What swimsuit to wear when you're curvy? 👙

Are you looking for abig size swimsuit that will sublimate your generous curves? Do you want it to be comfortable, without giving up on its sexy side? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I feel it's essential that every woman, regardless of her body type and taste, be able to find clothes she feels good in. 

Today, I'm sharing with you all my tips forfinding a glamorous and wearable swimsuit, so you can make the most of your swims at the beach and pool! 

When you have a belly, finding a flattering swimsuit can sometimes be a headache, especially when you don't really know what to look for. Rest assured: there are some cuts that sublimate curvy women. These include necklines with ruffles, blousing tops, but also high-waisted panties. You can wear a one-piece swimsuit as well as a bikini, the main thing is to choose a comfortable cut, in which you feel good, which covers your belly without constricting you. The choice of colors and prints is important. Thus, a light top combined with a dark bottom will have the effect of refining you and highlighting your chest, while the prints will make you radiant and will allow you to assert your personality!  

Want more details? Read on to find out: 

  • Which swimsuits, one-pieces or two-pieces, are more suitable for curvy women,
  • Which types of swimsuits enhance luscious physics
  • What are the colors and cuts to choose for plus size swimsuits,
  • Tricks to sublimate your curves without complexing,
  • And plenty of examples of swimsuits, to help you make your choice and find the perfect model! 

curvy woman swimsuit

One-piece or two-piece?

When you have a few curves, it often happens that you think that the most suitable swimsuit is a very covering model. I don't quite agree with this statement and I'll explain why. 

Two piece swimsuits are possible! 

There are many suit cuts suitable for full-figured women, among which are two-piece swimsuits. The main thing, if you choose this type of swimsuit, is that it covers your belly, so that it fits well and is comfortable. Don't hesitate to choose it with a vibrant color, which you love: this will draw attention to the bright hues and patterns of the swimsuit and participate in making you look radiant. 

one-piece two-piece plus size swimsuit

There are also tankini type swimsuits, with a panty and long top, which are very comfortable, and combine both the benefits of the one-piece swimsuit and the bikini. If you haven't worn a swimsuit in public in a while and are a little apprehensive about showing off your body, they are a great alternative to regain your confidence! 


The one-piece swimsuit, ideal to sublimate your body

Because it is great, the one-piece swimsuit is often considered an ally of curvy women. However, wearing a one-piece swimsuit doesn't have to mean covering your body to the fullest: there are some nice scalloped, or low-cut models, that will enhance your curves. This will have the effect of magnifying your chest and curves, making them very feminine.

one-piece swimsuit women's large size

What cut to choose? 

Wondering what type of swimsuit to choose? I have prepared a small selection of models perfectly adapted for curvy women, with flattering cuts that will give you confidence!"

swimsuit when you have a belly

High waist to be comfortable

You have a little wide hips? Do not complex: it is a very feminine physical feature, which many envy. To highlight your waist and thus balance the ratio of proportions with your belly, I recommend a high-waisted swimsuit. The one-piece is quite suitable, but you can also wear a high-waisted swimsuit panty, which will reveal your skin a bit more and thus add a hint of sensuality to your look. 

high-waisted swimsuit

Take care to choose your high-waisted panties carefully: they shouldn't be too tight on you, to be comfortable, but they should also be well close to your body, especially when your swimsuit is dry. This will keep it from slipping off and it will leave you free to move, which is essential to really enjoy a day at the beach or pool. 

Layered ruffles to show off your chest

Want to draw the eye to your chest, while hiding your tummy a bit? Investing in aruffled swimsuit is a great solution: this type of cut brings lightness to your figure, while being very romantic. 

For maximum effect, go for styles with layers of ruffles, on several levels. 

ruffle swimsuit

👉 This type of swimsuit has the advantage of helping you to alleviate some of the curves present on your back as well. 

A blousy top to suggest your curves without constricting you

Don't you love it when a swimsuit is too close to the body? When you have a few curves, it is indeed possible that you are not very comfortable with certain swimsuit cuts, which hug your curves very closely. If this is your case, I can only recommend a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini with a blousy top, which will create a blurred effect at the level of your stomach

blousant tankini swimsuit

👉 As with ruffled swimsuits, this type of cut also hides a few love handles lodged at your back or ribs. 

A Peplum type tankini, to sublimate your figure

Peplum swimsuit tops are so called in reference to the draped outfits that women wore in ancient times. This type of top is ideal because it combines the benefits of blouson and ruffle tops: it draws the eye to your chest, hides your tummy and elongates your figure. 

maillot de bain femme grosse

A swimsuit with pleats, to say goodbye to complexes! 

When looking for plus size swimsuits, it is clear that many models are cut to be pleated when put on. This a very specific purpose: these pleats allow the swimsuit to fit your curves without constricting them and enhance your figure. Thus, it is your swimwear that adapts to your body and not the other way around, bringing you comfort and freedom of movement

sexy swimsuit women's large size

In addition, these little pleats are perfect for hiding your love handles and helping you feel comfortable when you go swimming or sunbathing. 

What color swimsuit should you choose to make your body look great? 

Now that you know the flattering cuts for luscious physiques, I suggest you continue this guide by focusing on the shades to choose

Don't go for dark colors! 

If chosen to match your skin tone, most colors will be able to make you look good. However, it may be easier when you have a luscious physique to wear a dark swimsuit, whichwill make your curves more discreet

one-piece swimsuit curvy woman

There are many plain black swimsuits: these are often chic and sexy, but you can also dare a different dark color, which will be more original and produce the same effect. In particular, it can be navy blue, or kaki, which has been very trendy in recent years. 

Discover the power of prints! 

Holidays are the perfect time to dare to wear clothes that you might not have normally worn. If you're not used to original printsx, why not consider buying your swimsuit as a trial run, to let your fashion interests run wild?  

women's round patterned swimsuit

A pretty print has plenty of advantages: it catches the eye, sublishes your body and allows you to express your personality and taste. It shows your style: it can be casual, sophisticated, romantic, and even very sexy, depending on the patterns on it, and the cut of your swimsuit. If you like originality, don't hesitate anymore! 

Play on the contrasts with a light top and dark bottom

In recent years, mixing a swimsuit top with a bottom of another color is ubiquitous in the fashion world. There's a reason for this: it createsan optical effect that will slim you down. Plus, it draws the eye to one of your major assets: your cleavage! 

bikini ronde femme grande taille

There are one-piece swimsuits that replicate this contrast, but you can also create it yourself by purchasing your swimsuit panties and top separately, whether it's a tankini or bra. 

At the sea or at the pool, dare the bohemian style beach dress!

In summer, it is very nice to wear, over your swimsuit, comfortable, lightweight and easy to put on. This has a practical side, when you need to change at the beach, in particular. 

Bohemian dresses, with their loose and flattering side, are just right for curvy women looking for summer outfits, so they can continue to look gorgeous, even on vacation or when it's hot! 

If you are looking for such outfits, I suggest you to go right now to our online store. You will discover many models of dresses, skirts and light tunics, which will make you feel beautiful, whatever your morphology. In particular, we have a collection of plus size dresses perfect for summer! 

Bohemian Maxi Dress

I hope this article has helped you see more clearly to find a suitable swimsuit if you have a bit of a belly, in which you will feel comfortable and beautiful

In the meantime, I'll see you on our bohemian blog, where you'll find many posts geared towards luscious women, so you can say goodbye to the complexes that ruin our lives! 😊