What to wear with black pants ?

Are you wonderinghow to wear black pants in a stylish way? What shoes or jacket to put with it? With which colors to pair it with? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I consider black pants to be a basic that you must have in your wardrobe, so that you never run out of outfit ideas. 

However, there are many cuts and materials, and to make them look good, it is essential to know some tips. That's why I wrote this guide, which summarizes everything there is to know about this topic. 

Whatever your style, black pants are a great option for a comfortable and easy-to-wear outfit for everyday wear. Create contrast by wearing them with white, or go tone on tone with a total black look! Black pants can also be worn with a single vibrant color, such as red, mustard yellow, or petrol blue. To know what to wear with your black pants, don't hesitate to pay attention to its style and choose clothes and accessories that complement it. With loose black pants, chic bohemian clothes are for example quite suitable! 

Eager to learn more? Read on to find out: 

  • Tips to choose black pants that make you look good,
  • With what shades, can you wear black pants, depending on your taste and style,
  • What to wear withblack jeans, fluid pants or even leather pants,
  • How to accessorize your outfit to assert your style (shoes, bag ... ),
  • And many examples of inspiring outfits!

How to properly choose your black pants?

Easy to match and all-purpose, black pants can become a real ally when it comes to composing elegant and comfortable outfits for everyday life. In the following lines, I will share with you some tips on how to choose black pants that will make you look good and wear them multiple times. 

A basic that fits into your wardrobe

There are many types of black pants: jeans, loose, cropped... If you are hesitating, there is a rather simple trick to make sure you make the right choice. When you buy your black pants, visualize your wardrobe and create with it at least three different outfits. Since it's a basic, it should fit your style and not the other way around. For example, if you regularly wear blouses, chic blouses or suits, it will be wiser to opt for a classic, flowing pant with a straight cut and a pleat in the front that will match your style. 

Select your size carefully

Choosing the right size is another thing to keep in mind, if you want to wear your pants many times. If you're buying in-store, don't hesitate to try on your pants. If it is an internet purchase, be sure to take your measurements beforehand so you don't make a mistake on the size you ordered. Choose a pair of pants that will not tighten you too much, in which you can move. To make you want to wear them on a daily basis, these pants should be comfortable and leave you free to move. 

👉 Are your hips a little wide and are you afraid that your pants will keep slipping? In that case, opt for a high-waisted model, to which you can add a belt. That way, you won't spend your days pulling it up!

Do all colors really go with black? 

We often tend to say that black is an easy to wear and stylish color, in that you can match it with many shades. I'll explore this in detail in the following paragraphs, to determine which are the easiest colors to pair with it. 


The mixture of black and white gives a very chic result, which is particularly suitable for giving a high-fashion effect to your outfit. Wearing a white top with black pants will help to brighten your face, while making your pants stand out. 

This color combination is mostly worn in winter, and works well with covering clothes. 

👉 Like white, gray highlights black. However, it is more nuanced and brings a little more discretion to your outfit. While a black and white outfit stands on its own, I suggest that if you want to wear gray with your black pants, add a third hue in small touches. This can be white, but also a more prominent color, such as fuchsia pink, or even mustard yellow. 


The famous total black look is a timeless classic! However, it's not as simple to create as it looks. It all lies in the art and manner of mixing different materials. To an opaque black pant, you can combine materials such as: tulle, leather, wool, lace... that will give relief to your outfit. 

Don't hesitate tocombine loose-fitting and close-fitting clothes, to give style to your outfit. A successful outfit will have a rock n' roll and grunge vibe, which will slim down your figure while affirming your dynamic character. 

Brown and beige

These shades bring a lot of authenticity to an outfit: they allow you to create relief, while remaining very natural. Moreover, they are ideal for creating reminders and balancing your outfit: indeed, it is very easy to associate, for example, a pair of natural leather shoes, a bag in the same material and a beige cardigan. 

In addition, these are colors that go very well to womenblonde to chatain: they go very well with the color of your hair and give the impression that your clothes have been carefully chosen to highlight your complexion.

Bright colors

In fashion, black is often paired with a bright color, to create a contrast. This can be fuchsia pink, apple green, petrol blue, bright yellow or even red.  

Generally it is one color, which helps to create an original two-tone look. White can eventually be added, depending on the shade. 

With black pants, you can wear a red top and pair of shoes, for example, to give you a chic yet dynamic look! 

Purple and yellow

The combination of black, purple and mustard yellow is well known: these three colors fit together perfectly, to createa perfect style for fall and winter. Black and purple bring sophistication to your outfit, while mustard yellow details elevate it. 

👉 These tones pair well with natural leather. Feel free to wear with a cute pair of camel boots! 

Metallic shades

These bright colors are ideal forfinalizing your outfit: they are adopted in small touches : 

  • on shoes,
  • on a bag,
  • through a piece of jewelry,
  • with the buckle of a belt...

Gold and silver will thus naturally bring elegance to a winter outfit, allowing you to affirm your style in all simplicity

What about pastel shades? 

Pale green, light yellow, pale blue... Pastel shades are often worn in the summer and match the romantic chic trend. By wearing them with black pants, you take the risk of creating atoo strong contrast and get a somewhat sad result. If you like pastel shades, I recommend pairing them with gray or white instead. 

👉 The powdery pink is a bit of an exception: it pairs well with black, especially if the outfit also includes gray! Then you'll get a soft and quite feminine result. 

What to wear with black jeans? 

Of all the black pants, jeans are probably the easiest to pair! Depending on what you wear with them, you'll get a more or less casual look. 

To brighten up your face, don't hesitate to wear with a rather chic white blouse. A plaid top or a sailor suit will be perfect to give your outfit some character while remaining classic. 

With a black perfecto, you'll get a rocking look that will showcase your rebellious side! 

As for shoes, you can wear sneakers, derbies, or even boots! A nice pair of heels will help dress up the jeans, if you need your outfit to be a little dressier. 

How to match black leather pants? 

This is a trendy and sexy fashion piece, which properly matched, can be very glamorous. To get out of the cliché of the motorcycle outfit, avoid wearing it with other leather clothes. Instead, do not hesitate toassociate it with soft materials, which will contrast: a wool jacket, a cashmere sweater ...

With black leather or faux leather pants, wear chic shoes, with heels. In the summer, it can be sandals that come up to the ankle. If it's colder, it's time to break out a cute pair of ankle boots! 

👉 This type of pant goes especially well with tone-on-tone outfits: don't hesitate to wear with shades of gray and white

What to wear with black flowing pants? 

Do you like clothes that are loose and comfortable, but also stylish? In that case, I suggest you opt for black flowy pants. This type of garment is usually high-waisted and flatters rather women of medium to large size. Tailored well, it will accentuate your curves if you have any. 

👉 It can be worn with bohemian-style clothing, which is also loose and flattering. If you're looking for shopping ideas in this trend, or inspirations to wear with your black pants, I'll see you now at our online store! You'll find original tops, to create a unique style for yourself! 

How to wear high waisted black carrot pants? 

These flowing pants, tightened at the ankles and slightly widened at the thighs are suitable for most body types, but particularly highlight women with a small waist. They can be worn with heels or flats, depending on the style you want to achieve. 

As for the top, you can opt for achic blouse or even a simple sweater(which you can tuck in a little). Play with patterns and materials to personalize your outfit and bring originality to it! 

What to wear with black leggings? 

Sometimes accused of being a fashion faux pas, black leggings can nevertheless allow you to create pretty outfits, provided that it is chosen opaque and of good quality. In this case, it is similar to pants: there are even what are called "treggings", a combination of "trouser" (which means pants, in English) and "legging". 

To make them look good, wear them with a nice long tunic or with a raw denim jacket or shirt, which will give your outfit a bohemian edge. 

Don't forget the accessories to personalize your outfit! 

To finalize your look with black pants and give it some character, there's nothing like adopting one or more original accessories, which allow you to show who you are! This can be a scarf, a bag, jewelry, sunglasses, a brooch or even a hat

👉 Want to make a black and white outfit unique? In that case, embracea simple brightly colored accessory, which will add character to the ensemble and make you stand out from the crowd! 

I hope this article has provided you with plenty of tips on how to wear black pants on a daily basis as well as inspirations to create a style that's uniquely yours

If you're looking for more fashion tips on how to properly associate the color blackin your outfits, be sure to check out this other blog post, dedicated to how to wear a black dress!