 

women's fashion colored belt

To choose a hue that contrasts well and makes you look good, you can base your choice on the harmonies of complementary colors:

  • red and green,
  • yellow and purple,
  • blue and orange.

A stylish and ethical vegan belt

Are you sensitive to animal causes and ecology?Does your bohemian lifestyle reflect your convictions and your desire to protect nature? Know that there are belts that are not made of animal leather. 

Of course, it can be a fabric belt, but there are also models that imitate traditional leather very well. These are made from synthetic materials, often recycled. 

vegan hippie chic eco-friendly belt woman

So it is quite possible for you to have style, while defending your values and staying true to the causes that drive you! 😉

A fabric belt for a lightweight outfit

Whether it's made of the same fabric as the dress, or whether it'sa different shade, the fabric belt is a great option, especially in summer. Here's some information about it, so you can determine if it's right for you! 

fabric belt summer dress women

What are the benefits of this type of belt? 

Very practical, the fabric belt stands out because: 

  • It is very easily washable,
  • You can make it yourself simply,
  • It fits all body types,
  • It is not tight and it is comfortable...

In addition, it is ideal for making pretty bows 🎀, which will allow you to sublimate your waist. 

How to sew a fabric belt? 

You don't have to be a great seamstress to create type of belts. It's even a great exercise for someone just starting out. Here's a little video tutorial that tells you how to do it:


Discover the Japanese-inspired obi belt!

Do you know the traditional Japanese belts called "Obi"? This term refers to the piece of fabric used to hold a kimono closed, but also belts in the same material that are lighter and worn for less formal occasions. 

Japanese fabric obi belt

You can get these accessories from designer artisans, on Etsy, for example. The obi stand out for their comfort, stability (they don't slip) and wide range of patterns, which allow you to customize your outfits! 

Should you wear a belt with a dress that is already cinched at the waist? 

My answer will be rather simple to this question: anything is possible! A dress with a tight waist will already emphasize your figure: however, a belt can bea nice detail that will bring sophistication to your outfit. 

women's belt for dress

When choosing your dress and belt, take care to check if they go well together, and if your belt is wide enough to fully cover the elastic or seam that bends your dress. 

Can I put a belt on a dress if I am curvy? 

It's totally possible, and it's even a trick that will help you sublimate your figure and show off your curves. However, I recommend that you avoid very thin belts, especially if your curves are in your belly area. A thick belt will create a nice effect and balance your figure. 

belt plus size women's round dress

You now know everything you need to know about assorting a belt to all your long (and not so long!) dresses. Curious to discover morefashion tips? Check out our blog dedicated to this universe, where you'll find many guides to answer all the questions you have!