What shoes to wear with a short skirt?

Would you like to wear short skirts and wonder how to shoe with? How to choose shoes that match your style and substantially your body type

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I believe that to create a stylish outfit, it is essential to match your clothes, but also your accessories and shoes. With a skirt, the latter are essential, as they are what will finalize your outfit to show off your legs

Today, I'm offering you a small selection of easy shoes to match with a short skirt, along with easy fashion tips. 

With a short skirt, you can wear heels (wide-heeled booties, thigh-high boots ...), wedge or flat sandals, depending on your style. And if you are looking for comfort, you can always opt for low white sneakers. The important thing is to create color reminders between your shoes and the rest of your outfit, and choose a pair that fits well with your style!  

Want more details? Read on to find out: 

  • What types of shoes to favor (heels, materials, patterns...),
  • Examples of winter outfits with a short skirt,
  • How to match your stickers with your shoes,
  • A selection of trendy shoes to wear with a short skirt in summer,
  • And what kind of shoes to wear if you're round. 

3 tips for proper footwear with a short skirt

Returning to fashion trends in recent months, the miniskirt is an iconic garment, symbol of female emancipation and reinvented by the greatest stylists for decades. In the following lines, I will offer you some tips to discover how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. 

Wear heels... but with class! 

Wondering if you can wear heels with a short skirt? It is indeed possible, but in order not to make a mistake in taste, it is essential to choose heels to match your skirt, but also and especially the circumstances in which you wear it. 

In fact, some heels, combined with a short skirt, can give the impression of an outfit that is a little too light and sensual, which would not be suitable for a strict professional context, for example. 

So, if you want to put on heels and a short skirt to have a rather chic and sophisticated look, I would recommend ankle boots or sandals with wide and not very high heels instead. In my opinion,5 centimeters is an ideal height. 

However, if you want to wear a miniskirt to go out and have a very sexy look, you can dare a little thinner and higher heels. However, take care to check that these shoes fit perfectly with your look and do not look offbeat before adopting them! 

Prefer matte materials for an elegant style

In the same logic, if you want your outfit to make you appear rather distinguished, I recommend matte shoes, made of leather for example. Shiny shoes paired with a short skirt may not be refined, especially if they are entirely. 

👉 Do your shoes have a little silver or gold detail? If it's a tie loop or a delicate pattern and it matches other elements of your outfit (accessories, top, etc.), they may be a perfect match for your skirt. Don't be afraid to experiment! 

Create color reminders

As I've discussed in several posts already, the secret to creating an outfit that is pleasing to the eye and makes you look good is to give it consistency. For this, the reminders of color, but also materials, are essential. If your shoes are colored, I thus suggest you wear at least one other time that color in your outfit, to create a nice ensemble. This can thus be the color of your skirt, but also of an accessory such as a handbag, jewelry, a barrette or even a belt. 

What pair of shoes to wear in winter with a short skirt? ❄️🍂

Want to wear your short skirt in fall or winter? Here's a selection of example outfits that can inspire you to find your style. 

Opt for an elegant and chic look with ankle boots

Easy to wear, comfortable and stylish, ankle boots are perfect to put with a short skirt. Choose them a little high and tightened around your ankle tolengthen your legs

If you are tall, you can afford flat booties without any worries. If you are rather short, don't hesitate to choose them with a small heel of a few centimeters, to lengthen your figure. 

Thigh boots for their sexy side

If you are looking for a glamorous and sensual look, I can only advise you to wear your miniskirt with a pair of black matte thigh boots. These beautiful shoes alone will be enough to make you look sexy. Thus, I recommend you to wear them with a simple yet elegant outfit. 

👉 To not risk overdoing it and stay chic, avoid plunging necklines and too flashy accessories if you wear a short skirt and thigh-high boots. The secret to your charm lies in your simplicity! 

Black leather boots for a rock and roll look

Do you like bold outfits that showcase your originality? Black flat boots, Dr. Martens style, will perfectly match with a short skirt to create a style that suits you. Comfortable, they are perfectly suited for people who need to move, but want to stay stylish. For a total rock look, I recommend matching this outfit with a black leather perfecto, a small dark bag with metallic details, but also silver jewelry and sunglasses! 😉

How to choose the color of your shoes according to your tights? 

To be able to wear your skirt while it is cold, it is often necessary to wear tights or stockings. The most classic solution is often to wear opaque black tights, which will go with most outfits. 

However, there are many fancy stickers, which offer various colors and patterns. They are an easy way to personalize and brighten up a somewhat classic outfit. 

Here are some tips on how to choose your tights based on the rest of your outfit:

🔸 If you choose cheerful colored tights (yellow, orange, red, sky blue...), wear shoes in the same shade as your dress. 

🔸 If your shoes and skirt are white (or pastels), go for black or gray tights. 

🔸 Camel booties will pair perfectly with navy blue tights.

What shoes to wear in summer with a short skirt? ☀️🌻

Are you planning to wear an outfit with a short skirt in the summer? I've got you some inspiring look ideas, with tips on how to adapt them to your taste and style! 

Go bohemian with lightweight flat sandals

Lightweight and feminine, the short skirt is a piece of clothing that can totally fit in a bohemian style outfit. This fashion trend, ideal for vacations and warm days, is perfect for those who like to wear comfortable and wispy outfits.

To stay in the simplicity of the bohemian style, I recommend wearing your skirt with light sandals. These can be made of leather, but also in naturalplant materials, such as straw or rope. Favor models with thin straps and light colors, which will highlight your legs and tan, while matching beautifully with a white or delicately patterned skirt. 

👉 Are you looking for original and trendy skirts? Discover our collection of short skirts on our website dedicated to the bohemian universe! I am sure you will find your happiness among our wide variety of patterns and cuts! 

Sandals that ride up on your ankles for an elegant style

If you want to emphasize your legs, you can also opt for sandals that ride up on your ankles thanks to thin straps. These will add a sexy side to your outfit while remaining chic. By choosing a model with wedge heels, you will be able to wear your outfit for going out or for even afestive occasion, such as a wedding or a christening. 

Sneakers for a dynamic casual chic outfit

Would you like to wear your skirt with comfortable shoes, which allow you to stay on your feet for a long time, walk around, or even do a little sport? The easiest way is to choose a pair of low-top sneakers, which you will wear without socks or with invisible socks. For a bright summer outfit, I recommend choosing them white and wearing them impeccably clean. However, if you want, you can also choose them in the same shade as your skirt, to bring a little originality while keeping the ensemble harmonious. 

How to wear shoes to show off your curves? 

Are you a little curvy and want to wear a short skirt? By matching it with high shoes, you will definitely sublimate your generous curves. Do not hesitate to choose models with heels, which will lengthen your legs. For example, it can be compound sandals in summer with straps that surround the ankle, spartan shoes, or high boots or thigh-high boots in winter. 

I hope this article has helped you figure out how to match your short skirts and shoes, to create a unique look, in which you feel comfortable and beautiful! Are you curious about what shoes to wear with a floral dress? Check out our dedicated guide to this question 😉