What makeup to wear with a dress according to its color ?

Are you looking formakeup tips to create a unique look with a dress? Wondering how to choose your makeup tones based on the clothes you're wearing? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I consider that our outfits should help us feel beautiful. To do this, it is essential to choose clothes that fit us, but also to enhance them with original accessories anda successful makeup

That's why, today, I decided to share with you all my tips to finally dare to achieve a great makeup matching the dress you're wearing and the colors of your outfit. 

When choosing your makeup, there are two things to consider: it should match your skin tone and complexion, but also match the color of the clothes you are wearing. If it's a dress, you can use it as a base to determine the colors of lipstick and eyeshadow you'll wear. For a rather light dress, stick to light or nude shades. If your dress is rather dark, black, burgundy red or navy blue, you can dare tone-on-tone colors or a black liner, which is an elegant and classic safe bet.

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • Which makeup products to choose depending on your skin tone,
  • How to choose them well,
  • What color makeup to opt for with a navy blue, black, green...etc. 
  • Tricks of a pro to succeed in your makeup,
  • How to make up in the hippie chic or bohemian style

4 tips to choose well your make up

There are in today in cosmetic stores and on the internet an infinite number of makeup products, from the most classic to the most original. Here are some tips to help you find the right makeup for your skin and that can match your wardrobe. 

Choose according to the context and your style

You don't usually wear makeup the same way to work, to go out partying, or to visit your family. So, when buying your products, think about how you want to use them. Most of the time, these have a fairly quick expiration date: mascara, for example, should be used within six months. So if you're on a tight budget, opt for a black or brown mascara, which you can use for most makeup looks. 

The basic products to own for a basic makeup look are: 

  • A foundation or BB cream,
  • A kohl pencil,
  • An eyeliner,
  • A blush,
  • Eye shadows (at least 2-4),

➡️ Choose neutral colors, which work well with your style of dress and skin tone. For example, if you regularly dress in khaki green, pink, ... a brown and copper eyeshadow palette will work well.  

  • Concealer,
  • Lipstick,
  • Brushes and sponges to apply your makeup. 

Pay attention to your skin tone and eye color

It is not only your style that will define your makeup: in order for it to give the effect of a second skin and enhance you, it is necessary to choose products adapted to the particularities of your face. 

➡️ Foundation 🖌

🔸 If you hesitate between two shades, preferably choose the lighter one

🔸 If your veins are more green, it means your skin has what's called warm undertones. Gold and warm colors are what will make you look your best. 

🔸 If your veins appear more blue, it will be the non-shiny beige tones that will highlight yourneutral undertones the most. 

🔸 Finally, if your veins appear purplish, you have cool undertones, which will be enhanced by pinkish shades. 

🔸 If you tend to have redness, know that there are foundations that contain a little green pigment, to tone it down throughout the day. 

➡️ Eyeshadows 👀

If you want to try colors that are a little more unique than the classic neutral tones, it's essential to match them to your eye shade. Here are some pairings that work well:

  • Blue eyes: Mustard yellow, Light pink,
  • Green eyes: Dark green, Plum,
  • Brown eyes: Light blue, Bordeaux. 

➡️ Lipstick 💄

Choose according to your skin tone:

  • Light skin tones: pale, low-contrast colors such as nude, light pink, coral...
  • Matte skin: Marked shades with pink tones like fuchsia, raspberry red, etc.

👉 Light colors tend to bring volume to the lips instead, while dark shades will create the opposite effect. 

Think about your eyebrows

In recent years, fashion has featured models with perfectly shaped and rather thick eyebrows. To finalize your makeup, it is essential to think about pampering this part of your eyes as well, since they participate greatly in the expressiveness of your face. 

To do this, brush them with abrow mascara of a suitable shade. Then, if necessary, use anbrow pencil to give them an even, full look. 

👉 If you really want to highlight your brows, you can apply a lighter concealer underneath them. This will also have the effect of accentuating your eyes. 

Opt for quality products

If you want to wear makeup regularly, it is essential to choose good products, to take care of your skin. If this one is really sensitive, I advise you to opt exclusively for hypoallergenic products

When buying your makeup supplies, pay attention to the labels:

  • Bio,
  • Eco,
  • Ecocert,
  • NaTrue,
  • Nature et Progrès,
  • Vegan.  

👉 These products have generally been made with respect for nature and wildlife and include many ingredients of natural origin. 

What make up with a dress depending on its color? 

To help you figure out what kind of makeup to wear with your dress, I'll give you suggestions for most garment colors in the following lines. 

👉 These suggestions are mostly for cosmetics that are applied around the eyes, as they are the ones you can most easily match with your clothes. For your lipstick 💄, if you want to wear it, make sure it goes with the rest of your makeup, but also with your skin tone, as explained above. As for the nail polish 💅 , you can choose a basic color or match it with your outfit or accessories (shoes, glasses, bag, etc.). 

What makeup to wear with a green dress? 

A green dress will be nicely enhanced by a light makeup, with pink or copper undertones, or a nude makeup. I would recommend avoiding green and blue shades, which might give a garish result.  

What makeup to wear with a navy blue dress? 

On a daily basis, achic black makeup, light, will be quite suitable to sublimate a navy blue dress. If you prefer, you can also wear pale pink or beige tones, which will bring softness to your look and expressions. 

If you're going to a party and are looking for a bit more pronounced makeup, you can dare to go tone-on-tone with blue makeup

What makeup with a black dress? 

With the classic and timeless black dress, go for elegance and simplicity by adopting aperfectly lined black liner, which you'll match with a pale foundation and acoral or red lipstick, depending on what suits you best. Here's a little tutorial video that shows you how to perfectly pull off your liner (starting at 1 minute 45):

What makeup to wear with a fuchsia dress?

Fuchsia pink is a color that looks good and enhances your complexion superbly, especially if you have a bit of a matte skin. With this shade, you can stay classic with ablack and brown makeup, but also bring a touch of light to your makeup, with pale pink tones. As for green, avoid tone-on-tone fuchsia pink, which would lack delicacy. 

What makeup to wear with a light pink dress? 

The pastel pink dress goes great with nude, beige or light pink shades. I recommend a discreet makeup: if you are used to doing a liner line, make it rather thin, and do not hesitate to opt for brown liner, less contrasting than black. The goal is to emphasize the softness and femininity of your features. 

👉 These tips also apply to awhite or beige dress

What makeup to wear with a red or burgundy dress? 

Red pairs particularly well with black: if it is bright, you can create a simple contrast between these two colors. If it's a burgundy red, try a detailed with different shades of brown instead: you'll get a very sexy result! 

How to do a bohemian makeup for a festival or a party? 

Until now, the makeup tips in this guide have been for everyday looks, or for going out with friends. But makeup can be a true means of artistic expression. In recent years, on TikTok and Instagram, we have thus seen many make-up artists make a name for themselves with impressive achievements. 

Festivals and themed parties are places where it is possible to dare a very original and colorful makeup. The legendary Coachella festival, for example, which takes place every year in California, is an opportunity for many people to create a unique look, with an out of the ordinary makeup! 

Are you curious about how to adopt an original and colorful makeup? Check out our tips and inspirations! 

Do the colors

In this type of context,all colors are allowed! Eyes and lips are no longer the limits of your makeup: imagine your face as a real painting, which is a unique whole. 

You can create contrasts by using complementary colors (green and red, blue and yellow, ...), rainbow gradients or even choosing a single gradient color. 

Create patterns! 

Always with the idea of thinking of your face as a canvas, feel free to make more or less symmetrical patterns. If you want to create something intricate, I can only recommend making a rough draft on paper at first, so you know what order to proceed in. 

As for inspirations, you can replicate animal motifs, plant elements, tribal makeup or even abstract motifs, depending on what fits you. It's time to let your creativity run wild! 

For glitter and rhinestones

Iconic to festival makeup, glitter is ideal for illuminating your face and achieving a unique look! They are applied with a special glue, which can be purchased in cosmetic stores. Once the glue is in place, you have a few minutes to dab on glitter with your brush. You can also attach rhinestones or even jewelry elements this way if you want! 

👉 For an even more incredible look, take a look at glow in the dark glitter to make a splash!

I hope this article has helped you choose your makeup to match your outfit more easily, and gain confidence to dare new combinations!Makeup is a fun way to customize an outfit and finalize your look: it complements clothing fashion! 

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