Which coat to wear with a long dress

Which coat to wear with a long dress?

Wearing a long dress in winter is possible. In wool, sweatshirt style, with patterns or fancy, the long dress is very trendy. To wear it well in any circumstance without exposing yourself to the cold, you have to choose the right coat to match it. Here are some advices.

The basic rules

Harmonize the volumes

The golden rule if you want to wear a coat with your long dress is to pay particular attention to the volumes. Thus, the oversized jackets or down jackets can compress your silhouette and are thus to proscribe. Your coat must be close to the body and adjusted. For the collar, the shape can be shirt, V-neck embellished with fur, or even round. You can dress it up with a scarf or a scarf. The hooded coat is also practical and trendy. If it is removable, make sure that a cuff allows you to hide the zipper when you take it off.

Choose the right accessories

In winter, some accessories are essential with a long dress. Against the cold, tights are of course essential. In addition to your coat, the scarf can warm up your look. Oversized, classic or plaid, use it to bring color to your outfit. Also think about the bohemian hat. It's a trendy accessory that has the double advantage of keeping you warm and lengthening your silhouette. For the shoes, the boots with high heels represent a sure value. You can also opt for boots with a square heel.  

The right length

The right length

With a full-length dress, you can't wear a coat that falls to your mid-thigh or knee. The volumes of your silhouette would no longer be harmonious. Choose it short, just below the hips, or long depending on your morphology and the look you want to adopt.

The short coat

Falling to the waist, it is particularly adapted to thin and small silhouettes. You can wear it every day in a casual style.

The mid-length coat

The only mid-length adapted to your long dress is the one falling just below the hips. The three-quarter length coat is to be banished. You can use it in everyday or professional situations in a casual spirit. It can be worn belted or straight, depending on your figure. For an H-shaped body, the straight cut is just right and brings a less formal touch. On the other hand the belted cut will emphasize the curves of the other morphologies.

The long coat

It is more appropriate for the big sizes. It goes down to the bottom of the calves or to the ankles, and can even skim your heels.  The long coat is worn close to the body and belted. It draws your waist and your hips for a very chic look. It is him that you will have to wear for the big occasions as the weddings, the dinners, the receptions...

Materials and colors

Materials and colors

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Warmth first

The fabrics that make up your coat need to be warm and durable, but also retain enough flexibility to keep the garment comfortable. Even if it is not the most common material, you can afford fur on a long dress. Provided that the cut of your coat is short and that the volume is not too important.

The wool coat

It is an essential piece for your winter outfits! Its classic style is compatible with all the pieces of your dressing. It is a warm, comfortable and easy to wear coat, ideal for all occasions. It can be made of wool or cashmere combined with other synthetic materials.

The chunky coat

It can also be called chunky vest. As its name indicates, it must be thick mesh. It is worn long, and has pockets. You can use it to perfect a casual bohemian look. However, be careful that the stitches are not too loose, so as not to let the cold through.

The woolen skin coat

It's a coat made of turned over skin, with the leather part on the outside, and the wool part on the inside. It's a warm, soft and comfortable material that gives a casual and timeless style.

Colors and patterns

If you opt for patterns, several looks are possible: adopt ethnic designs for a bohemian style, or checks for a Scottish style. If you prefer to wear a plain coat, neutral tones remain a safe bet, regardless of the outfit you wear. Be sure to choose your solid color according to your hair color to avoid tone on tone.

In neutral colors, black, gray, navy, beige, ecru, taupe ... are the most common. But you can also opt for the powdery shades, or denim, emerald and burgundy colors that also remain classic. 

If you're looking for a coat to wear occasionally you can afford brighter shades such as crimson red, fuchsia, mustard yellow or purple. 

For an ultra chic style, bet on the white coat. Although difficult to maintain, it is a trendy color that illuminates the face and brightens the outfit.