What clothing color to pair with mustard yellow? 🎨

Want to wear mustard yellow in a stylish way? Learn how to match this color to find the look that suits you? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashionista, I love matching colors together and wearing the ones that match my mood of the day. 😊

Today, I'm sharing a complete guide dedicated to the color mustard yellow, so you can incorporate it into your wardrobe and enjoy its radiance! 

Mustard yellow is a bright and trendy hue, which is very easy to pair with many outfits. In fact, this color goes great with black and charcoal gray, which it brightens up and makes stand out. It is also the complementary color to blue and purple, which you can match with no limits! If you have more of a natural boho style, mustard yellow will fit in with your outfits composed of natural colors such as beige, ecru, khaki or with natural leather accessories and shoes. If you like originality, you can dare the total mustard yellow look or an outfit with a very graphic print in black and white, such as animal patterns. As an accessory, mustard yellow will finally be a chic detail that will personalize any of your outfits! 

Want more details? Read on to find out: 

  • Themeaning of this color and its symbolism in fashion,
  • How to use this hue to brighten up your outfits,
  • Tricks on how to choose prints and materials to match with mustard yellow, 
  • How to incorporate accessories of this color into your outfits,
  • And manyexamples of outfits where mustard yellow is in the spotlight!

mustard yellow outfit

What does the color mustard yellow reveal about you?

Do you love mustard yellow? Wearing this color makes you feel comfortable in your clothes? In the following lines, I propose you to discover what this shade means about you and your personality

A warm color

With its shades reminiscent of the summer sun, mustard yellow is definitely a warm and comforting color. It is absolutely not a garish shade: in fact, to compose mustard yellow, we combine an orange yellow and more neutral shades such as gray or even brown, in very small quantities. 

The color yellow is a very bright shade, which brings energy. Its darker mustard shade is soothing and evokes the need to define who you are, what your individuality is. 

mustard yellow clothing

So this color makes you appear asa sunny person, avenging and open to others, while not evoking an exuberant personality. 

An autumnal hue

When September arrives, nature is tinged with beautiful ochres, which make the landscapes beautiful paintings. Among these colors is of course mustard yellow, which makes the transition between the green leaves of summer and those, brown, of early winter. This color thus evokes this period of cocooning, where we enjoy drinking a hot chocolate by the fire after returning from a walk and where the days begin to get shorter. Wearing mustard yellow, especially in the fall mid-season, will help you reveal your authenticity

women's mustard yellow fashion

Do you know the Yellow Chakra? 

Present in East Asian culture, chakras represent parts of our bodies, which would actually be spiritual and energetic centers, associated with a strong symbolic significance, and allowing us to make the link between our body, our soul and the real world. Originating in Hinduism, chakras represent, for those who believe in them, real organs of the body, which must be taken care of. 

Whether or not you are sensitive to these beliefs, it remains interesting to wonder about the one called the yellow chakra and what characterizes it. Also called Manipûra, the third chakra, associated with the color yellow - which is often dark on representations, such as mustard yellow - , is located in the belly, more precisely above the navel. It is associated with the notions of lightand radiance, but also evokes the spirit, character and personality unique to each individual. 

mustard yellow chakra

In excess, it can reflect selfishness and pretension, while diminished, it is attached to feelings of self-deprecation and can even signify sluggishness of mind. 

Through these ancient beliefs, we thus discover that mustard yellow is a hue long associated with intelligence and clarity, but one that should be used sparingly, to create a visual balance

How to wear mustard yellow? 

Would you like to add this shade to your wardrobe, while maintaining some subtlety? The following paragraphs are for you, and offer several options for adopting this color, depending on your tastes and the composition of your wardrobe. 

Before we get started, you might want to take a look at this video, which offers several tips on how to approach this topic:


To brighten up a black or gray garment

As we've already mentioned, mustard yellow is a very bright color. Thus, it will particularly highlightcharcoal gray and black garments, giving them some relief. To do this, I recommend wearing a plain mustard yellow piece on top (sweater, cardigan...) or on the bottom (skirt, tights) and wearing it only with black or gray, or else adding only one other color.

mustard yellow black charcoal gray clothing

Rather than wearing an outfit with many different colors, I encourage you to vary the materials of your clothes, in order to bring contrast. This clothing combination will look especially good on you if you're blonde or have dark brown hair! 😉

With its complementary colors purple and blue

On the color wheel, which is a visual tool showing the compatibilities between colors, dark yellow is located opposite purple and blue. Thus, they are said to be complementary colors, as green and red can also be. This means that they go well together and make each other stand out.

mustard yellow trendy outfit

If you want to wear an outfit that is visually balanced, especially in terms of colors, I suggest you make this striking combination your own, which will make you look very stylish in no time. 

With jeans for a casual and dynamic style

Iconic, jeans areboth a material and a color. To wear it with mustard yellow, I recommend a rather classic blue shade, not too faded, which will come in a complementary shade to the yellow. Combined with the casual style of jeans, a mustard yellow outfit will bring dynamism and clarity to your outfit.

mustard yellow jeans casual style

This is a perfect outfit to go to work, go out with friends or even leave in a good mood to face a somewhat gray winter day. 

With leather and natural hues, for a bohemian chic look

Whether it's with black, blue or even purple, the combinations mentioned earlier relied on creating a strong contrast between yellow and another shade. However, you can also opt for agradient outfit, with natural colors. These can be khaki, ecru, light beige or even natural leather, which goes very well with mustard yellow. 

bohemian mustard yellow khaki look

The result is a rather chic bohemian look, which will allow you to showcase your spontaneity and sensitivity. Don't hesitate to wear flowing materials, which match this type of trend. 

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Bohemian Long Dress

With a stripe print or checks, for an ultra trendy outfit,

Do you like graphic combinations and original outfits? In that case, I suggest pairing your mustard yellow piece with a two-tone print, to create an ultra trendy and fashionable outfit.

mustard yellow zebra print outfitThe zebra print, in particular, gives a great result, which sublimates this timeless animal pattern without tarnishing your yellow outfit. If this type of outfit tempts you, dare to try it out to find your style! 

Dare to go for the total mustard yellow look!

If you like colorful looks, you can also wear only mustard yellow. This is especially suitable for summer, as mustard yellow highlights tanned skin. To accessorize a mustard yellow maxi dress, think about gold jewelry, but also straw or metallic leather bags and shoes that will be perfect to highlight this shade! 

mustard yellow summer bohemian dress

Wearing mustard yellow as an accessory: a sophisticated detail

As we've already seen, this bright color is perfect for bringing brightness and vibrancy to any dark or neutral-dominated outfit. But you don't have to wear a mustard yellow outfit: in fact, an accessory will also do the trick perfectly and will know how to sublimate with subtlety your plain outfits as well as your most original prints! 

👠 There's nothing like brightening up a classic little black dress than pairing it with a pair of ultra trendy mustard yellow pumps

mustard yellow shoe bag

I hope this article has helped you better understand how to wear mustard yellow, to enjoy the benefits of this color on our morale on a daily basis! In the meantime, feel free to check out our blog and our shop to discover more about the secrets of bohemian fashion!