What hairstyle with a strapless dress?

Do you want to wear a strapless dress, on a daily basis, for a wedding or to go to an event? Are you looking for a hairstyle that shows you off and goes with your outfit? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I know how important it is to take the time to find a hairstyle that sublimates your face as much as it does that garment to sublimate a dress or top. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all my hairstyle inspirations to wear with a strapless dress, no matter what your hair length is. 

If you have long hair and wear a strapless dress on a daily basis, you can lift your hair up with a cute ponytail, a half-tail (very trendy!) or any type of bun. Because of the volume, pin-up inspired hairstyles will also work well. If your wedding dress is a strapless gown, you can enhance it with an elaborate volume bun or a braid that can be crowned, side-swept or in your back. Also think about flower crowns and other accessories to finalize your hairstyle.

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • All our tips forsuccessful hairstyling with a strapless dress,
  • Hairstyle ideas for every day,
  • Inspirations for brides-to-be,
  • Hairstyles suitable for those with short and medium-length hair
  • And many examples of hair jewels to go with your strapless gown!

4 tips to get your hair right with a off-shoulder dress

Whatever occasion you plan to wear a strapless dress for, these simple tips will help you achieve a pretty result, without having to redo your hair multiple times

Hair after putting on your dress

It may be a no-brainer, but it's always good to be reminded: to avoid undoing your hairstyle or creating frizz in your hair while putting on your dress, hair your hair when you're already wearing it on. Moreover, you will have an easier time visualizing the result by taking into account the details of your outfit, since it will already be on you.

Raise your hair or give it volume

Bustle dresses have the particularity of highlighting your neckline, shoulders and face. You can take advantage of this by raising your hair, to reveal your neck and nape, which will give a glamorous and sensual result. 

If you prefer to keep your hair loose, don't hesitate to give it some volume: it will balance your figure and match your dress very well.

Fix your hairstyle with hairspray

Once your hairstyle is done,apply hairspray generously, to hold it well. This is essential whenever you have braids in your hair, a bun or even some sculpted strands. I recommend you to opt, if possible, for a good brand of hairspray and avoid the first prices, in order to avoid the cardboard effect on your hair.

Provide accessories as a reminder of color

Whether it's for everyday or for an event, accessories are what willfinalize your look, while bringing sophistication and originality to your outfit. So I advise you to choose them matching your dress, but also your shoes or jewelry. The easiest way is to make color reminders, but you can also, especially with jewelry, choose the same shape or the same vintage style, for example.

What's a quick hairstyle with a strapless dress on a daily basis? 

Want to wear a strapless dress in the summer to show off your shoulders in the sun? To help you, I have prepared a selection of simple and chic hairstyles, which will be perfect to feel beautiful in the sun!

A ponytail, braided or not

If you have long or medium-length hair, you can make a ponytail, which will clear your shoulders and your face. It will be perfect if you plan to move, go out or play sports. To give it volume, don't hesitate tobrush your hair backwards before making it, or even tie it up by tilting your head forward. 

To change it up a bit, you can braid it, wave your hair, or tie it with a pretty ribbon. You can evenhide the elastic with a strand of your hair, which you straighten and then wrap around it, securing it with a small clip! 

A half ponytail

The half ponytail is an alternative to the previous hairstyle, which allows you to detach your face while keeping the natural effect of loose hair. It's pretty trendy and especially sublimates oval-shaped faces. Like the ponytail, you can braid it or leave it simple, but it's important to give it volume by making it flow from the top of your head. Finally, this is an optimal solution for those who have hair too short to make a ponytail, but want to tie it up!"😉

Ponytail with wavy hair / Ponytail with straight hair / Half ponytail

A nice loose bun

The loose bun is a bohemian hairstyle, which when done right, holds your hair in place by lifting it up. It's ideal with a strapless dress, as it completely clears your shoulders and allows you to show them off, as well as any jewelry you're wearing (necklace, earrings). High loose buns will highlight round and oval faces, while those set lower will be perfect for softening square or angular faces.

A pin-up inspired hairstyle

If you love strapless dresses and the vintage style, why not adopt a pin-up hairstyle? All you need to do is pull your hair up into a bun, then wear a pretty colored scarf (matching your strapless dress!) around your head. 

The little extra touch that will make a difference is keeping a strand on the front of your head, which you'll wrap around to create a little roll and then secure on the back. This hairstyle is emblematic of the 1950s and the rockabilly period! 

A half bun

Like the half ponytail, the half bun is ideal for those with shorter hair, or to clear your face. It's done on the top of your head, in the back, with about ⅓ of your hair volume. For a perfectly done hairstyle, remember to style the loose part well, which will fall over your strapless dress. 

Half bun / High fuzzy bun / Pin-up hairstyle / Low fuzzy bun

What elegant, bohemian hairstyle with a strapless dress for an event? 

Are you planning to wear a chic strapless dress or even a wedding dress with this type of neckline? Then you are surely looking for an exceptional hairstyle, which will be the final touch to your queenly outfit!

A chic and decorated bun

A bun made by a hairdresser or someone who has mastered the art of hairdressing has nothing to do with the one that we do quickly when we are in a hurry in the morning. Thus, it is possible, to sublimate your strapless dress, to opt for this worked hairstyle, which can be adorned with braids, waves and even hair jewelry. 

If it's a wedding hairstyle, this is an ideal option, as it highlights your neck and upper back, which will be visible during your ceremony, when your back is to your guests. 

A long braid

The asymmetrical long braid is a bohemian and romantic hairstyle, which will look great if you have long hair. It will fall slightly over your strapless dress, bridging the gap between your outfit and your hairstyle, to give unity to your outfit. It works especially well on long oval faces

Low bun/high fuzzy bun/side braid

A crown braid or half braid

If there's one hairstyle that's halfway between the two above, it's the crown braid! It also combines the advantages of both, as it sublishes your shoulders and neck, while having the boho side of the braid. If your hair is too short to pull it off, you can also opt for a half crown braid, which will adorn only one side of your hair!"

Natural with loose hair

Finally, if you prefer the spontaneity and glamour of loose hair, know that it is a possible hairstyle with a strapless dress. However, I recommend that you shape your cut, with a degree, and, if possible, that your hair doesn't stick out too much on your outfit, especially on the back. This will help you keep your strapless dress's sexy back! 

👉 This type of hairstyle can totally be embellished with a veil or a beautiful accessory, such as a flower crown

Loose hair / Crown braid / Half crown braid

What hairstyle for short and medium-length hair with a strapless dress? 

Does your hair come above your shoulders? In this case, finding a hairstyle to wear with a dressy outfit can be a headache, as the proposals are usually dedicated to those with long hair... But don't worry, I thought of you! Here are some hairstyle ideas for shorter hair

  • Cut your hair to the side with a diadem,
  • Make a little braid on the side of your head,
  • Give your hair volume with waves,
  • Two little braids that meet at the back of your head, 
  • Shave one side of your head (side-cut) and style your hair on the other side,
  • A square adorned with a tiara or a crown of flowers,
  • Put a pretty veil in your hair with clips,
  • Finally dare the fringe, to change from the daily!
  • Use astyling gel to pull your hair back,
  • Wear drop earrings if you have really short hair.

👉 Take advantage of it: thanks to your short hair, you won't feel hot, while the decollete of your strapless dress will be quite naturally enhanced by your haircut! 

With a tiara / Braided / With volume and a flower crown

The flower crown, a great adornment to sublimate your outfit

To end this article, I propose you to dedicate a few lines to the flower crown. This accessory,very simple to put on - it attaches with a ribbon or an elastic band to the back of your head - will be perfect to enhance a strapless dress without spending too much time or money on your hair. In fact, by adding volume to your hair and decorating it with a floral crown, you'll instantly have a stunning and original hair style. Flower tiaras can also lighten up a worked hairstyle by giving it a touch of nature!

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I hope this article has helped you find the perfect hairstyle to enhance your strapless dress and feel beautiful, both on a daily basis and for a special event. Do you love wearing dresses or are you looking for your wedding dress? Discover now all our original, chic and affordable models on our online store dedicated to the bohemian and romantic universe!