What shoes to wear with a pantsuit?

You want to wear a jumpsuit and you're wondering with what shoes to match it? How do you shoe with it, to go to work, out with friends in the summer or even go to a wedding? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm a fan of the simplicity and elegance that a well-tailored jumpsuit can bring. However, as I'm sure you know, an outfit is only as good as the accessories that go with it. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all my tips on how to choose the right pair of shoes for a jumpsuit, so that you finally dare to wear this original, chic and very feminine outfit. 

On beautiful days and in summer, there are multiple possibilities to wear shoes with a jumpsuit, whatever your style. If you are more boho, you can wear flat leather sandals with thin straps, espadrilles or even wedge sandals. For a pro and chic look, pumps or high heeled sandals will be perfect. If the weather is a little colder, you can opt for white sneakers for a casual look, or heeled ankle boots for a more dressed up look. Don't hesitate to play with colors, by adopting a monochromatic look or by choosing shoes in a complementary color to your suit. This type of clothing is ideal to create a unique style for yourself, both comfortable and trendy! 

Want more details? Continue reading to find out: 

  • How to choose sandals that match your style to wear with a jumpsuit,
  • A selection of shoes you can put on when it's colder,
  • Tips for choosing the color of your shoes, 
  • How to wear shoes when wearing a jumpsuit for a wedding,
  • And plenty of examples of trendy outfits to help you choose what looks best on you! 

How to shoe according to your summer and spring look?

When looking to be comfortable and chic in the summer, the jumpsuit often seems like an obvious option. It offers great freedom of movement, while also enhancing your figure, making it look sleeker. 

In the following lines, I will offer you a small selection of summer shoes suitable to put with this type of clothing. 

Compound sandals, bohemian chic style

Because they draw attention to your legs and give you a great posture, heels are perfect to put with a jumpsuit. Less dressy than pumps but more comfortable, slip-on shoes will go great with a jumpsuit, especially if it's a bohemian chic style. In fact, the natural materials (straw, rope, leather...) that make them up correspond completely to this trend. So they will come to marry quite naturally with a fluid and light suit, with or without patterns. 

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Slim sandals with heels, for a romantic and delicate look

Are you wearing a jumpsuit for a special occasion, for which a certain dress code is required? In that case, you may want to wear lightweight sandals, with thin straps. These can have a higher or lower heel, depending on whether you are comfortable or not. 

If your jumpsuit comes to ¾ of your leg, you can match it with a nice pair ofheeled spartans, or shoes with straps that wrap around your ankle. Very feminine, these shoe styles will lengthen your legs and give you an ultra trendy look! 

Slingbacks for a chic, feminine and pro look

If it's not very warm, you might prefer to wear a pair of shoes that are a little more covering. Classic and timeless, pumps are perfectly suited to wear with a jumpsuit, whether it's a contrast or tone on tone.

Need your outfit to look very pro? In that case, I also recommend this type of shoes, choose in adark and matte color. With a matching handbag and a blazer worn over your jumpsuit, you will get a very professional look. There's nothing like it to prove your seriousness during a job interview or an important meeting! 

Flat sandals or espadrilles for a casual and comfortable look

Are you looking for comfortable shoes to wear on vacation or in a rather relaxed atmosphere? Like straw wedges, slip-ons are perfect for getting a bohemian look in summer. You can also wear pretty sandals in natural or bleached leather, which will naturally come to match your jumpsuit.

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What shoes to wear with a jumpsuit when it's cold? 

When fall arrives and the first days are a bit chilly, we may be tempted to continue wearing jumpsuits. However, in order not to be cold, it is necessary to wear with closed shoes. So here are some tips regarding these, to help you find what fits you! 

Opt for a casual and trendy look with sneakers

Highly trending for the past few years, white or pastel low-top sneakers are quite a match for most casual style combinations. It is even possible to wear them with a chic jumpsuit, if these are impeccable. In fact, you can create a stylish encore with an equally white and clean accessory to add a trendy side to your outfit. 

A chic and feminine look with heeled boots and booties

For an elegant and stylish outfit, you can also wear heels with your jumpsuit. I suggest you choose them smaller at the ankle to show off your legs. 

If you are comfortable with this type of heels, you can opt for stilettos, which will be perfect to give you an amazing figure for a party night! 

Play with colors to perfect your look! 

With careful color matching, it's entirely possible to create a very stylish outfit with a jumpsuit. There are many options to choose from... it's up to you to pick the one that suits you best! 

With a colorful jumpsuit, play with contrasts...

By choosing shoes in a complementary shade to your jumpsuit, you'll have a very graphic result, reminiscent of some high fashion trends. Color combinations that work particularly well are as follows: 

  • Black and white,
  • Yellow and blue,
  • Yellow and dark purple,
  • Fir green and bright red. 

👉 For an even brighter effect, you can wear metallic shades. This is especially perfect for giving a festive look to a chic outfit! 

... Or color block style, with a monochromatic outfit

Because it's a complete ensemble on its own, the jumpsuit is ideal for creating a stylish and trendy monochromatic look. In summer, the pastel colors will brighten up your face and show off your tan. In winter and fall, vibrant shades will give you good looks and unmatched style! 

👉 Whether on the runway or in everyday life, the chicest monochromatic outfits are definitely those that are either totally white or totally black. Choose the color you're most comfortable in and that highlights your skin tone 😉

The pro tip: match your shoes with another accessory! 

This is a very simple tip, which allows you to create an aesthetic unity in your outfit, without making it too complex. This works especially well with the four main colors of red, blue, yellow and green

In any case, accessorizing a jumpsuit is a great way to personalize your outfit and bring elegance to it. Don't hesitate to match it with a hat, a nice bag or even a belt...

What shoes to wear with a combishort? 

A combishort is a more relaxed, informal garment than a jumpsuit. It is worn in the summer, on sunny and hot days. It is more suitable for a non-work context, such as a day off with friends or family. 

With this type of clothing, I therefore recommend rather casual shoes, such as flat sandals, espadrilles, sneakers or even bohemian-style wedge heels

Our tips for footwear if you're wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding

Ultra chic and feminine, the jumpsuit is an outfit that we're seeing more and more of in the world of fashion dedicated to events. It will be perfect for a dynamic woman, who wants to wear an elegant outfit that is out of the ordinary

Simple, chic white sandals for the bride

With a bridal jumpsuit, I recommend white sandals, with heels. The ideal is to create an effect of lightness: for that favor thin straps and discreet ties, as well as narrow heels.
If you wear pearls, on your jumpsuit or veil, you can choose pretty iridescent sandals, as an encore. 

Matching pumps or sandals to your outfit, for a bridesmaid or guest

Are you not the bride, but want to wear a jumpsuit? As long as it's not white, it's totally possible. If you are a bridesmaid, you can even considerpastel shades, which will match the bride-to-be's outfit. To create a beautiful effect, wear with matching shoes, tone on tone or in contrast, according to the tips given earlier in this article! 

I hope this guide has helped you tofind the perfect shoes to sublimate your jumpsuit! And if you plan to wear a floral jumpsuit, I invite you to check out this blog post. This one is dedicated to the different ways to shoe with a floral dress, but you'll find many tips that also apply to wearing a jumpsuit! 😉