What to wear under a transparent white dress

What to wear under a transparent white dress ?

For the followers of the bohemian style, white, symbol of purity goes well with this trend. If you like white, you have surely been confronted with a problem, the transparency because white brings out the other colors that you wear underneath. Even more so if your white dress has a light and thin fabric.

So the question often comes up: What to wear under a transparent white dress? Well, we have deconstructed for you, the tips 

DesWhat to wear under a transparent white dress

1. A transparent dress? There is always a solution!

a. The dress is see-through only on the bottom.

What if you wear a petticoat? So it may seem a bit old-fashioned and not very glamorous, but who will notice it but you?

To do this, the dress must be a bit thick. Also pay attention to the length. If your dress is long, adapt the petticoat. It must be at least up to the knees so that you are comfortable and it must also be of your size, neither too wide nor too tight so that you feel free of your movements.

If on the other hand, your white dress is short, the petticoat should not exceed because it makes neglected. If you only have a long petticoat, don't worry! If you don't have an underskirt, you can get a white legging or a bodycon.

The dress is see-through only on the bottom

b. The dress is sheer on top as well

A white bra or bodysuit will do the trick. You will erase the bra line.

c. The dress is ultra transparent, even veiled ?

You can combine it with a white nightie too.

Be careful though, although wearing white under the dress may seem ideal, you will see the seams and the brand. We advise you the colors flesh, beige which will balance the fabric.

In summer, to avoid that your thighs do not rub with too tight leggings. You can also wear under your white dress a shorty if the dress is short or Bermuda shorts wide enough if the dress is long.

2. The elements to ban when wearing a transparent white dress.

Avoid lace underwear or bows because it shows even through a lined white dress. In lingerie stores, there are underwear that imitate skin, i.e. without elastic, which will not show. Because white clothes, besides being transparent, often show the seams of the underwear and strongly mark the silhouette!

Moreover, if you decide to wear only a bra, choose wide straps and if possible, with balconies that will emphasize your chest.

One last detail : If your dress has a bare back, it would not be elegant to wear a bra or choose one that clasps around the neck and pull down your hair. This will be more discreet.


Be bold, but keep a touch of innocence. Thanks to you, women won't be afraid to dress in white anymore! Make this whiteness the trend of the summer! And if like us you love white dresses, then take a look at our collection of white bohemian dresses.