Which dress for a bohemian chic wedding ?

Are you looking for the wedding dress of your dreams? Are you having a bohemian wedding and would like your dress to be the highlight of the show? Would you like to choose a contemporary wedding dress, that really shows you off? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast and event and wedding professional, it's only natural that I'd be interested in the fashion trends that rule this universe. 

Today, I share with you everything I know about bohemian chic wedding dresses, so that you can finally find THE dress that will sublimate you on the most beautiful day of your life.

Feminine and elegant, the bohemian wedding dress is very trendy. It brings vintage style up to date and modernizes it: we thus see crochet and lace coming back to the forefront, to create beautiful wedding dresses. Whatever your taste or body type, there is sure to be a type of bohemian wedding dress that suits you! For those who are looking for simplicity, a short dress will do just fine. If you want to highlight your back or sublimate your profile, there are many bare back models. And if you want to emphasize your cleavage, I advise you the dress with bare shoulders. To make your choice among all these possibilities, trust yourself, take your time and ask your bridesmaids for advice, who will know how to guide you! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • What characterizes a bohemian chic wedding dress,
  • How to know if this trend is right for you,
  • What are the different types of bohemian wedding dresses,
  • Which morphologies do they highlight,
  • And my pro secrets to help you choose the perfect dress! 

How to recognize a bohemian chic wedding dress

Both elegant and trendy, bohemian chic wedding dresses have many qualities and very specific characteristics. In the following lines, I propose to discover what gives these dresses their boho edge, so you can determine which type of model appeals to you the most.

Iconic materials and textures

The bohemian chic style marks the return of authenticity in the wedding world. Puffy, uncomfortable dresses are giving way to outfits that are characterized by simplicity and elegance. This includes the use of noble and antique weaves. 


This very elegant material allows you to create openwork patterns, especially on your back and neckline. It thus dresses you sensually, suggesting your skin without ever revealing it. 


This is a needlework well known to our grandmothers, which allows you to obtain beautiful interlaced patterns. It is made with wool, and highlights the details of your dress. Its vintage feel is right in line with the bohemian chic tradition. 

With these weaves, the fabrics used are usuallyfluid and light, like silk. A bohemian dress is usually comfortable to wear and leaves you free to move. 

Discover the classic patterns of the boho chic style

This trend is characterized by recurring patterns, which create an effect of movement and give a sense of freedom, while reminding of nature. These include:

  • from flowers,
  • intertwined plant motifs,
  • foliage,
  • arabesque...

The inspirations: to the origins of the hippie chic style

It may not be a secret to you, but the bohemian chic fashion draws its inspirations from the social, cultural and artistic revolution that was the hippie movement, in the late 1960s. In opposition to conservative traditions, young people in the US and Europe were adopting an alternative and pacifist lifestyle at the time. From a fashion perspective, this translates into a break from classic stuffy clothing, in favor ofloose, flowing outfits. Women wear long dresses and skirts, which they customize with embroidery. 

This heritage can be found in the bohemian chic trend, with dresses whose cut and materials give that sense of freedom that was already evident in the outfits of the hippies.

Sometimes colorful dresses, to change from white

Because it is a less conventional style, this one in particular allows those who wish to take liberties with the classic traditions of the wedding. So, if you want a colorful wedding dress, this is the style to turn to! There are many pastel wedding dresses or even with more intense colors. Nothing like it to stand out from the crowd! 

👉 Are you wondering why the wedding dress is traditionally white? Check out our article dedicated to this topic! 

Is this type of dress right for you? 

After discovering or reviewing the characteristics of the bohemian wedding dress, you are still wondering if this one fits you? I suggest you answer this question in the form of a quiz:

  • Do you preferflower crowns to classic tiaras? 
  • Do you like mottled items? The vintage fashion
  • Do you prefer leather ankle boots and sandals to pumps? 
  • Do you think comfort is as essential as beauty? 
  • Do you like what is minimalist? 
  • Would you like your wedding dress to be original and show your free-spirited side? 

➡️ Did you answer Yes to several questions? Then you might just find the wedding dress of your dreams at a bohemian boutique! For that, I suggest you discover right now many models of bohemian chic dresses on our site dedicated to this universe. 

👰 You are afraid that the dress does not fit you? Thanks to the advice given on our site, you will be able to take your measurements and communicate them to us when you order. Your dress will then be adjusted by our seamstresses, to fit you perfectly! 

What are the different types of bohemian chic wedding dresses?

Now that you know more about bohemian chic dresses, I suggest you discover the different trends among this style, in order to find the one you like the most! 

In lace, for those who want a sophisticated, worked dress

Bohemian chic lace dresses will be perfect for you if you're looking for a flowing, body-hugging model that lets your skin show. Their delicate patterns make them real party wear, very elegant and feminine. Do you want an exceptional wedding dress, which changes from the ordinary at all? I can only recommend you to choose this type of material and cut. 

Long-sleeved, for their romantic side

When we look at our grandparents' wedding photos, we can't help but notice that our grannies often wore a beautiful, elaborate dress with long sleeves. If you are a fan of this vintage style, you should know that there are many bohemian wedding dresses with long sleeves. The sleeves are usually very simple and slightly sheer, to suggest your skin. 

👉 There are even dress designs where the sleeves come off! This allows you to create a surprise by evolving your outfit as the festivities unfold. 

A dress that leaves your shoulders bare, to brighten up your face and cleavage

Want to show off your hair or a piece of neck jewelry that means a lot to you? In that case, I recommend you opt for a dress that leaves your shoulders bare. These usually have sleeves, but they start after your shoulder. This adds a romantic and sensual detail, which emphasizes your femininity and draws the eye to your face and cleavage. 

Short bohemian dress: perfect for casual chic

Are you looking for a bohemian dress that is elegant and feminine, but strays a bit from the classic princess dress? Then you can turn to a short bohemian dress, which will sublimate your legs and make you look like a dynamic and independent woman. These styles are also perfect for those who are looking for a dress that is a bit more casual, for a civil ceremony for example. 

The halter dress: a sexy cut that combines sensuality and glamour

During the ceremony, most of your loved ones will see you from behind. This is also the case when you walk down the aisle to get married. That's why it's essential to plan tosublimate this part of your body, either with a pretty bun, a veil, or a halter dress. There are many models of halter dresses, which you can combine with aback jewel, for example!

A colorful dress, to change the classic white

As I could already mention before, bohemian dresses can also be colored. Thus, you can opt for apastel shaderomantic, which will be original and change from white, while remaining very feminine. 

What type of dress to choose according to your body type? 

Bohemian dresses suit most body types, however here are some basic rules for choosing a dress that makes you look your best:

  • If you are big, go for a long, flowing dress, possibly with a halter top. 
  • If you are small, short dresses will be perfect to enhance your figure! 
  • If you have broad shoulders, you can turn to an asymmetrical neckline, which will refine your bust by creating an optical effect,
  • If you are round, with hips a little wide, do not hesitate to wear a loose dress, with ruffles and pleats, which will highlight your curves,
  • If you want to highlight your chest, the square and heart-shaped necklines will be perfect,
  • You have a small chest? A dress with a gorgeous, worked halter top will be perfect to draw attention to that part of your body! 

👉 For more details, feel free to check out this blog post that offers personalized tips on how to choose your dress based on your body type! 

How can you be sure to choose the right dress? 

Are you looking for the bohemian wedding dress that will sublimate you for the most beautiful day of your life? To keep it from turning into a headache, here are some tips to help you

Choose the right size...

Many women are tempted to want to buy a dress that's too small, then use it as motivation to diet before the wedding. Have confidence in yourself: if your partner chose to marry you, it's because he or she thinks you're beautiful! There is no need to add extra stress in the preparation of this joyful event. Thus, I can only advise you to choose a wedding dress that fits your body type, and that doesn't squeeze you too tight

Try it on or take your measurements carefully

To find a dress that really fits, there is no secret: you need to take your measurements correctly and carry them over, to find a dress that fits. If you buy your dress in a store, try it on. If you're ordering it online, feel free to choose a fit that resembles a dress you already own and like to wear every day. 

Ask your bridesmaids for advice

Your bridesmaids or groomsmen are usually friends or relatives, whom you have chosen for this role because you trust them. Don't hesitate to ask for their help in choosing your dress! When you're a little lost,the opinion of someone who knows you well makes it easier to choose between several designs you're hesitating between. 

👉 If you've hired a wedding planner, don't hesitate to call on her for this too. Knowing the wedding world well, this one should be able to help you choose a dress that shows you off and fits in well with your ceremony style. 

Trust your instincts

Finally, and this is the best advice I can give you, you need to trust the little voice in your head, which will tell you that this or that dress is right for you! A wedding dress is an exceptional outfit, which will create many memories and it is important that you really like it. Be patient and wait until you have a real crush

I hope this guide has helped you to choose a bohemian wedding dress that you will remember for the rest of your life! In the meantime, and to help you in the preparation of your wedding, don't hesitate to check out the many articles dedicated to this theme on our fashion blog!