Which jacket to wear with a navy blue dress? Lots of ideas to discover!

Do you have a pretty navy dress and are wondering what jacket to wear with? Would you like to know the colors and types of jackets that would sublimate a navy dress

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, the navy dress is a classic for me, which is always handy to have in your wardrobe. Since it's a rather wintery shade, it's essential to know which jacket to pair it with, to not get cold and be stylish in all circumstances. 

Today, I'm offering several look ideas, so you can find a jacket that suits you, whatever your taste and style. 

Navy blue being an easy-to-wear and simple-to-match hue, you can pretty much get away with anything with a dress in this color. If your dress is rather short or mid-length, above the knee, you can wear it with a denim jacket, a blazer, a leather perfecto or even a long bohemian chic cardigan. If it is a long dress and you are rather tall, you can opt for a faux fur jacket or a nice oversized cardigan. Regarding the colors, do not hesitate to marry navy blue with natural leather brown, pastel shades (yellow, pink), black or even white.

Would you like more details? Continue reading to find out:

  • How to wear a navy dress with a denim jacket,
  • Tips on how to get achic and sophisticated look with a navy dress,
  • How to conciliate bohemian style with a blue dress,
  • But also lots of tips and examples of outfits to simplify your shopping! 

navy blue dress jacket coat

A denim jacket for a dynamic, casual outfit

Want to add a vintage detail to your outfit? If you were born in the 80s and 90s, you must remember this iconic garment, which could be customized and worn throughout the mid-season. Thus, the denim jacket is perfect to wear with a navy blue dress, especially if it is short and worn above the knees. It can be plain or patterned! 

blue dress jean jacket

On the other hand, a jean jacket, although also blue, will not clash at all with a navy blue dress. On the contrary, its different texture and lighter hue will help structure your silhouette and give your outfit some edge! 

A faux fur jacket for a sophisticated look

When putting on a dress in the fall or winter, many times you are afraid of being cold. The most frigid part of our body is very often our bust: it is therefore it that we must protect at all costs to be warm and be comfortable. 

fur jacket navy dress

With a faux fur jacket, you are guaranteed a fashionable yet comfortable garment that really keeps you warm. Like the denim jacket, the fur will, moreover, create a contrast in texture, which will make your outfit look great! 

A long vest for a feminine and comfortable bohemian chic look

Are you looking for a jacket that's suitable for days when it's a little chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon? Or maybe for putting on under a coat? In that case, the long vest will be perfect for you. Easy to put on and take off, it can be tucked into a bag or worn over your arm if the temperatures warm up. 

For a chic bohemian effect, I recommend choosing it a little oversize, with nice quality knits. The appropriate length varies depending on the size of your dress:

  • A mini or mini dress (above or at knee level) can be worn with a slightly long cardigan, as long as it is shorter than the dress, even by a few inches,
  • For a long dress, I recommend either: 
    • A fairly short, but oversized cardigan that stops below the waist,
    • An extra-long cardigan that comes down below the knees.

➡ In any case, avoid a mid-length cardigan, which would unbalance your figure and shorten your legs. 

bohemian vest navy blue dress

👉 Looking for a bohemian vest or jacket to go with your dress? I suggest you check out our fall-hiver collection of warm bohemian style clothing! You'll find plenty of trendy cardigans, sweaters and even coats to wear in all circumstances.  

Take on the rock 'n roll trend with a leather perfecto

If you want a jacket that is both stylish and practical to match your navy blue dress, the black perfecto might just be what you need. This garment will enhance your dress and your figure, highlighting your waist. Plus, its smooth texture androck cut will give you a dynamic edge, which can be perfect for a night out, a job where you're bound to move around, or a day on the town. 

perfecto leather jacket navy dress

Whether it's natural or synthetic leather, the perfecto changes its register depending on the accessories and outfit you wear with it : 

  • With sneakers, it will have a rather casual and relaxed feel,
  • Withleather heels and a short dress, it will give you the aura of a powerful and sexy woman! 

A blazer for a chic outfit, with a fitted dress

Do you want to wear your black dress to work and you need to have a professional outfit, which also reflects your fashion sense? In that case, I recommend wearing awell-tailored blazer, with a fitted navy dress. 

For an outfit that guarantees your seriousness and reassures your clients and partners about your professionalism, you can choose anavy blue blazer, in the same tones as your dress. With discreet gold accessories and heels, the ensemble will give you a lot of class. 

blazer dressy outfit navy blue dress

👉 Looking for a dressy outfit for a wedding or christening? You can wear this type of jacket for those occasions as well. This way, a blazer and a clutch will be perfect to highlight a midi dress, with lace details, for example. 

What colors to wear with navy blue?

Navy blue is a shade that is rather worn when it is cold or for an evening outfit. Itenhances both light and dark skin, and does not accentuate redness. 

Also, blue is a cool color, associated with calm and serenity. By wearing navy blue, you give the image of aserious, calm and trustworthy person

This color has the advantage of beingvery easy to match, goes with everything and can even be layered on an outfit. Plus, it slims your figure and makes you look slimmer! 

what to wear with navy blue dress

So, here is a list of possibilities for you to match navy blue : 

  • Try a romantic gradient by declining several shades of blue,
  • Wear a light color jacket, white or cream to brighten up your complexion,
  • Opt for a nice contrast inpastel shades, with a pale pink or light yellow garment,
  • Soul the navy blue with a chic detail, with metallic colors,
  • Keep your outfit sober and dressed up, by pairing it with black,
  • Reveal your originality by daring beautiful prints: animal and plant motifs, warm colors. ..

What accessories to enhance your navy blue dress and jacket? 

To compensate for the somewhat wise side of the navy blue dress, especially if you choose a plain jacket, I recommend you to bet on accessories! These will personalize your outfit, and give it a sophisticated edge.

jewelry shoe bag navy blue dress

For example, you can accompany your dress and jacket : 

  • A leather belt, to emphasize your waist,
  • Golden jewelry, to light up your face,
  • Matching blue pumps,
  • A pretty leather bag,
  • A pair of cognac or coral tights or stockings...

If you have any other ideas, feel free! As I've already mentioned in this article, navy blue goes easily with most materials and colors 😉

I hope this article has helped youfind the perfect jacket to wear with a navy blue dress, no matter your style, circumstances and the weather outside!

In the meantime, I'll see you on our online store to find new dresses to sublimate your figure and wear with the jacket you've chosen! 


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