What shoes to pair with a black dress in winter? 👢

You want to put on a nice black dress and you are wondering what shoes to wear with? Especiallyin winter, when you can't match it with simple sandals? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm convinced that a pretty black dress is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. Depending on how it's worn and the clothes and shoes you match it with, it's a perfect fit for any occasion and in any weather

Today, I'm offering you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the different ways to coordinate shoes and black dress, in winter. I promise, after this article, you won't be clueless about this question anymore! 

The ideal option, to be warm and show off your legs, is to opt for boots or thigh-high boots to match with your black dress. If you enjoy wearing them, I recommend selecting models with heels, which will lengthen your legs and make you look great. If you are rather small, you can wear ankle boots. Apart from sneakers, which will be prettier in white, in contrast, the total black look is possible for most shoes. You can also opt for shades such as natural leather, blue or red, but make sure your outfit has a reminder of that color. Finally, if you want a classy and dressy outfit, pumps, worn with tights, are still the most suitable solution. 

Want more details? Read on to find out: 

  • How to choose betweenboots, ankle boots and thigh-high boots depending on the cut of your dress and your body type,
  • Shoe ideas to wear with a black maxi dress to enhance your figure, 
  • If it's trendy to match black dress and sneakers in winter,
  • Tricks to wear a black dress and low shoes when it's cold,
  • Many examples of inspiring winter outfits from a simple black dress! 

black dress winter shoes

Boots and booties, your ideal allies for winter with a dress

What better way to be warm and look feminine than with high shoes? These go especially well with short and mid-length dresses and help to show off your legs

In the following lines, I reveal a small selection of models of boots and booties perfect to wear with a black dress in winter. 

High boots to elongate your figure

Whatever their material, high boots will be your ideal allies for a classic and chic outfit, with a black dress in winter. Easy to wear, they will lengthen and slim your legs naturally, giving you a lot of allure. They are suitable for most body types, but they will particularly enhance you if you are tall or have a luscious physique. 

black dress leather boots

You can wear them with or without heels, depending on your preference. If you choose colored or natural leather boots, consider making a reminder of that color in your outfit, with an accessory or jacket, for example. 

With a short dress, thigh-high boots for a sexy outfit

Very feminine, thigh-high boots are boots that come up above the knee to shape your legs and lengthen them endlessly. They're best suited for a evening outfit or for a special occasion, as they're very sensual shoes that go great with a sexy skirt or short dress. 

Thigh-high boots are very trendy this winter: they were even the stars of the fall fashion shows of the houses Lanvin and Valentino! 

how to wear thigh-high boots

With thigh-high boots and a short dress, you can dare the total black look, which will particularly highlight you if you have a slender figure. If you are rather petite, I recommend wearing them with opaque tights, which will have the effect of enlarging your legs. 

👉 Are your thigh-highs constantly slipping? Here are two solutions to keep them on:

  • Sew an elastic band to the inside of your boot,
  • Cut the top off of aself-adhesive garter stocking (the "Dim Up" type) and glue it to the inside of your boot, at your thigh, with textile glue. 

No more worries about pulling boots up!!!😉

Boots for a chic, timeless look

Shorter than boots, but just as feminine, booties are perfect for sublimating your legs when it's not too cold. They also allow you to show off your tights or stockings if they are colorful or patterned. 

booties to wear with a black dress

Finally, if you are rather short, booties will be your best friends! Indeed, they lengthen your legs and create a nice ratio of proportion to your figure. As for the boots, you can decline the colors to match your outfit. 

Dr. Martens for their practical yet feminine side

Do you have a bit of a rock n' roll or grunge style? In that case, you can match your black dress with flat, chunky ankle boots, such as Dr. Martens. Since these are basically shoes inspired by those worn by the military, these flat booties are perfect if you move around a lot outside. They have the advantage of being very sturdy and can last for years if you take good care of them. 

dr martens black dress total look black rock

They will look great with: 

  • An oversized black sweater dress,
  • Materials such as tulle, fur, ...
  • A close-fitting black minidress,
  • Sheer black tights, patterned or unpatterned...

Like thigh-high boots, they can be worn with a total black look! 

What shoes to wear in winter with a long black dress? 

Does your black dress come down to your ankles? Then you may be wondering if it's really worth wearing high boots that you won't see anyway. 

In reality, you have several options: 

  • High boots with heels, to keep you warm, but also black so as not to cut too sharply with the dress,
  • Low boots with heels,
  • Richelieu with heels...

long black dress shoes

👉 What if we don't put on heels? In that case, you can put on low shoes, with small flat heels. But these will go better with a slit dress, which lets your legs show. Otherwise, it might tamp down your figure a bit...

Can you wear sneakers with a black dress in winter? 

Would you like to wear sneakers to be comfortable and stylish with your dress? It's possible! However, there is one simple rule to follow: choose clean white low top sneakers! They can have a black detail, but the main color should be a pristine white.

sneakers sneakers black dress

This will result in creating a nice contrast with your dress and draw the eye to your legs. This is a prettytrendy and modern outfit, best reserved for those who like black and white and out of the ordinary outfits a bit. 

Pumps with a short, fitted dress: a classy and sophisticated outfit

Are you more of a classic girl? Are you planning to wear your black dress for a special event or even a job that requires dressy attire? In this case, I can only advise you to stay sober and chic, wearing pumps. In order not to be cold, you can pair them with thin tights and a fairly long coat. 

pumps black dress chic sophisticated outfit

Your slides can be black or colored, depending on the desired effect. However, the classiest one is still black, especially if you wear them with a professional uniform, for example. 

If you have a handbag or clutch, you can create an encore by choosing the same material or a similar-looking texture. This works great with vinyl, for example! 

Want to wear low top shoes and not get cold? Opt for high socks!

Here's a simple tip for those who would like to pair their black dress with low shoes (babies, derbies, ballet flats...), but are still a bit chilly... This will have the effect of lengthening your legs and sublimating your figure. 

To ensure that your stockings do not fall off, I recommend you choose models with a hook and loop tape, which will ensure a long-lasting hold throughout the day. 

stockings low shoes mid low black dress

If your dress is short, you can choose stockings or mid low. If it comes just above the knee or at the knee level, I would recommend knee-highs or even high socks instead. 

Don't hesitate to dare colors, patterns and original materials to personalize your outfit and thus wear clothes that really fit you! 

Why is the black dress ideal for winter? 

To finish this article, I offer you a small summary of the reasons why the black dress can be essential for your winter wardrobe : 

🔸 Black is a color that longens and slims your figure,

🔹 It goes with all skin and hair colors and tones,

🔸 When properly entrenched with aspecific laundry, black clothes last long and don't tarnish, 

🔹 Black is the perfect color to highlight gold or silver jewelry and accessories original,

🔸 Thetotal black look is an easy to achieve and classy combination in all circumstances,

🔹 It is the color that absorbs the most heat : ideal in winter! 

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I hope this article has given you plenty of ideas tomatch your black dresswith a pair of shoes that you like and feel confident in! 😉 Wondering how to wear a bohemian dress in winter? Check out our article dedicated to this topic, to see if this fashion trend fits you!