What outfit to wear to go to the beach? 🏖️

Would you like to be stylish during your summer vacation? Are you looking for the perfect beach outfit to wear over your swimsuit? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm a big fan of summer fashion, which leaves room for fabrics and prints of all kinds. 

Today, I propose you to discover manyoutfit ideas for the beach, whether it is for long walks in the morning, to go to a lazy afternoon or even to spend a pleasant evening of vacation there. 

To enjoy your day by the sea, I recommend choosing clothes that are comfortable, light and convenient to put on. Whether you wear a short dress, long dress, jumpsuit or jean shorts, go for light and cheerful colors. It's also the occasion to wear white, to highlight your tan, or pretty colorful prints. You can also wear sailors, especially if it's a bit cold. Finally, don't forget to choose your accessories carefully: hat, sunglasses, tote bag ...

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • Thefavorite materials and fabrics to not get too hot in the summer,
  • Comfortable and stylish outfits with beach dresses,
  • How to wear the kimono at sea, 
  • Examples ofpractical and trendy outfits to move at the beach,
  • Full of tips and tricks to vary your outfits and have a great summer! 

beach outfit

Gay colors and flowing materials

When the beautiful days arrive, it is often customary to put away your winter clothes to make room for summer clothes. Unlike winter layers, these are characterized by a wide variety of fine fabrics as well aslight and bright hues

Of course, the same goes for the clothes you can wear by the sea: it is at the height of summer, during the vacations, that you can afford the lightest and most pleasant outfits. 

So, beach outfits are often characterized by: 

  • Bright color gradients,
  • Patterns Tie and Dye,
  • The ubiquitous white, contrasting with your tan,
  • Cuts that reveal your curves and body: split skirt, crop-top, halter...

summer vacation clothes

👉 Since you're not at work or somewhere where you have to wear a dressy outfit, it's time to choose a comfortable, lightweight outfit that you enjoy and that shows you off! The great thing is that at the beach, everyone dresses the way they want to and can reveal their body the way they want to, without being judged. You can finally oser to wear that top a little too low-cut or that skirt a little short that have been in your closets for a long time! 😉

3 ideal beach dresses ideas for a day at the sea

Easy to put on and light, the dress seems to be the ideal outfit to go to the beach and to enjoy the walks by the sea. In the following lines, I will offer you some inspirations to find the perfect dress to put in your luggage! 

A white bohemian beach dress to show off your tan

A light tan is starting to sublimate your skin? This is the perfect time to wear a light, flowing white dress. Indeed, pristine white is the perfect color to contrast your tan and highlight it. This color evokes freedom and combined with a slightly loose fit, it delicately highlights your curves while remaining very comfortable. 

white beach dress

To change a bit from a very classic white dress, I advise you to vary the patterns and textures by wearing different fabrics, which can be openwork in particular. For example, dresses with lace details, bohemian style, are quite suitable to highlight a part of your figure. Thus, a lace collar will be perfect to emphasize your neckline, while the bottom of a petticoat in this material will elongate your legs and refine their curve. 

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white bohemian beach dress summer


A cute short dress with a print

The short, above-the-knee dress is ideal for the beach, as it allows you to walk in the water without fear of getting your clothes wet. It is, moreover, very convenient for changing, as you can put it on before putting on your swimsuit bottoms, and thus enjoy a little more privacy when you get dressed. 

colorful summer dress

If you want, you can choose a dress with a pretty print or a cheerful color, which will make you look good. 

➡ If you are more round, I recommend a rather loose dress, which you can tighten at the waist with a thin belt. 

➡ Are you small (less than 5'10")? In that case, you can wear a dress that is quite close to the body, a little flared at the bottom. 

➡ If you are big, a halter top will be ideal to enhance your figure! 

😊 If you havesunburn, I recommend avoiding a dress in warm tones, especially red, which will only make them stand out. In this case, wear a blue or green dress instead. 


bohemian chic dress sea vacation


A colorful long dress

We often tend to think that the long dress is not at all made for the beach, because it can indeed get in the way when you walk in the water or on the sand. Yet, it can be very practical toavoid sunburn or even to sit in the sand without getting it all over your clothes. 

If you want to walk in the water, you can choose a dress that is not too long, that comes above the ankles or simply put it on

light long beach dress

To do this, simply put a pins in your beach bag and use it to pull up the front of your dress a bit. It's so simple! 

👉 In the same bohemian spirit, acolored long skirt that's tight around the waist will also work just fine for a beach outfit. I recommend wearing it with a crop-top top to redesign and enhance the proportions of your figure.  

A jumpsuit, practical and comfortable

Do you feel like taking long walks on the beach or in the dunes? Planning to do a little sporting? The jumpsuit is just the thing for you. This all-in-one outfit is perfect for keeping your freedom of movement at the beach, while still looking stylish. You can choose it with prints or plain. 

summer vacation jumpsuit

It's also ideal for young moms who need to be comfortable in their clothes while caring for a baby or toddler on the beach. 

👉 Are the chafing of your thighs bothering you when you walk on the beach? Consider choosing a slightly long wetsuit, which will prevent this inconvenience and allow you to enjoy your vacation! 

Jeans shorts with a kimono, perfect for an active beach day

Like the jumpsuit, this outfit combines comfort and simplicity. It will be perfect if you want to go for a walk, play sports and be comfortable in your movements. You can wear your denim shorts with a tank top, a light blouse or a crop top, depending on your preference. 

jean shorts top

To add a chic detail, you can wear it with a long kimono, which will protect you from the sun without keeping you warm. 

Canvas pants, for cooler days and long walks

Decided to go for a walk along the beach, but it'sa little chilly? In that case, you can turn to a pair of canvas pants that come above the ankles (or a pantacourt). Its loose fit will sublimate your body shape, especially if you're a bit tall. 

If you are small, I recommend wearing it with a belt, with which you can tie a bow that will draw attention to your waist and show you off. 

summer canvas pants short

Depending on the weather, this type of pants can be worn with a blouse, a thin t-shirt or tank top or a long vest or kimono. 

A marinière to celebrate the marine spirit and vacations

Synonymous with seaside vacations for many of us, the marinière is unfashionable! Whether it is predominantly white or blue, its iconic pattern is recognizable among thousands and evokes for many people good memories. Comfortable and practical, it'seasy to match and goes especially well with jeans

marinière plage

👉 If you want, you can also wear vertical stripes. It's not a marinière, but if these are blue in color, it still evokes the sea air and slims down your figure at the same time!

Accessories for the beach

To finish, I offer you a small selection of perfect accessories to wear at the beach, to perfect your summer outfit! 

A hat to protect you from the sun

Both stylish and a must-have to avoid getting sunburned, a wide-brimmed hat will givea vacation look to all your summer outfits. I recommend choosing alight shade, which will be easy to match and bright, without keeping you warm. A hat in a braided material, such as straw, will be breathable and keep your head from sweating. 

Finally, I advise you to choose your hat directly in the store or take care to measure your head size to choose the right size. Indeed, if this one is too small, it may easily fly away, while if it is too big, it may obstruct your view. 

hat sunglasses beach

Trendy sunglasses

With the hat, sunglasses are anessential accessory to spend a good day at the beach. This is because the sea is very reflective and staring at it without protection can damage your eyes and make you tired. 

There are a lot of original sunglasses frames available today: choose wide lenses, to ensure maximum comfort and protection. As for the frame, in summer you can afford original colored frames, or else a thin gold frame, which is very trendy nowadays. 

A colorful tote bag

What better way to carry your beach stuff than a tote bag! For a stroll, you can also opt for a small bag, in which you will place your fragile and important things: wallet, car keys, smartphone...

The trendy materials of the summer are the straw, but also thenatural fabrics, such as cotton and linen. To look stylish, take care to match your bag to your clothes. You can also (have) it embroidered to personalize it! This is actually a perfect gift idea for a vacation keepsake. 

beach tote bag fancy jewelry

Fancy jewelry

To sublimate your outfit, you can adorn your body with beautiful jewelry, which you can even buy on the markets by the beach or make yourself. Make the most of it, summer is the season for macramé woven bracelets, root beads of all colors, but also colorful and natural fancy jewelry

💍 Avoid bringing precious, gold or silver jewelry with you to the beach. It's so easy to lose them in the sand, and that would be a shame. 

Fit shoes ... or no shoes at all! 

When it comes to shoes, there are several options: flip-flops, sandals, canvas sneakers... but the easiest and most comfortable, when you walk on the sand, is surely to walk barefoot. So to avoid cluttering up your day at the beach, pack somevery light shoes, which are easy to put in your bag once you get to the sand! 😉

Hopefully this guide has helped you finda perfect outfit to go to the beach and make the most of those good times.

Waiting for the return of the beautiful days, I suggest you discover a little more about the kimono, mentioned several times in this article. To do so, I invite you to this other blog post, entirely dedicated to this topic. You'll also find kimonos on our online store, dedicated to bohemian fashion!