Which wedding dress when you are small

Which wedding dress when you are small ?

You're getting married soon, you've been planning your wedding for several months. You even defined a retroplanning. The appointment at the town hall, the budget, the reception room and place, the meal, everything is ok. The time has come to look for your wedding dress. For this magical event, so important in your life, you must be beautiful and elegant. Yes, but you are small, you are less than 1m60 and you don't know which dress to choose. Don't panic, there are several models that will make you look good. Here are some advices to help you in your choice.

Wedding dresses to avoid when you are short

Wedding dresses to avoid when you are short

Which wedding dress to choose when you are short, an overview of what to avoid wearing is necessary The first advice that an expert would give you is to banish at all costs the surplus of material. The idea is to slim the silhouette of a woman of small size. You should therefore avoid dresses that have the effect of compressing the look instead of revealing it. Voluminous wedding dresses with bows, ribbons and frills are not recommended. Petticoats, long trains, classic strapless dresses and mermaid dresses shrink. You will have understood it, the dress must make you look taller, you must radiate on the court of your guests!

Wedding dresses to choose according to its morphology

Wedding dresses to choose according to its morphology

Choosing your wedding dress is also taking into account your morphology, even more so when you are small. If you have a little marked waist, you have the morphology in H. You must, to emphasize you, privilege the straight and fluid models and avoid the curved cuts in the size. The empire wedding dresses and the low necklines will suit you perfectly if you don't have a too big chest.

Women with an A shape have a wide pelvis and small shoulders. Bohemian dresses flared at the waist, with boat necklines or V shape are perfect for them. Round women with an O shape should avoid volumes and prefer fluidity. A beautiful stole will hide a round arm and add elegance to the outfit. You are lucky if you have the morphology in 8. Your rounded shoulders are aligned with the perfect curve of your hips, your waist is well marked. However, avoid empire wedding dresses that will not highlight your harmonious and voluptuous body. Instead, opt for flowing fabrics and slim-fitting cuts. The X-shaped silhouette is rather thin. You have a small chest, a narrow waist and shoulders in line with your hips. Wedding dresses with plunging necklines and short models will suit you. For a V shape, sporty and feminine, the American emanations are to be avoided. The flared wedding dresses and short dresses are ideal because they bring femininity. If you want more information on wedding dresses adapted for each morphology, consult we have a complete article on the subject here.

Bohemian wedding dresses perfect for small size

Empire dress

Tightened under the chest and with high waist, the bohemian style empire wedding dress will delight the small romantic women. You wonder which wedding dress to wear when you are small, this one is perfect. It takes its name from the Greek dresses, its cut is adapted to small breasts. Made in a light and airy fabric, it will fit a figure with a small waist. Lucky as you are, you will easily find it in the 2020 collections of brands and designers. For the most poetic, the empire dress comes with wide lace straps that will flatter nicely small shoulders. As for accessories, there's no need to overdo it, long earrings adorned with ecru flowers will be enough to highlight your delicate neck. Think for that to tie your hair. 

Dress sheath

Particularly feminine, it confers a sensual line to the one who carries it. It has the advantage to lengthen the silhouette of the woman of small size. On the other hand, it is not suitable for the morphology in O or for the women with the very broad basin because it is close to the body. There are very beautiful models of sheath dresses in fine lace, with varied graphics which will confer a refined allure to you. 

The short dress

Nothing like a pretty short wedding dress to leave the ordinary. In addition to being modern and elegant, it is practical for those who like to be free of their movements. Summery, because it reveals the legs in summer. Ideal for small women who can easily accessorize it. Beautiful heeled sandals or open-toed pumps will be perfect. The O-shaped silhouettes will rather choose a model of wedding dress midi, that is to say below the knee. The short midi dresses will delight the lovers of vintage and retro fashion.