What dress to wear when you have a belly

What dress to wear when you have a belly ?

When you have a round belly, it is sometimes complicated to find the ideal dress where you can feel comfortable. To emphasize the curves, it is possible to choose the dresses tendency which can adapt to the morphologies. Opting for the bohemian style, with its loose and comfortable clothes  can be an excellent idea. This look can perfectly bring a chic touch to the woman thanks to its bright colors. Some tips are presented in this article to make the right choice.

Types of dresses to wear when you have a belly according to your morphology

Types of dresses to wear when you have a belly according to your morphology

Which dress when you have a belly? This is the question that many women ask themselves when they have a round figure. It is quite possible to sublimate the body by choosing an outfit according to the morphology. There are dresses that allow you to have a slimmer and lighter look. If a woman has for example a large size, she must choose a long dress, flared on the bottom and fluid. The matter can be of the crepe of silk or the muslin. These last ones can emphasize the round forms. They allow to follow the body while hiding the small bulges. On the other hand, if one has a broader silhouette, it is preferable to choose the strapless dresses with volume on the bottom. These models can slim the silhouette.

In addition, we can also decide to wear shirt dresses which can be very aesthetic. To highlight the curves, it is necessary to put a belt. It is not necessary to forget to mention the straight robes, trapezes and covers. These allow to obtain a balance of round silhouettes with harmony. Finally, when you have a belly, put a bohemian dress can also be an excellent choice. This style has the quality of having simple and natural colors. In addition to the aestheticism, this type of clothing is very light ensuring the comfort. It can even bring a feminine and sexy touch. It should be noted that bohemian dresses are very stylish. By being natural, they can adapt to all seasons.

Vie De Bohème, is the French specialist of bohemian style, and we have a collection of dresses dedicated to women with curves. This one includes only clothes going to minimum size double XL (XXL) and can go to quadruple XL (XXXXL).

Dresses for a woman who has a little belly

The ideal dress model for a woman who has a belly should be strong enough to accompany her in her daily activities. This is why it is necessary to ensure the size of the dress and the quality of the material. We can for example bet on the cotton dress or the fleece fabrics. These materials are in fashion at the moment. They combine resistance and softness. Then, it is possible to wear the models associated with leggings matched with shoes and accessories. These are very advantageous in the sense that the patterns, colors and size are coordinated. They allow you to dress a woman properly in an original way. Besides, matching dresses are designed in such a way that the different pieces can fit together, so that they do not interfere with movement.

The dresses intended for people who have a belly can have a ¾ sleeve or long sleeves. They can also have a plain coral shirt collar with buttoning to the waist or a pocket with plain piping. The choice depends on preference. These kinds of dresses are put on from the front with a full opening in the back to have an excellent fit. They can be made from cottons and the fabrics are 100 % polyester. They are available in several colors namely blue print, pink stitch, collar and edged by pockets. They also come in different sizes from 45 to 60. The choice of the latter must be well thought out to refine the silhouette. A size of dress too thin can make uncomfortable and a larger taille is less aesthetic.

Finally, a dress model for a woman who has a little belly should favor practical button systems. It must be easy to put on and take off to guarantee a better comfort. We give a lot of importance in this season to the fluidity and flexibility to bring more femininity and easier use for different occasions. 

Dresses for a woman who has a little belly

Some tips for choosing a dress when you have a belly

When choosing a dress when you have a belly, some tips should be considered. It is preferable to follow the trends. In stores or specialized sites, you can find various new models of dresses for curvy morphologies. Whether it is for everyday life, work, an evening or a special occasion, there are dresses for all styles at affordable prices. To make the best choice, it is necessary to choose the one that can really match the personality and shape to show off. Indeed, the dress that fits the body type and usual tastes is the best garment to wear when you have a belly. The objective is to feel good in the skin and not to be complexed by the small curves. The women who remain faithful to what they are really are often the most beautiful and the most authentic. If one thus has belly, it is not useful to hide it. It is enough to choose the ideal dress that fits the silhouette.

In addition, to better choose a dress when you have a belly, it is recommended to always make fittings to know if the dress suits the morphology. When you are interested in a model, it should be able to bring out the beauty of the body. During the fitting, it is ideal to wear discreet bras and panties to know if the size is perfect. In terms of color, it is advisable to choose printed dresses, dark and with fine stripes. These can refine the silhouette. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid those which are tight, too bulging and the pleated dresses.