What shoes to wear with a skater skirt ?

Do you love wearing flared skirts, but always wonder what shoes to wear with them? Would you like these to make you look your best and define your style? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I find that choosing the right shoes for an outfit is often a source of doubt for many people. 

The skater skirt is no exception to this rule, and that's why today I'm offering you this complete guide dedicated to the issue. 

To pair up with a skater skirt in winter, the most classic choice is still a simple pair of ankle boots, which will sublimate your legs and make them look taller. Choose black shoes if you have a casual or rock style, or camel brown if you want to wear your skater skirt in a bohemian way. Are you a streatwear person? A pair of crisp white sneakers will be perfect to go with your skirt. In summer, prefer heeled or wedge sandals, flat shoes (derbies, ballerinas ) or even pumps if you want to dress up with a skater skirt. 

Want more details? Read on to find out:

  • What types of shoes to wear in winter with a skater skirt,
  • What styles to choose in summer for an ultra-trendy outfit,
  • What shoes to choose for a chic evening or event,
  • Inspiring star looks: Ariana Granda, Taylor Swift...
  • Where to find a chic and original skater skirt.

How to define the skater skirt? 

Feminine and trendy, the skater skirt is an easy garment to wear in any season. It differs from the miniskirt in that it is not necessarily short: what defines it is not its length, but rather the fact that it is a flared skirt. It can have plies or flounces, but it is not mandatory. 

As it widens downward from the hips, it particularly highlights two body types:

  • A-shape: if your hips and buttocks are wider than your upper body,
  • Eight-shape (or hourglass): in case you have a marked waistline and your upper bust is as wide as your hips. 

👉 A tip to know if your skater skirt is length enough to not ride up too much on the back when you bend down is to keep your arms at your sides while standing straight and opening your hands: if the skirt falls below your index finger, it should be fine!"😉

What kind of shoes to wear with your skater skirt depending on your style and the season? 

Whatever the season, the shoes you are going to wear with your skater skirt will participate in highlighting your legs and your waist. Let's find out together in what way! 

Ankle boots, to sublimate your legs

Ankle boots are a great choice to wear with a skater skirt when it's cold. In winter, they look great with tights or leggings. The lower your booties are, the more they will reveal your legs in a stylish and sexy way.

Choose a style of boots that matches the rest of your outfit:

  • Black army-style booties (Dr. Martens, for example), black, will be perfect to create a bold and dynamic look for you,
  • A pair of boot bootsin brown suede with laces will be ideal to highlight a skater skirt with a colorful and bohemian print,
  • Black boots with heels will sublimate to perfection a simple black skirt. 

👢 It is also possible to wear boots with a skater skirt, especially if they hug your calves! If the occasion calls for it, you can wear shorts to give a very sexy edge to your look. 

Sneakers, for a streetwear look

Worn with a skater skirt, sneakers can create a cool and casual look. They are perfect for wearing on a daily, relaxed basis, or on vacation:

  • If your skirt is a neutral or dark color, you can opt for colored sneakers,
  • If your skirt has patterns or is colored, opt for white or black sneakers instead.
  • If you have long and slender legs, converse type sneakers will be perfect to mitigate a little the length of them and highlight your upper body. 
  • If you have rather small or a bit wide legs, prefer low top sneakers, which will lengthen your legs and make them look slimmer. 

Sandals for a casual chic look

If you plan to wear your skater skirt in the summer, don't hesitate to pair it with pretty sandals that reveal your feet. By choosing light colored or white shoes and a light skirt, you'll achieve a romantic look that's perfect for a date, a night out with friends or a day on vacation. 

Compound shoes for bohemian style

Do you love the bohemian chic style, its delicate prints and lightness? In that case, you may have a skater skirt in your wardrobe that fits this style:

  • of pastel or natural color (brown, ecru),
  • ample,
  • lightweight,
  • chic and feminine

If so, I recommend wearing it with wedge sandals, which will give you a very nice posture while being a bit dressier than classic flat sandals. 

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Pumps for a dressy look

Want to wear your skater skirt for a special event? If it's an occasion where you need to wear a dressy outfit, the most obvious choice you have is to pair your skirt with a stylish pair of pumps.

Opt for shoes that match the color of the rest of your outfit, so you don't make a faux pas. If you are hesitant, neutral shades such as white, black, taupe or even navy blue are a safe bet you can trust. 

Flat shoes for more comfort

As you will have understood, the skater skirt has that very practicality that it can be matched with many styles of shoes. So you can also wear it with simple closed flats in mid-season, as long as they go well with the style of the rest of your outfit. For a slightly chic look, feel free to opt for richlieus or derbies. If you prefer the romantic style, ballerinas will work perfectly. 

4 star looks decoded, to inspire your shopping! 

Whether it's for runway shows or events, stars frequently opt for the skater skirt. In this paragraph, I propose you to discover the outfit of four iconic celebrities, known worldwide for their fashion sense. Something to inspire you during your next shopping session! 

Zendaya / Ariana Grande / Taylor Swift / Kim Kardashian

🔸 Zendaya wears a colorful graphic skater skirt here, which is the focal point of her outfit. She gives it a rocking edge with a biker jacket, while feminizing it with a pair of heeled pumps. The choice of three different colors helps balance out her outfit. 

🔹 Ariana Grande opted for a romantic and feminine look for the event. Her white skater skirt was paired with a lightweight sleeveless blouse for achic monochrome look. The wedge pumps make the singer, who stands at 5'5", look taller! 

🔸 Taylor Swift opted for a total black look chic and feminine, with a short, pleated skater skirt, reminiscent of schoolgirl outfits. She brings modernity to the latter with her leather perfecto, while remaining casual with black ankle boots and tights. A style to emulate for those looking for an everyday outfit to wear in winter! 

🔹 Kim Kardashian wears the skater skirt in a chic and dressy way, choosing a nude shade, which she paired with a blazer, Louboutin pumps and a small, but trendy, discreet bag. 

Where to find an original skater skirt? 

It is quite easy to find a skater skirt when shopping: however, the models offered in classic stores are quite often quite basic. To find original models, it is important to knowwhat style suits you the most and what keywords are related to it:

  • Brightly colored skirts, with geometric patterns, look for instead: vintage, 1970s,
  • Black, short skirts: pleated skirt, rock n roll, grunge, schoolgirl skirt,
  • Lightweight skirts with flowery patterns, chic and feminine: bohemian skater skirt. 

So you know what to ask for when you enter a store or what to look for on the internet to find what fits you!

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I hope this article has helped youfind outfits you like with a skater skirt, especially when it comes to shoes! In the meantime, wondering how to choose your tights with your outfit? Check out our guide dedicated to this question!