Which wedding dress for which morphology

Which wedding dress for which morphology?

The long-awaited day has finally arrived: your loved one has proposed and you are getting married! You have so often imagined your ideal dress, so you know what you want. But is it really made for you? So, are you more of a fairy tale princess or a bohemian chic ? We are going to give you all the advices so that you find the dress which will make you shine the D-day.

The different types of morphology in women

The different types of morphology in women

Each woman's body is unique, with its assets and its defects. Knowing one's morphology is therefore essential to enhance one's appearance. There are 6 different types of morphologies, it's up to you to find the one you belong to. Other criteria come into play, such as your height for example. 

Morphology in A

The A-figure, also known as the pyramid, has a more developed lower body than the upper. It often has a small chest and its hips are generous. This morphology is considered as one of the most feminine, because it symbolizes fertility. You need to flesh out the top and keep it simple and straight on the bottom to balance the body.

H-shaped morphology

With an H-shaped morphology, the shoulders, waist, and hips are aligned. This is also referred to as a wiry silhouette. This is the profile of many women in France. Clothes that are too tight or that mark the waist should be avoided. Low waist cuts and flowing materials should be preferred.

V-shaped morphology

The V-shaped woman is often very athletic, with muscular shoulders. Her upper body is wider than the lower. In this case, the upper body should be covered and the legs should be highlighted more with an asymmetrical or side-slit skirt.

O-shaped morphology

With very generous curves, the curvaceous woman has an O-shaped figure. If you are one of these voluptuous women, you can sublimate your figure by highlighting your assets, without compressing them. The O-shaped woman is feminine.

Morphology in 8

The 8 is considered the perfect morphology. Her waist is slim and pronounced and her shape is feminine. Therefore she can afford any style of dress. Overly voluminous dresses are not recommended, as they do not enhance her curves.

X-shaped morphology

A woman in X is less voluptuous than one in 8. She is thin, even skinny, with a small chest. Her shoulders and hips are in the same alignment. Even if she can wear everything, she should still avoid cuts too wide. 

Wedding dress: which style to choose?

In addition to being adapted to your morphology, your wedding dress must also reflect your personality. It is important to feel comfortable on the most important day of your life. It must also be in adequacy with your theme, if you have chosen one. When it comes to style, you are spoiled for choice. Here are some examples of the most popular styles, from the most classic to the most original. You can also visit our collection of wedding dresses specialized in the bohemian style. 

The princess dress

The princess style is the most appreciated by the future brides. Which woman never dreamed to be the queen the time of a day? The princess dress is, in most cases, composed of a strapless fitted bustier, which highlights the chest and marks well the waist. Its puffy skirt gives the royal side to the outfit. All materials are possible: tulle, taffeta, organza, you choose. It is the ideal model if your shoulders are more developed than your hips, because it balances your silhouette. However, be careful if you are small, this model can compress you. The strapless dress is not suitable for small breasts.

The sheath or mermaid dress

The feminine dress par excellence! But to be able to wear a sheath dress, it is necessary to have a perfect, thin and slender body. Indeed, this dress marks all the defects of the silhouette and it is not really what one seeks for the D-day. To be avoided if you have wide hips. The variant of this dress is the mermaid model, close to the body with the bottom flared, like a fishtail.

The empire dress

The empire dress is curved under the chest and fluid on the rest of the length. It is perfect to sublimate the forms without compressing them. Timeless, this dress symbolizes femininity and elegance. This cut is particularly suitable for round women.

The bohemian dress

The bohemian style is very fashionable, especially for a wedding. In lace, guipure or crochet, the bohemian dress is simple, giving a romantic and bucolic side to the bride. It will be magnificent with a bare back, or a plunging neckline, emphasizing the small breasts.

The dress in color

Why not dare the color the day of your wedding? More and more specialized stores propose colored dresses. And yes, all the tastes are in the nature, and the white is not necessarily yours. So don't hesitate and put your personality forward.

The short dress

The wedding dress is not necessarily long, with a train of several meters. Nowadays, we have the choice, so why deprive ourselves of it ? The short dress is modern, and advantages the women of small size. You can choose a short dress for the civil ceremony at the town hall.

The paper dress

If you want to be original on your wedding day, why not choose a paper dress? And yes, it is possible. Several designers have taken up the challenge of making paper wedding dresses and the effect is amazing. Surprise effect guaranteed! As you can see, the choice of your wedding dress depends on several criteria. You can also choose accessories and jewelry to complete your outfit. Now, you have all the cards in hand to choose the model best suited to your body type and be the most beautiful on your wedding day;