What color to pair with powder pink?

Do you have a powder pink dress, skirt or top and are wondering what color to pair with this hue? Are you looking for fabrics and accessories that go with this trendy and feminine pink?

I'll help you. 

As a fashion enthusiast, powder pink is a color I particularly like. Very present in dressy outfits as well as in summer ensembles, it is one of the flagship shades of bohemian fashion

Today, I'm sharing with you my fashion tips, so you know with what to wear powder pink, no matter what your style is. 

This pale pink shade belongs to the pastel color category. It is bright and brings a lot of elegance and softness to an outfit. Thus, you can wear powder pink with a bohemian style for a chic and feminine look. Powder pink goes well with many colors, starting with other shades of pink, but also neutral shades such as off-white and light and charcoal gray. For a touch of originality, you can also contrast it with a hint of red or sky blue, which will give relief to your outfit. Finally, powder pink will be sublimated by natural accessories (straw hat, wicker bag ...) and golden jewelry!

Curious to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What is the significance of the color powder pink,
  • What colors pair best with this hue, 
  • What kind of shoes and accessories to wear with a powder pink dress or skirt,
  • Jewelry ideas to match this color, to make you look great,
  • And plenty of outfit ideas with this shade of pink! 

Powder pink, a very feminine color that makes you radiant!

Delicate and bright, powder pink is an easy-to-match shade that can be worn in any season. In the following lines, I propose to discover a little more about it. 

What's the difference with other shades of pink? 

Powder pink is a very special kind of pink: less pronounced than fuchsia and candy pinks, it is a pastel and timeless color. It evokes beige and the so-called "Nude" pink, but pulls a little more on the red. Like all other shades of pink, it goes very well with light gray or creamy white. Powder pink also goes very well with dark pink or burgundy, which are much stronger shades. 

Dark Pink (Plum) / Candy Pink / Nude Pink

What Powder Pink Says About You

This color is of course initially associated with femininity. Dressing you in powder pink is thus affirming you as a woman and highlighting your bright side. However, pink is not only girly! It is also a color that can be associated with food, reminiscent of candy and pastries. 

Finally, this shade of pink evokesthe softness and zen side of a simple life. It is thus very present in bohemian fashion, but also in event decorations with a country-chic theme, which leave a lot to nature and the notion of freedom. 

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Powder pink and white, a bright alliance

Are you looking for a color that blends perfectly with powder pink, without creating a sharp contrast? White is what you need. Pairing it with pale pink is ideal for creating abright, feminine look. In the summer, a white crop top with a powder pink skirt will make you look elegant and full of sweetness. If it's cold, don't hesitate to pair powder pink wool clothing with soft materials such as white synthetic fur, to give you a princess look 👸

If you're wearing apowder pink dress, either for everyday wear or for an event, don't hesitate to wear pretty white sandals, which will draw the eye to your legs and brighten the rest of your outfit. 

A cameo of pinks for a romantic look

Pink is a color that has an undeniable advantage: it isvery easy to combine with other shades. Among this infinity of possible combinations, one of them is often highlighted in the world of fashion, but also in the world of decoration. It involves matching together several shades of pink, to create what is known as a cameo.

If you choose to do this for your outfit, you will get a harmonious and balanced result. The darker shades of pink help to give your look a bit of oomph, while powder pink brings softness and femininity.

Go for originality with touches of red or sky blue

As I could already mention in the previous paragraph, light pink is a color that can be matched with many other shades, and you should not hesitate to try. Thus, we sometimes hear that red and pink are not meant to go together: yet, a few dots of red on a powder pink dominated print will be perfect to lift it up and give an original side to your look. 

The pale blue, which is also a soft and romantic color, pairs with powder pink to create a delicate and refined ensemble. It can appear in light touches on a print or even be the color of another garment in your outfit (jacket, accessory...). 

Powder pink, trendy with jeans! 

Do you wear jeans on a daily basis? This is good timing, because powder pink is a color that goes very well with this material. These two shades are very complementary and go very well together. So you can pair a powder pink top with denim pants, but also shorts or a skirt. If you have a jean overalls, a powder pink t-shirt will also be perfect to wear underneath! 

Neutral colors with powder pink, a sure bet

When it comes to color combinations in fashion, there are some terms that we see come up regularly. These include the major color schemes known as "vibrant" colors, "pastels" or even "neutrals". Powder pink belongs to the pastels and, by definition, goes very well with the neutral colors. The latter are there to create a sort of "backdrop" in your outfit, and enhance the pastel and vibrant colors. 

Among the neutral colors that go particularly well with pale pink are

  • pearl gray,
  • off-white,
  • charcoal gray,
  • various shades of linen,
  • taupe. 

Let your bohemian side run wild with accessories and jewelry! 

Want to wear a powder pink dress to an event? Or add this color to your wardrobe? I offer you alittle selection of accessories that go well with this shade, to finalize your outfits and have an ultra-trendy style.😉

Bags and hats, the allies of your boho look

If you love bohemian fashion, you must already know that natural materials are one of the pillars of this style. For abohemian chic summer look, you can thus totally combine outfits with powder pink with straw or basketry accessories, such as hats, but also bags and baskets. This will give you a graceful yet feminine look, perfect for enjoying your vacation or even partying under the sun! 

What color jewelry goes with powder pink?

Gold or Silver? This is often the question we ask ourselves when trying to choose jewelry to match our outfit. For pale pink, no need to hesitate, it's gold! In summer, these two shades will perfectly combine to create bright highlights that will make you glow. 

If you want to bring a little originality to your outfit, you can also opt forwhite and gold jewelry, which will be perfect for highlighting a summer outfit! 

This article is coming to an end and you have now become an expert on powder pink! This delicate and feminine color is ideal and easy to wear, so don't hesitate anymore and fall for tops, dresses and skirts in this shade on our online store!  

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