Women's fashion: which jeans for which morphology? 👖

Having trouble finding jeans that you feel both beautiful and comfortable in? Would you like to find out which model of jeans is best for your body type? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I know how important clothing cuts can be when you're looking for a basic to wear every day. 

That's why, today, I'm offering you this guide dedicated to jeans, those must-have pants found in almost every wardrobe! It is addressedto all women, whatever their style and figure.😉

O-shaped morphologies will be sublimated by a mid-rise jean and a bootcut, which will balance their silhouette without weighing it down. For women with an X or 8 shape, flare cuts and skinny or slim jeans will fit their shape and make them look great. If you have an A shape, I advise you to wear mid-rise pants, like bootcut or boyfriend jeans. A high waist or low waist jean will be perfect to feminize the curves of a woman with an H shape. Finally, the legs of women with a V shape will be highlighted by most models of jeans! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What is your body type and what letter or number corresponds to it,
  • What jeans to wear if you have anathletic figure or some roundness,
  • How to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable and won't slip off your hips anymore,
  • Everything you need to check before buying jeans,
  • And plenty of outfit ideas with these timeless pants! 

How to know your body type?

While we are all different, there are however types of female body types. Contrary to what you might think, they do not depend on our weight, but indeed on the shape of our skeleton

Knowing your body shape allows you to choose clothes that fit it, that make you look good and are comfortable. By observing your body, you will discover which category you are closest to:

  • O-Morphology:
    • You have a medium to large chest. 
    • The upper part of your body is proportionate to the lower part, but you gain weight around your waist and belly
    • Your waist is rather short. 
    • You have slender legs and a shallow buttock. 

👩 Examples: Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones...

  • X or 8 morphology:
    • Your figure is very feminine: wide hips, thin waist and rather pronounced chest,
    • Your shoulders and hips are the same width,
    • When you gain weight, it's usually spread across your body, although you may tend to gain a little more in your hips, thighs and buttocks. 

👩 Examples: Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek. 

Kate Winslet / Scarlett Johansson / Selena Gomez

  • A-morphology:
    • Little broad shoulders and small to medium breasts,
    • Broad hips, that's where your curves are. 
    • Your buttocks are rather pronounced. 
    • Your waist is the thinnest part of your body. 
    • Your bust and chest are the thinnest part of your body. 

👩 Examples: Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez.

  • H morphology:
    • Little curves,
    • Pretty square shoulders, in line with your hips and legs,
    • Your waist is not too pronounced, as well as your hips and legs. 

👩 Examples: Zoe Saldana, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley

  • V-shaped morphology:
    • Wide shoulders, athletic build
    • Medium-sized, even imposing chest. 
    • Your figure tapers down, like an inverted triangle. 
    • Your hips are slim and you don't put weight on your legs and buttocks. 

👩 Examples: Angelina Jolie, Chalize Theron, Jennifer Garner

Kim Kardashian / Zoe Saldana / Keira Knightley / Angelina Jolie

What jeans for an O-shaped body type: wide bust, some curves

If you have this type of body type, your upper body is what catches the eye first. So it's important to highlight your lower body with your pants, to balance your figure. To do this, I recommend emphasizing your waist, with fitted tops and belts. 

✅ Favor:

  • Jeans with an elastic waist,
  • Very high waist pants, especially if they cover your belly a bit,
  • The bootcut, straight and elegant, perfect for your figure. 
  • Dark slims

🛑 Avoid:

  • High-waisted jeans that show off your belly, if you have a bit of it.
  • Low-waisted jeans that don't cover your hips and would risk making them "spill out" of your pants.

Which jeans for an X or 8 body shape? 

This type of very feminine figure is sublimated when you manage to show off your assets, that is, the curves of your hips, thighs and buttocks. 

In general, any loose, non-shaping cuts are likely to weigh you down, but clothes that are too close to the body are likely to draw too much attention if you have a few extra pounds. So to feel good, I recommend finding a pair of jeans that suggest the lines of your body rather than tightening them. 

✅ Focus on:

  • Flare ( = elephant feet) cuts, as long as these are not wider than your shoulders,
  • Low-rise bootcut style jeans for a casual and stylish look. 
  • Skinny jeans, unless you are round at the bottom of the crops,
  • Dark colors (raw, black... ) to highlight your luscious curves

🛑 Avoid:

  • Jeans that are too stretchy and might widen your hips and thighs,
  • Loose jeans that don't hug your shape such as baggy

What jeans for an A shape: slim shoulders, wide hips? 

This type of female morphology is one of the most represented around the world! Sinceyour waist is slim and well-defined, highlighting it should be your number one priority when looking for how to dress. 

✅ Prioritize: 

  • Ahigh waist or mid-rise pants,
  • Abootcut jeans, which will lengthen your legs,
  • Optionally a boyfriend jeans, worn with a blazer to compensate for its width,
  • Dark colors in contrast to a light top, to draw the eye to your waist,
  • Awell-cut flare jean, which does not slip and will balance your figure. 

🛑 Avoid:

  • Pants with small pockets in the back, so as not to visually widen this part of your body,
  • High-waisted jeans, which would hide your waistline by highlighting any bulges you may have in your stomach. 

What jeans for an H-shaped body type: long, straight?

If you have this type of body type, you are probably looking for a pair of pants that will give you a feminine silhouette, without slipping on your hips. For this, I advise you to go more towards pants that do not fall directly on your hips, but rather below or above, so as to define your waist. For the top, preferably choose tops that bring volume and are not too close to the body. 

✅ Favor:

  • Ahigh-waisted jeans,
  • Ahigh-waisted jeans,
  • Preferably straight or bootcut styles,
  • Feminine and delicate details: embroidery, bows, yokes... to feminize your look, if you wish.

🛑 Avoid:

  • Baggy or boyfriend jeans, which would only accentuate the shape of your figure,
  • Flare jeans, too wide at the bottom, which would risk unbalancing your outfit. 

What jeans for a V-shaped body?

Women with this type of figure are very lucky when it comes to choosing jeans. In fact, most models will fit them, as long as they are well cut! The secret to looking stunning is to select a simple, chic top that shows off your cleavage, without accentuating your shoulder width too much. 

✅ Focus on:

  • Most jeans: slim, bootleg, flared, skinny...
  • Light-colored denims, paired with a white or pastel top, to look radiant,

🛑 Avoid: 

  • Clothes without a definite shape, so as not to make yourself look wider,
  • Wear too many accessories on your upper body: the idea is to draw the eye to your legs, which are a shocking asset! 

How to choose the right jeans: what to check and what to look out for? 

When you finally find the jeans that fit you perfectly, it's hard to part with them!  In order to help you, I share with you some valuable tips to choose a pair of pants in which you will be comfortable, while feeling sublimated:

🔸 Don't forget thatjeans stretch a little after each wash, especially if you want a model close to the body. 

🔸 Each brand has its own way of tailoring: you can very well be a size 42 in one store and a size 38 in another! If you buy in store, try several sizes each time, to choose the one that fits you best. If you're buying online, use the size guide, as well as a pair of jeans you look good in as a model. 

🔸 Thelength of the legs varies between jeans: if these are too long, you can always hem them. However, if these are too short, it might bother you. To avoid this type of disappointment when buying on the internet, remember to look carefully at the size of the mannequin wearing the garment. If this one is smaller than you: beware! If you're short, head for models ⅞, which should fit you like a classic pant! 

🔸 Wash your jeans once on their own, as they may fade. You can even soak it half an hour beforehand in cold water if it's dark, to make the process easier. 

I hope this article has helped you find a pair of jeans that you look good in and really feel comfortable in! Perfectly cut denim is a real asset in a wardrobe. It can be worn every day, with most of your clothes! 

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