What shoes with a pantsuit?

Want to wear awomen's pantsuit to work or for a special event? Wondering what type of shoes to wear with this outfit? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashionista, I'm often impressed by how creative some designers can be in reinventing basics like the suit. During the fashion week 2021, for example, we saw some very inspiring proposals from houses such as Givenchi, Schiaparelli or even Dior. 

In this guide, I propose you to discover how to shoe with this type of outfit, whatever the occasion for which you wear it. 

If your pantsuit is a work uniform, I can only recommend a nice pair of closed or open-toe pumps, choose a neutral color. The ideal heel height is between 5 and 8 centimeters, so as not to make your back suffer too much. If you have to stand for a long time or move around a lot, you can also opt for closed loafers. If you like to break the codes by wearing original outfits, dare to wear with your pantsuit pumps with colorful heels, patterns or even a pair of white sneakers, very trendy! 

Would you like to have more details? Read this article to find out: 

  • What shoes to put on to work with a pantalo suitn,
  • What alternatives to heels can be worn with this outfit,
  • What shoe color will sublimate your ensemble,
  • Our best tips for cchoosing shoes that will fit you and that you won't regret,
  • And manyexamples of trendy outfits with a pantsuit!

What shoe style with a pantsuit? 

Whether you're wearing a pantsuit for business or pleasure, choosing the right shoes to go with this stylish outfit is an important step! Indeed, the way you're going to wear shoes will impact your style: let's discover together how! 

Business-woman chic with heeled pumps

The pantsuit is an ideal alternative for those who don't feel like wearing a pencil skirt and a blazer. It leaves you free to move around while looking very dressed and chic. To stay in this spirit and keep all the elegance of your outfit, the obvious choice seems to be to opt for eheeled pumps.

To not get too hot when the weather is nice and to show off your legs, you can put on open toe pumps, or even simple and chic heeled sandals, without frills. 

👉 Heels straighten your posture and exude the image of a dynamic and motivated woman who is confident. They're perfect in a professional setting where you need to show that you possess these qualities.

Sleek and comfortable in flats

Will you be moving around a lot or need to stand for long periods? It might be wiser to trade in your pair of heels for flats. However, in order not to clash with the elegant side of your outfit, you shouldn't choose just any pair. Among the shoe styles that will enhance your suit, derbies and richelieus are the ones I recommend. They are feminine and elegant, while still being comfortable. 

It is also possible to wear nice loafers, for a more classic look, but these should be chic and discreet, to match your suit. 

👉 Instead, favor polished or perfectly polished shoes, with, if possible, a small flat heel of 2 to 4 centimeters in height. Without hindering your movements, this one will correct your posture and help you stand straight. 

Trendy and modern with sneakers

To modernize the classic and traditional look of the pantsuit, there's nothing like tranching with sneakers! Of course, this type of combination is not suitable for all contexts: avoid it for a job interview, the exercise of a profession that requires a certain dress-code or even a solemn occasion (funeral, etc.). 

This style will perfectly suit those who want to highlight theirandrogynous figure, while remaining sexy and ultra-trendy. 

👉 Flawless white sneakers will be perfect to brighten up your pantsuit and bring a lot of vibrancy to your look! 

Dare to wear shoes that make a style statement! 

I've mentioned it many times before: the pantsuit is an ensemble that is characterized by its classicism and elegance. To show who you are, don't hesitate to pair it with shoes that you like and that match your style. This detail will participate in personalizing your outfit and making you unique! 

What shoe color should you choose based on the shade of your suit? 

The choice of the color of your shoes is crucial: depending on whether or not they contrast with your pantsuit, the effect obtained will be different. I detail all this in the lines that will follow! 

A neutral or tone-on-tone color, to stay classic

When you put your pantsuit in astrict and professional context, with a classic dress-code, I recommend you rather match it with neutral colored shoes. There is of course the black, which will go with all other colors, but you can also opt for : 

  • Dark brown, which will elegantly and discreetly sublimate a navy blue suit,
  • Light brown (camel) or white, which will look particularly good on blondes, as a reminder of their hair color, as well as those who wear a light shirt or blouse under their blazer. 

In Contrast or in a colorful total look, for a couture effect

Do you want to have a unique look that shows your passion for fashion? In that case, don't hesitate to wear shoes that contrast with the color of your suit. Here is a small selection of combinations that work well: 

  • Black and white
  • Burgundy red and navy blue
  • Yellow and black,
  • Yellow and plum,
  • Green and black,
  • Fuchsia and black,
  • Red and black...  

👉 You can also go for a total look by wearing shoes in the same color as your suit! If the colors are exactly the same, the result will be beautiful and look very dressy! 

Patterned, to brighten up a plain suit

There are many shoe designs, especially pumps, with simple, graphic patterns, that can give a simple plain suit a whole new look. Think of animal prints, especially zebra, which goes perfectly with a yellow suit. For a more classic style, thedot prints, for example, are just right 😉

How to choose the right shoes with a pantsuit

To finish this guide, I'll share some simple tips to choose shoes that will fit you for a long time and that you'll be satisfied with. 

Opt for quality shoes

While some inexpensive shoes can be attractive, it is important to choose a reliable model. Indeed, longevity and comfort are essential criteria to consider, specifically if these are shoes you will be wearing on a daily basis to work. 

When possible, it's ideal to be able to try on your shoes before you buy them. If you do so in the winter, take into account that feet swell slightly in the summer. 

Learn about shoe care

When buying leather or suede shoes, don't be afraid to ask how to care for them. If you don't already have one at home, buy:

  • Shoe polish neutral or the color of your shoes, if they are leather,
  • Spray-on renovator, if they are suede,
  • Spray-on waterproofing

Think about waterproofing your shoes once a fortnight in the winter and shining them regularly, as soon as they start to hold up. This way, you can keep them clean and beautiful for several years! 

What heel height to choose? 

Many of the shoe designs mentioned in this article are heels. Indeed, they are unparalleled in highlighting your legs and giving you an elegant stature. However, if they are chosen too high, they can quickly hurt your back. Thus, experts advise heels between 5 and 8 centimeters high to avoid damaging your back. 

👉 You can also buy in supermarkets or parapharmacy small silicone gel cushions, which are very effective in cushioning shocks and avoiding foot pain when wearing heels.

I hope this article has provided you with the answers to your questions about how to wear a pantsuit and given you plenty of outfit ideas!!

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